10 Best essential oil diffusers of 2018 for large space! Aromatherapy

Best Ultrasonic Essential Oil DiffusersHow to fill up your house with pleasant scents? You can burn incense, light scented candles or simply use an aromatherapy diffuser.

Ultrasonic aromatherapy diffusers are very easy to use. You only need to open the bottle, drip essential oil into it and wait for a little bit. Within a few hours your house will be filled with nice gentle flavors.

Today there are many aromatherapy diffusers. Some of them combine several functions, such as a clock, neon lights and even sounds of nature. There are also simple solutions.

I made a list of ultrasonic essential oil diffuser of 2018 for help you to make a choice. So let’s start!

Comparison Table of Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffusers

Device NameDesignLights Capacity 
AROFUME Wood GrainWood7 color12 hoursbutton
Young Living Rainstone (Editor’s Choice)StoneYes8 hoursbutton
doTERRA AdvancedTechnicalNo2 hoursbutton
Ultrasonic Air FragranceStoneYes7 hoursbutton
NexGadget AromatherapyStoneYes15 hoursbutton
Plant Therapy Aroma-infinityTechnicalNo2 hoursbutton
Aroma-WhisperTechnicalNo2 hoursbutton
Puzhen 5-SenseWood3 color3 hoursbutton
Young Living BambooTechnicalNo4 hoursbutton
GreenAir Spa VaporTechnical6 color5 hoursbutton

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Speaking of essential oils, I can not help myself but i have to pay attention to a couple of facts. The first is the accuracy during the use of it, especially if you have kids at home. Carefully study the description, indications and contraindications, and other allowable concentrations and so on.

And the second one – buy only the licensed essential oils. Pay close attention to the quality of the box, it should contain the Latin title of the used plants, the place of production and the manufacturer. The price of essential oils directly depends on the method of production and availability of the source plant. Sometimes tons of plant raw materials are used to produce a several milliliters of essential oil. The price tag for those oils can reach thousands of rubles, and they are sold by the doses from 1 ml (for instance, rose, jasmine, neroli, ylang-ylang). Counterfeits are much cheaper, and pharmacies are literally overwhelmed with them.


AROFUME 400ml Ultrasonic Cool Mist Aroma Humidifier with Wood Grain – Best Essential Oil Diffuser of 2018

Aroma Humidifier with Wood GrainThe AROFUME Ultrasonic Cool Mist is a beautiful aromatherapy diffuser for a fair price.

It has a convenient size with a large 400ml reservoir (this is above the average for a device of this size).

It is very easy to turn off – It has only two buttons. One of them is used to control the humidification process itself, and the other is responsible for color settings. There are seven different colors of the outer LED rim – the whole rainbow. One short press will simply turn the lights on or change the color, and the continuous press will turn it off.

It has four timer settings: press the “Mist” button in order to select the timer – from one, three, six hours or just let it work until the water runs out by choosing the “ON” setting. One continuous press on the “Mist” button will make the aromatherapy diffuser cycle between the weak and strong mist.

It puts out too much moisture. Place a dry towel under it – and in an hour it will be completely soaked. I personally would like it to be more steady, because after the third hour of work it loses its effectiveness.

This looks good, it is safe and powerful and can be placed anywhere: not only at home, but in a hotel room, an office cabinet, a SPA salon, a hospital and in any other conditions that require refreshing air.

The package includes the aromatherapy diffuser itself, a convenient wall charger, a nice measuring cup for filling water and a user manual. It is nice that the device has 12-months warranty and 45-days money back – this is pretty generous for such a budget gadget.

Very nice budget device with a wooden housing. Looks much more expensive than it is, provides enough safety and has lots of adjustable features. I recommend it for everyone!
Good build;
Seven different colors of the LED lights;
Two mist modes;
Automatically turns off.
It is unbalanced in terms of continuous use.

Young Living Rainstone Diffuser – Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser of 2018

Young Living Rainstone DiffuserThe Young Living Rainstone Diffuser is a compact, but powerful device for aromatherapy. It combines the latest ultrasonic technologies with the traditional Chinese craftsmanship. The diffuser allows its users to experience the best qualities of natural oils.

The device if made of rare and beautiful purple clay, that is only available in some regions of China. Every Rainstone Diffuser is handmade, making it exquisite. It uses Chinese traditions, that are more than one thousand years old! In order to properly create such a device, masters require at least three years of experience.

The Young Living Rainstone Diffuser provides ultrasonic diffusion at the speed of almost two million waves per second. Its timer can be set to 1, 2, 3, 6 or 8 hour with automatic shutoff. It has five good-looking LED lights settings, a remote control and a negative ionizer.

The 8-hour option, the primary reason why I bought it, simply does not work! The diffuser shuts off after six hours of work with plenty of water remaining. This is very unsettling, because I liked everything rest about the device, but c’mon… You have to give users the advertised features!

The Young Living Rainstone Diffuser’s great design and rich functionality make it great for any interior. Transform any space into an inviting aroma-filled atmosphere. My latest girlfriend liked it so much, that she stayed overnight… if you know, what I mean.

The package includes the diffuser itself, a convenient water cup, a useful cleaning brush, a remote control and a power adaptor. It also has a couple of 5-ml bottles with essential oils – a very nice and sweet addition.

The Young Living Rainstone Diffuser is a pretty expensive device, that has a luxurious touch in it. Works pretty well, but there are models on the market with a better price/quality ratio.

Editor’s Choice

Summing all facts in this article. I think that Young Living Rainstone is the best for most of users. Of course, some features may concede counterparts, but in total it is number one.


Unique design;
Useful remote control;
Rich complectation;
Has an air ionizer.
It’s expensive;
The 8-hour option doesn’t work.

doTERRA Advanced Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser with 15 ml On Guard Essential Oil – Diffuser For Essential Oils of 2018

Aromatherapy Essential Oil DiffuserAromatherapy creates wonderful effects for our health and mind. The benefits can be obtained with the essential oils that are derived from nature’s flowers, leaves, barks and so on.

doTERRA Advanced Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser is a quality diffuser system that provides a good work with all types of essential oils. Its design and compact size makes it excellent for putting in your purse and take anywhere you go.

The device has a white housing with a black channel. It will look good in any interior.

doTERRA is using a Nebulizer diffuser method, that is totally the best way of realizing the full benefits of the essential oils, since it uses the cold air. Other diffusers heat the oil and it loses its pureness, but with this device the oil preserves its quality. It works immediately when the unit is turned on into the room’s ambient air. The way it works is the cold air pump pulls the air up into a tube and then blows the air over the surface of the oil using the atomizer at the top. The liquid is then changed into fine droplets that the atomizer disperses into the air as a micro-fine mist.

Due to its quick and effective performance, this diffuser is used by spa professionals, hair salons, as well as in offices and at home.

The device is really loud! Even at the lowest settings it creates a lot of noise. The worst part is that you can not return it, since it is classified as hazardous material. Think twice before buying it!

As soon as the aromatherapy essential oil is converted into vapors, the oil is diffused among the room. The droplets of it appear in the form of mist and spread is diffused into the air around the device. There is zero spillage or waste – you will not need to clean the room after using this device.

The package includes a little bottle of doTERRA Essential Oil, the device itself, a user manual and a warranty ticket (for 12 months).

The doTERRA Advanced Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser is a compact, efficient and light device from a famous American manufacturer.
It is easy to use;
Provides with quick dispersion of essential oil in the form of mist;
Suits for professional use in spas and for therapy;
Keeps the qualities of the natural oil intact;
Light, sleek and handy;
Has a one-year warranty.
It is very loud.

HoMedics Ellia Balance Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser in Gray – Electric Essential Oil Diffuser of 2018

Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil DiffuserThe HoMedics Ellia Balance Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser is a compact ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser for everyday use. It comes in three different colors: blue, grey and cream. The last one is my favorite – it looks really good with its wooden top.

The design is top-notch: the device is made from glass, wood and beautiful ceramic. It is efficient enough to feel a pretty big room (with the size of twenty square meters) with your favorite aroma. It includes a convenient remote and provides users with up to seven hours of non-stoppable work. Moreover, it has a color-changing light, contains three samples of the best HoMedics essential oils and can produce relaxing and uplifting sounds from the massive library. I really enjoy listening to the sounds of forest! I turn them on before going to bed – on the next day I feel awesome! A really cool feature.

Everything in this device feels right, but It would be really nice to have an option to release oil every two minutes instead of every thirty seconds (which is the unchangeable default). I have to waste a lot of oil, especially at night.

The HoMedics Ellia Balance Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser is super safe – it can automatically turn off when the level of water in reservoir get too low. Using natural inflammable materials, this device provides you with, probably, the best level of safe among the other aroma diffusers on the market. And the price is really nice too, considering its rich complectation and cool features (like the sound library that I liked so much).

Overall, this is, probably, the best aromatic diffuser on the market among the average-priced models. I really liked its sound library!
Super cool sound library;
Three different samples of good HoMedics essential oils;
Rich complectation;
High-quality build with the use of natural materials.
You can not change the interval of releasing the oil.

NexGadget Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Free Aroma Cool Mist Humidifier – Diy Essential Oil Diffuser of 2018

Aromatherapy Essential Oil DiffuserThe NexGadget Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser is one of the best and the biggest diffuser I ever had. Just look at it – it is huge! You will not understand it by the picture – you need to see it in real life. Remember that If you are looking for a compact aroma diffuser. Its about the size of a basketball – very big.

Yeah, it is huge, but you will love it because it feels the whole room with a pleasant aroma and only needs to be filled once a day. It is very efficient and convenient.

The housing Is made of ordinary plastic, but has a nice ebony look. Of course I would like it to be made of wood or ceramic, but the design is still not bad at all.

In the bottom half there is a fill line, which shows you the highest level of water. The device includes a smart fill cup, but you would have to fill it like five times in order to fill the reservoir of the diffuser, so it is probably better to use a big glass to fill this monster!

It stopped working after three uses. Very unfortunate! I had to wait for the replacement – I received it only after a month of waiting. There are many users experiencing the same problem – this is a disgusting way to treat customers! I do not think that I will ever every buy something from the NexGadget again.

It has a very simple design and principle of operation. Fill the reservoir with water, add some essential oils, turn it on and enjoy the beautiful scent of freshness. You do not have to worry about setting the timer – it will automatically turn off when it rans out of water.

It works just great and suits for any room. You can also use its light (there a three LED lightbulbs) as a night light. There are plenty possibilities on where you could use this. It is very relaxing and the aroma made by it is outstanding.

This is a nice large aromatherapy essential oil diffuser. It is simple and efficient, but the price could be a little bit lower.
It is large and efficient;
Looks pretty cool (reminds me the Death Star from “Star Wars”);
It is almost noiseless.
I had received a broken device and waited for a month before they sent me a replacement.

Plant Therapy Aroma-infinity Portable and Cordless Essential Oil Diffuser – Glass Essential Oil Diffuser of 2018

Plant Therapy Aroma-infinity PortableThe Plant Therapy Aroma-infinity Oil Diffuser is a cool portable and cordless device with futuristic looks. Its housing is using the aluminum alloy casting, making it feel luxurious and expensive.

The package is very nice: it includes a wall plug, a rechargeable Li-Battery, USB-cord (that makes this device universal for every country in the world) and a 15 ml bottle filled with nice essential oil. It has a digital timer with Intermittent selection (thirty minutes, one hour and two hours). The diffuser has a one-year manufacturer warranty.

Despite its small size, it covers an enormous area – almost 75 square meters! The capacity of the battery allows the Infinity Diffuser to be constantly used for 12 hours.

Plant Therapy Aroma-infinity is very noisy. You will not be able to sleep with this thing next to you. The reservoir is very small – only 15 ml.

Also, the battery can work up to 12 hours only in safe mode, but if you are going to use it at the full power its battery will be empty in three and a half hours.

No matter, where you are – at home, at the office or traveling, you can always take this small and beautiful device with you! Due to its aluminum housing it is very durable – do not be afraid to break it! I use it in my car and it had fallen many times – but nothing happened. Not a single scratch on the housing! I recommend this device to every person, who likes to feel the freshness wherever they go. It is efficient and clean. It can also work as an ordinary wired diffuser. It is small, but its effect can be compared with big ultrasonic devices. Really a great buy and an excellent gift. I would be really happy if someone gifted this to me.

This is a unique cordless diffuser with a very manly, stylish aluminum housing. This is a great gift for every man.
Quality aluminum build;
Lots of settings;
It is very durable;
Covers a big area;
1-year warranty.
It is very noisy.

Aroma-Whisper Essential Oil Atomizing Diffuser – Best Diffuser For Essential Oil of 2018

Essential Oil Atomizing DiffuserThe Aroma-Whisper Essential Oil Atomizing Diffuser is a professional cold diffusion system, that is able to cover enormous area up to 140 square meters. The manufacturer calls it the world’s first and only completely silent aromatherapy atomizer.

The device uses USA110/120-Volt electrical power. The well-built unit creates a delightful fragrance for homes, offices, or any other setting you desire to include it. The excellent Aroma-Whisper has an Acoustically Dampened ISO-Cell design that makes it number one in its class.

This diffuser creates absolutely zero noise, just as the manufacturer says. If you want to have an almost silent system, the Aroma-Whisper diffuser with the Cold Diffusion technology for essential oils with the ability to detach the atomizer (you can quickly replace it with various bottles, that can be bought separately) is made exactly for you.

This is too expensive. The housing is made of quality, but simple plastic. I don’t understand the price – it should be at least 10% cheaper.

The Aroma-Whisper Essential Oil Atomizing diffusing system has lots of ways to adjust the process, making it the best choice for medical diffusion.

I have had this diffuser for over a year now and it works simply wonderful. I have been running it every night during gold and flu season with my favorite pine oil. I have not gotten sick even when most people I’ve been around are sick! It is super easy to use and set the timer and other settings. Well worth the price. I have had several other types of diffusers and they all fail within months. I am going to buy the second one for my office.

This is a great and powerful aroma diffuser for professional use. It will meet all of your expectations!
It is very efficient and very safe;
Covers area up to 140 square meters;
It is absolutely silent.
The diffuser if very expensive;
It is made from simple plastic.

Puzhen 5-Sense Yun Aroma Diffuser, Maple – Best Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser of 2018

Best Aromatherapy Essential Oil DiffuserThe Puzhen 5-Sense Yun Aroma Diffuser is very expensive and luxurious device. It is created using the traditional Chinese technologies in order to provide users with the best diffusing experience possible. I hesitated at first, but numbers of positive reviews made me buy this. I have never once regretted my decision – the level of comfort, which is provided by this diffuser, is beyond your highest expectations.

The diffuser is thoughtfully designed, it is very easy to work with and it doesn’t require any special treatment. Many other diffuses need to be used with the essential oil without any carriers. This is very wasteful, especially when you use some of the most expensive essential oils. Thankfully, Puzhen 5-Sense is using a reservoir filled with water, and you only need to add a couple of drops of the essential oil. One reservoir is enough for around 10 hours of work. You can also simply add water after 3-4 hours if you do not feel like wasting any more essential oil.

I am just in love with its built-in speakers. The device has an enormous library of various sounds (singing of birds, rustling of wind, sounds of forest etc.) – this is my weakness. I can listen to this all day long! You can even add your own tracks or simply plug in your smartphone.

The Puzhen 5-Sense Yun Aroma Diffuser can be controlled only with the remote. So if you lose it, the device practically becomes useless. Be careful with it!

Also, the price is just crazy. It can not worth so much money!

The device also has multicolored LED lights, that create a serene atmosphere, absolutely nullifying your stress.

The glass domed top is made of thick material and looks luxurious. The rest of the construction is made from quality maple wood.

Despite the enormous price tag, this device is very good. If you can afford it – buy it. You will not regret that, believe me!
Silent operation;
Built-in speakers;
Good materials.
The crazy price tag.

Young Living Bamboo Aroma Diffuser – Cheap Essential Oil Diffuser of 2018

Cheap Essential Oil DiffuserThe Young Living Bamboo Aroma Diffuser is a nice middle-priced device with a stylish design.

This diffuser uses ultrasonic technology in order to break up the mixture of water and desired essential oils into very small microparticles and disperses it into the air, providing a wonderful moisturizing and freshening effect. It is very good for your health, both physical and mental.

The beautiful bamboo-inspiring design includes a bright LED light and timer settings for up to four hours of non-stoppable diffusion process. The rather small diffuser is able to cover area up to 30 square meters.

The design makes it very difficult to clean, since there is no way to reach the ultrasonic plate. The included cleaning brush does not help at all. The mist sometimes works and sometimes not… The unit can not work intermittently – this is very inconvenient. And what I do not like the most is that there is no way to turn off the light.

This is a very cheap device, sold at exorbitant price. You can find a better option for its money.

The package includes a couple of free 5-mililiters bottles of essential oils. One of them has Tangerine flavor and the other is Peppermint. They smell very good – I had to buy them after I ran out of them because I liked it very much.

The Young Living Bamboo Aroma Diffuser is very easy to use – fill the reservoir with clean water (mineral water would be perfect for it), add about five or six drops of the desired essential oil and turn the device on. AS you can see, everything is very simple – you will not even need to read the instruction manual, that you can find in the box. Besides the manual and samples of essential oil, you will get a cleaning brush. Be careful – the diffuser has lots of drawbacks.

Though this device is not ideal, it does its job pretty good. It is efficient and durable, and the design is pretty nice.
It is efficient;
Light weighed;
The package includes samples of nice essential oils;
The design is interesting.
Sometimes it doesn’t produce mists, you have to turn it off and on a couple of times in order to fix that;
The price is too high.

GreenAir SpaVapor+ Instant Wellness 150ml Essential Oil Diffuser for Aromatherapy – Best Essential Oils Diffuser of 2018

Essential Oil Diffuser for AromatherapyThe Greenair SpaVapor Instant Wellness Essential Oil Diffuser has plenty of features that will meet all of your expectations.

This model has a big reservoir – it is able to hold up to 150 milliliters of water. This gives you an opportunity to use it for the whole day – very convenient!

The mist that is produced by the Greenair SpaVapor covers at lest 25 square meters of space around the device. It means, that it is perfect for average apartments with middle-sized rooms.

This device has been made with the use of a special ultrasonic technology, that allows the particles of essential oils to be suspended in the air for a much longer duration. It also gives better inhalation.

The diffuser has six colored LED lights. The device can be used as a beautiful night light – it smoothly changes colors, doing a good job soothing and relaxing you. You can also choose the only desirable color or completely turn off the lights.

You have to regularly clean this diffuser, otherwise there would appear a slimy film on the bottom inside of the reservoir. Furthermore, some buyers complain about leaks happening on this product. Fortunately, I did not experienced that, but you should keep that in mind if you are going to buy it.

The Greenair SpaVapor is also safe to use. It has an auto shut off function – once the device rans out of water, it will turn off in a mere second. Besides safety features, this ensures the significantly longer lifespan of the device.

This diffuser uses advanced ceramic discs. They prevent oil corrosion, so you will be able to enjoy this product for a much longer amount of time.

Yet another cool feature of The Greenair SpaVapor is directional misting. Using it, you will be able to choose the direction on which side the diffuser should release the mist and in which direction it will be traveling.

After reading all these advantages, you must be already convinced to buy The Greenair SpaVapor Essential Oil Diffuser. I am not going to stop you – this is the best budget model of an essential oil diffuser, that competes with much more expensive devices. A perfect choice for everyone!
It can be used easily – simply fill the reservoir with warm water and add several droplets of your favorite essential oil;
Silent work;
Ridiculously low price – anyone can afford this diffuser;
Beautiful LED lights.
It may leak;
You have to regularly clean it.


It is only ten years ago the aromatherapy of our house was limited with scented candles or air fresheners with changeable blocks. Not a very long time ago reed diffusers appeared in the line of aromatherapy products for home. They successfully occupied one of the leading positions on the market.

The history of essential oil diffusers roots back to more than a century. For many hundreds of years European people filled their houses with beautiful scents, using reed diffusers. In the ancient times Europeans used to fill empty vessels with olive oil, mixed with essential oils, and place reed in it. The sticks had been impregnated with an aromatic mixture and exuded a pleasant aroma. Since that time the operating principle of an aromatherapy diffuser practically does not change. Reed or rattan diffuser is a glass or a ceramic bottle with rattan sticks inside of it. Diffusers have various forms and sizes, does not require the special treatment and are safe, unlike the candles. The operating principle is simple – vessel with reed sticks in it is being filled with essential oils. Rattan has a porous structure and contains about 20-25 internal capillaries, which are used to rise aromatic oil. It permeates all the reed and gradually evaporates. If you want to enhance the aroma of the oil, simply flip over the sticks. The validity of such a device makes between one and six months of use, depending on the volatility of the oil used to create an aroma composition.

Essential oil diffusers are safe for environment, since they do not emit smoke or soot. Unlike many scented candles and essential oils, reed diffusers do not need an open flame to begin its work. If you have a working ion air purifier at home and you like to light candles, be ready for additional care about it. This does not apply to the use of essential oil diffusers, which does not affect air cleaners and humidifiers.

Reed sticks can have any length. The most important thing is that they do not have to be too short or too long, otherwise the aroma will be very weak. The number of rattan sticks usually ranges from 5 to 10 per bottle, although in this case it also depends on your desires.

Essential oil diffusers have gone beyond home use a very long time ago. Shop owners use them as a bait for customers. If you would feel a nice and gentle aroma in a store, you will stay there for a little big longer. Essential oil diffuser helps customers of beauty salons and massage parlors to relax. Real estate agents recommend to install aromatherapy diffusers in apartments for sale. Depending on the flavor, essential oil diffuser creates a unique atmosphere and mood. Noble scent helps to relax or energize, tune you to the romantic mood or relaxes your mind, lets you forget about everything or reminisce. All you need is to choose the right essential oil – there are plethora of them.

In order to choose the right size of the essential oil diffuser, Imagine the room, for which you are choosing the device. Small reed diffusers will suit bathrooms, not very big bedrooms and cabinets. The bigger the room – the more space is needed to be filled with aroma, so you would need a bigger essential diffuser for a spacious living room. They also vary in price – the cheaper the device, the less aroma it will produce due to the small amount of essential oil and reed sticks.

Buying guide. What is a diffuser?

An essential oil diffuser is the perfume for the house in a very unusual form. This is an elegant vial, filled with a bunch of natural oil-based flavors. In order to make the essential oil diffuser work, you should place reed or bamboo sticks in it. They are gradually saturated with the exciting smells and then gently spread it in the air.

After we learned, what an essential oil diffuser is, it is time to find out, where you can use it:

And, of course, an essential oil diffuser will be a perfect gift for loving person. Buy a stylish “home” perfume in a beautiful box for your significant other – it will be a win-win choice!

How to use an essential oil diffuser?

In the market of accessories home diffusers are yet a novelty, although humanity has been using them for more than two thousand of year. Modern aromatic bottles almost do not differ from their ancient predecessors, except for that now they have become more elegant and filled with exquisite compositions. Reed sticks are still used in essential oil diffusers in order to soak up essential oil and evaporate it from their surface.

There is nothing hard in the principles of operation of aromatherapy accessories. But we are still going to give some tips on how to properly use essential oil diffusers:

Stoneglow diffuser:

1) Open a new bottle and place the reed sticks. Wait for a little bit until they start to spread the scent around the whole room.

2) To increase the intensity of aroma, flip the stick from time to time. In order to decrease it remove a several sticks from the bottle – the lesser the surface of evaporation, the lighter the aroma.

3) Using natural essential oil diffusers, do not forget, that they are living. The bouquet changes over time: the lighter components evaporate and the composition shifts towards the heart notes and base persistent odors. This means that the time has come to change the bottle – remove the remains of the liquid and fill the bottle with a new mixture.

The average “life span” of a reed diffuser is from one to several months – all depends on the size of the bubble and the indoor climate. At high humidity the smell will be revealed slowly, with increasing temperature, it will become brighter, and a small bottle with essential oil diffuser will be quickly emptied.

Using it couldn’t be any easier – there is no complications. Just pour the water inside (up to 140 ml), add 5-10 droplets of essential oil (the number depends on the oil itself), connect it to an electric outlet and that’s all. The device is equipped with a power cord, which uses 120 V mains.

Almost immediately appears a nice mist, which will spread the aroma throughout the room without noises – the device is very silent.

And here are some moments due to which I particularly appreciated this device over the time. It is something I initially did not pay attention to, but later realized all the convenience:

Overall, the product turned out be excellent. At first I thought, that due to their warmth aroma lamps are better, than this “cold” essential oil diffuser, but after some time I realized that it is actually much more convenient and safer – that is why now I am using aroma lamps only as parts of decor. I use only the diffuser to vaporize essential oils – it is amazing.

Ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser

My journey into the world of aromatherapy began a couple of years ago, when I really started to wonder, what do cosmetics consist of. I used to enjoy it and had lots of it. I began to study the composition of cosmetic products and learned about an extensive list of dangerous ingredients, that manufacturers of both mass-market and luxury production shamelessly add into their products. Of course, like many other people, I started to look for an affordable alternative among natural cosmetics. That is how I became interested in aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy studies essential oils, their compatibility and influence on human organism. Essential oils are complex, multi-component liquid mixtures of volatile substances with a pronounced flavor (do not mistake it with ordinary vegetable oils such as jojoba, grapeseed, macadamia and others.). They are produced from different parts of the plant – the flowers, leaves, roots, fruits, bark, etc… This is associated with different concentration of esters in different parts of the plant depending on the species. Not all plants are suitable for the extraction of essential oils. In most of them, the total concentration of essential oils is so low that oil production is either impossible or impractical.

Today only about 200 types of essential oils are produced on an industrial scale. All esters have a wide range of effects on humans, on both physical and the psychological level. This impact is not fully investigated – the same applies to all the components included in the composition of esters.

My research in aromatherapy are associated with specific urgent problems – the fight with viral diseases, combined and problem skin care, hair care, wound healing, etc. Although I do not create perfumes and complex aromatic mixtures, I had to dive into aromatherapy basics. Trust me, this is a very interesting – both in theory and in practice. Currently I am actively using essential oils. I have already found my favorites among them, but i still can not “find common ground” with some of the esters.

Essential oils are used for prevention and treatment of SARS, influenza and other catarrhal diseases (including in the official medicine). This is related to the fact that some of them have potent antimicrobial and antiseptic effect, some – strengthen the immune system, improve mood and self-esteem, thereby increasing the overall resistance to external negative factors.

Since one of the most effective ways of perception of essential oils – it is breathing, at first I used to “spray” the essential mixes with the aroma lamps. I used common ceramic ones: essential oil is being added to a small bowl of water, and then a candle is placed under it; under the influence of the flame water heats and evaporates from the bowl together with ethers. But, of course, it is not the safest and gentlest method of evaporating essential oils. Firstly – due to the open flames, and secondly – because of the heating of oils. Essential oils do not like high temperatures – their composition changes in the heat, some properties are lost and some obtained, and there is no guarantee that the oil will not turn from useful to useless or even dangerous. Most esters maximum allowable temperature – 40 Celsius degrees. In order to eliminate these unpleasant moments, I finally bought an essential oil diffuser in the last fall.

I didn’t spend much time choosing it – I was looking only for the type of spaying (I wanted to completely remove the heating of essential oils), design and the price tag. At last I chose an ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser. It is a small and very cute pyramid, that looks like a tiny spaceship.

The mechanism and the operating principle of aromatherapy diffuser are very simple. Fist of all, it is worth mentioning that this is an electric device, that has to be connected to an outlet. The essential oil diffuser itself consists of the base and a cover.

The base includes a vessel with ceramic disc. This has to be filled with essential oils and water.

Ultrasonic waves divide this mixture into a plurality of microparticles, creating cold steam, thus ensuring the effective distribution of essential oils in the room.

The base of the aromatherapy diffuser is placed on four rubberized legs, and the power plug can be rotated in the socket at 360 degrees. The latter is especially convenient because it allows you to install the unit without the orientation on the cable exit of a base.

The order of use is extremely simple:

  1. Remove the conical cover from the base;
  2. Pour water into the bowl (up to 80ml The bowl has a line, whish shows the maximum water level.);
  3. Add from 3 to 5 drops of essential oil or oils;
  4. Close the lid;
  5. Connect the device to an outlet and press the power button.

This is it! The cold steam almost immediately begins to vaporize from the hole on the cover and you start to feel the esters flavor. When the mixture is completely “evaporated”, diffuser will automatically turn off.

The device if fully controlled by a single button, placed on the base of it (under the “Ultransmit” title). The first press activates the device – evaporation starts and lights turn on and begin to succeed each other. The second press will fix the color. Third press will turn the lights off (only the button and the joint of the base are still highlighted). The fourth press will turn the device off. Everything is very clear, logical and convenient. Nice!

The package of diffuser includes a box, a measuring cup and the instruction manual. The box is very beautiful and creative. It looks like it was made to be a perfect gift – apparently, diffusers are often bought as gifts :).

A couple of words regarding the mechanism

1) I quote: “the lack of heating increases the healing effects of essential oils.” To put it mildly, this is an exaggeration. No heating allows only to retain the same properties of oils without affecting their efficiency in any way.

2) The statement that essential oil diffusers “combine the properties of an aroma lamp and an air humidifier” is also an exaggeration. More precisely, it is an incorrect comparison of the properties. “Evaporation” of essential oils – is the main task of the diffuser, which it manages to do 100% effective and better, than aroma lamps. Humidification is just a positive side effect. Judge for yourself. Counting on my fingers: the diffuser evaporates 80ml of liquid for about 3 hours, it is 27ml / hour or 650ml / day. Let’s compare it with conventional air humidifier, for example, with such as I have – an ultrasonic humidifier Ballu UHB-900M. It evaporates 400ml / h or 9600ml / day. It turns out that the humidifier is about 15 times more efficient than a diffuser (in terms of water evaporation). Of course, this is related with the direct purposes of the essential oil diffuser, and with its power (12W against 135W of humidifier). Therefore, I repeat, do not believe the manufacturer claims that its diffusers are also humidifiers :). Everything is relative. But in general, of course, the evaporation of water takes place and it is a positive fact (especially in the context of our over-dried offices and apartments).

3) The manufacturer recommends to restrict “the use of citrus oils, since they are corrosive and their continuous use could cause damage to the device”. Citrus essential oils (orange, grapefruit, bergamot, lemon, mandarin, etc…) are most popular in aromatherapy and cosmetology. Almost all of them belong to the volatile esters and are perfectly combined with other essential oils. For many essential oils citruses are synergistic and / or complementary. In other words, they provide a systemic effect, amplifying the positive properties of the blend compared to the properties of its individual components. I love citrus esters and I can not imagine the aromatherapy without them :). Shortly speaking, I prefer not to pay attention to the warnings of manufacturer and I use citrus essential oils without any restrictions. If my diffuser will break down – well, I would have to buy a new one, but so far – everything is good.

For a single session in a room with a size up to 12 square meters 2-3 drops of essential oil are enough. The duration of treatment and the concentration of esters in the air depends on the amount of water poured into the cup before. 40ml evaporates for 1.5 hours, and 80 ml – for 3 hours, respectively, in the first case the concentration of esters in the air will be twice greater than in the second. I prefer the second option (lower concentration, but more prolonged exposure), so I always completely fill the bowl with water (80ml).

To the beginners in aromatherapy I advice to try these simple and effective mixtures for the prevention and combating SARS: fir and lemon, spruce and grapefruit, lavender and bergamot, tea tree and tangerine (choose the ratio yourself – 1:1, 1:2, 2:1). I have a little child (he is younger than two years old), this is why I don’t use complicated and exotic mixtures. The above mentioned ones are good enough.

Final Words – Conclusion

An essential oil diffuser is an innovative household appliance for flavoring rooms with aromatic oil. It connects to an electrical outlet and sprays essential oils using ultrasonic waves. Ultrasonic technology creates a permanent cold water mist, that allows the essential oils, diluted in water, to spread around the room.

Electric diffuser is a safe device, since it doesn’t heat up and automatically turn off as soon as the level of water in the reservoir is too low for properly functioning. Ultrasonic aromatherapy diffusers vary by their form, size, color and capacity. Any ultrasonic diffuser will give to your home the coziness and unusual aromas, created by the nature itself.

Advantages of diffusers

Firstly, the level of essential oil consumption is decreased when compared with other types of aroma devices. Secondly, the mixture does not heat up and, therefore, does not lose its useful properties – that’s why the choice of ultrasonic aromatherapy diffusor brings health benefits. Thirdly, due to the humidity sensor, the device will automatically go into the sleep mode and will turn on later by itself. It saves the essential oil and decreases the electricity consumption.

The diffuser will also shut off, when it runs out of liquid, notifying you with a sound signal. There is no heating and no open fire, but a reliable monitoring system. This isn’t surprising, that such a useful device as the essential oil diffuser is bought even for children’s room.

The highlight of the interior

The ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser is made of modern materials and can have a lot of additional functions – such as a night lamp. And, that is most important, it looks very stylish. Especially it applies to devices of the French company “Esteban Paris Perfumes”. Under this brand you can buy an incredibly attractive model of an electric essential oil diffuser: you are able to choose from the futuristic to the romantic models, that will bring charm for your interior.

An electric diffuser will be exceptionally handy for the citizens of the biggest cities, where the air especially needs to be cleared and humidified. Indeed, these devices are mainly bought by urban residents.

by Steve Jackson | Last Updated March 1, 2019

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