About The Author Steve Jackson and 10chekolab!

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Steve JacksonThanks for the coming! After numerous requests, I finally decided to create an “About Me” page.

Let’s get to know each other. My name is Steve Jackson, I am 31, and my Zodiac sign is Taurus. I am glad to every guest and I try to do everything I can to make you feel cozy and comfortable. I like friendly sites and I am trying to be friendly myself.

To let you know, who I am and what I do, I will briefly tell you about myself. I like to learn and I try to do it all the time and everywhere. I have three degrees: in engineering, in economics and in psychology.

By the age of 31 I had served in the army, graduated from university and tried my hand in different areas. I worked as a designer of polygraphy, as a programmer, and as a community and marketing promotions top manager. I also organized conferences on programming and on modern psychological techniques and participated in the organization of a summer electro music youth festival.

At this moment I am focused on the activity, that gives me the best feel of joy and self realization, and the feeling that I am at the right place, doing the things I like.

What do I write about

Most of the attention I give to a theme of interesting goods, which I am happy to try out and compare. I also write about my experience with them, about the things that prevent them from being perfect.

I really wanted to have a personal space, where I would be able to express my thoughts, share my views on life, to give an advice or vice versa – to tear to pieces (I like to do that and I respect the honesty in people)!

I like to hear somebody cry out in surprise: “Wow, there are so many interesting things in the world!”. During my practice, I often see people, that are realizing it and doing the choice with a great relief.

Read about these and many more other interesting things in this blog. I am ready to share my knowledge and experience. If you are also interested in doing it – don’t forget to share a link to this site across social networks.

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