10 Best essential oils of 2018 to have! Oils for [diffuser] & [skin].

Do legendary Cleopatra’s aromas excite your imagination with their mysteriousness for a long time? Today you can get it very easily!

You only need to reach for a bottle of essential oil and portal to the wonderful aroma world will be opened for you. It will give you health and beauty. Thin or rich and powerful aromas of medicinal herbs cover you with pleasant scents, soothe you or give you more confidence and courage.

What is essential oil? I think that it is the spirit of a plant, the most valuable thing that it can give to you. Essential oils are being produced by steam distillation of different parts of the plant. It is not necessarily flowers. It can also use leaves and bark. So the scents of such essential oils of the same plant can be quite different from each other and sometimes almost unrecognizable.

Very often hundreds of pounds of petals are processed in order to obtain a single milliliter of essential oil! So it is not only the soul of the plant but also a fragrant abundance! But how don’t spoil the first impression of essential oils?

Okay. Let’s get down to business. If you come to this page, I guess that you finally decided to collect your own essential oils to cook oil mixture for yourself and your family. Here is Top 10 list of the best essential oils of 2018 for you. Without further ado, let’s move right on to the list.

Comparison Table of Essential Oils

Device NameAmountVolumeGift Pack 
Portfolio Aromatherapy6410 mlYesbutton
Healing Solutions (Editor’s Choice)6410 mlNobutton
Ultimate Aromatherapy3210 mlYesbutton
doTERRA Touch
99 mlYesbutton
Organic Aromas
1010 mlYesbutton
Edens Garden 32
3210 mlYesbutton
Edens Garden 64
6410 mlYesbutton
Pure Therapeutic
6410 mlNobutton
Young Living
105 mlNobutton
Aromatherapy Gift
3210 mlNobutton

Table of contents

What is the minimum set of essential oils, what you should buy in the first place in order to not waste too much money and don’t regret in the future? Let’s see!


Supreme in Portfolio Aromatherapy 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils Set

Supreme in Portfolio Aromatherapy 100% PureThis wonderful Edens Garden set of 64 different therapeutic grade essential oils will make anyone happy. You are getting a variety of beautiful flavors and a handy insert, that will help you to make the most of their uses. This product is absolutely natural – there is no fillers, additives, bases or carriers.

I bought this set of oils right after I got an aromatherapy diffuser. It is awesome! Every day I try a new flavor, and, of course, you can combine them differently. All bottles look very nice, they are labeled and differently colored.

During this winter, lots of my friends got colds. I had a lot of work and was afraid to get sick too, so I decided to blend every oil that said it had anything to do with cold, viruses and so on. I used it days and nights and spend the long winter without a hint of problem! I used to get bronchitis all the time, every winter was a disaster for me, but now the problem is solved. I recommend everyone to take care of themselves with essential oils, this wonderful set will sure be a good start! It looks fantastic and include some of the most rare and exotic flavors. All of them are one hundred percent pure and natural – you can safely use them without any worries. You can’t harm your pets or children with it!

This set is very expensive, and yet it comes with a not very convenient case. When you spend so much money on something, usually you expect it to be perfect. This isn’t perfect – yeah, the case looks but, it’s impractical.

The only thing I did not like about this set is the case. It could have been a lot better! I recommend you to buy a cheap stand for nail polish – it will be much more convenient, than the default box. There are also special cases for essential oils, but they are much more expensive for some reason. Do not waste your money on them!

Despite it’s enormous price, this is a must-have for every fan of essential oils! It has rare flavors, that are packed in beautiful convenient bottles with labels. If you do not know, what kind of gift you should buy – this would be a very good choice for anyone.
Fully certified;
Has portfolio;
Includes a handy insert;
These essential oils are all natural.
The case is not very comfortable;
The price tag is huge.

Healing Solutions Aromatherapy Essential Oil Set 64 Pieces

Healing Solutions Aromatherapy Essential Oil SetIt does not matter, if you are beginner or professional essential oils user – this will be a great deal for you. This wonderful set contains a very good case. I am not sure, if it is made from natural leather or leatherette – but I am a hundred percent sure, that this is a good and durable thing. It is a really nice addition to all these wonderful essential oils.

Speaking of oils… they are very powerful and remarkable. Two droplets are enough for 8 hours of diffusing – this is an impressive result! I use at least three droplets of oils when I choose other brands. I guess, that this is the most efficient result among the oils, listed in this rating. Perfect choice for users of electric essential oil diffusers!

Some of the bottle caps are bad – they allow the oils to flow too quickly. Sometimes it is tricky to count the drops but as long as you pay attention, it should not be a big issue. I just used an insert from another manufacturer.

Besides loose caps, that I already mentioned, this set doesn’t contain any instructions. The box itself is poorly designed and looks cheap when compared to competitors. But it has a nice case and there are colorful labels on oil bottles, so this is not a great issue for me.

As you already know, I have enough experience in aromatherapy, so I know whether the essential oil is good or no. All of the bottles, included in this set, contain natural and quality oil – I can assure you. You can safely use it – do not be afraid to harm your pets or children.

You are going to use even the most obscure oils – ranging from making insect repellent to cleaning remedies. There won’t be a single useless bottle! Finally, the low price for this collection makes it a real value. Very good product with impressive price/quality ratio.

This is it. Hands down – Healing Solutions sells the best essential oils kit available on the market considering the price/quality ratio. Do not be fooled by its cheap box – inside you will find high quality natural oils. For its money this is a great deal!

Editor’s Choice

Summing all facts in this article. I think that Healing Solutions is the best for most of users. Of course, some features may concede counterparts, but in total it is number one.


Very nice price;
Good leather (or leatherette) storage case;
Very colorful labels with pictures;
Top quality of the oils themselves.
The box looks cheap;
There are no instructions or manuals.

Ultimate Aromatherapy in Portfolio 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils Set by Edens Garden

100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential OilsThis is another great set of Essential Oils from Edens Garden. It contains 32 various essential oils and synergy blends. It has some of the most famous and popular aromas, as well as exotic and rare blends. I need to mention, that this is a relatively cheap set (when compared to other Edens Garden collections) – this is a good choice for beginners, who are not sure yet if they want to continue using aromatherapy in their everyday life. It will save you about 30% of money, that you would have to use in order to buy each bottle separately.

There is plethora of possibilities, that you will get with this set. You can treat pretty much everything – from cellulite to headache with just a couple of droplets of some of therapeutic grade essential oils.

The set includes a portfolio for easy transport and long-term storage. You will be able to bring all of your essential oils to your working place, yoga studio or beauty salon. Enjoy your favorite aromas everywhere you want! Feel free to share it with your friends and colleagues!

I hate cases from Edens Garden. They make very quality and good essential oils, but portfolio they use is terrible. You can not see the bottle labels and you have to very carefully attach every bottle after you used it.

Moreover, the package includes a useful and convenient insert, that will help you efficiently use all of these oils. Do not hesitate for a minute – just buy this wonderful set to improve your physical and mental health. All of the essential oils, that it includes, are natural and certified. After a month of use you will notice positive changes! I checked it myself and I know what I’m talking about.

This is a very good set from Edens Garden. Especially I would recommend it for beginners in aromatherapy. They are able to try out the best oils in the industry for affordable price. The case is not very good, but overall the set is awesome.
Contains some of the best essential oils in the industry;
Includes rare and exotic flavors;
It is all natural.
The portfolio is very bad. It is only good for storage – if you use essential oils everyday, you should consider buying a different case for them.

doTERRA Touch – Nine Ready to use Essential Oil Blends

Nine Ready to use Essential Oil BlendsThe doTERRA Touch – is a set of nine professional essential oil blends, providing the best features of its natural ingredients.

Specialist of doTERRA created this set to let all people enjoy positive effects of essential oils – even costumers with very sensitive skin are able to use it. The doTERRA Touch balances between art and science. It includes nine of the best essential oils in convenient 9 mL beautiful labeled bottles.

You can treat various parts of your body with it or use it in aromatherapy diffusers – it is good no matter how you prefer to use it. I am using it for diffuser only – so far it works great. All of the oils from this collection are very efficient and remarkable. You will use every single bottle – there will not be useless poor flavors, that you can find in some of the cheapest sets. Only interesting and high quality blends!

It is good for both children and adults and you can use it right out of the box – apply it to important touch points, such as wrists, feet and neck. You do not need to dilute it if you are using it like that. You can also use it with an aromatherapy diffuser – add a couple of droplets of desired essential oils an enjoy hours of fresh aroma.

This set does not have a case or portfolio. It is very inconvenient! I would not call this collection budget, so I do not understand why doTERRA didn’t include at least a cheap case.

For a fair price you will get 9 different flavors in big 9 mL tubes. Tubes are very useful, by the way – when you finish the essential oil, do not recycle it – you can put salt or pepper in it, or refill it with other oils, that do not have a good container.

As for me – I really liked the “Breath” and “Lavender” blends. They are very thick and powerful, and yet it does not annoy you even after hours of use. A really nice set!

Small and affordable collection of large capacity (I have been using it for 4 months already and I still haven’t run out of it). Good choice for beginners.
Beautiful large bottles;
9 mL bottles will last for a very long time;
Includes a convenient insert.
Does not have a case or portfolio.

The Elements Premium Essential Oil Blends Collection Complete Set by Organic Aromas

The Elements Premium Essential Oil BlendsThis compilation is high quality and affordable at the same time. It consists of ten rich and pleasant flavors. Organic Aromas claim to spend many years of research in order to comprise over sixty various essential oils, and this small set is a nice combination of the some of the best organic medicines available on the market. I believe them – the set is indeed very good and I often use it with my diffusers.

This product has an interesting and well-made packaging, that consists of two separate parts. The Inspire part represents power and balance. The Awaken part is very gentle and smooth. It looks Innovative and intriguing, and in addition it lets you buy only one part of it – so basically you can buy a half of this set to try it out and then buy the other half. Cool idea!

Though the box is really beautiful, it is absolutely impractical. You will never use it once you get bottles out – it is too inconvenient.

All of the ten flavors are very good. Inspire aromas are thick, woody, earthy and crisp, while essential oils of the Awaken part are more sweet, fruity and smooth. I like both parts – I choose them depending on my mood. I guess, the Awaken part is good when you simply want to feel happy and have no worries, and Inspire is made to keep you focused and sharp.

These aromas have something exotic in them. They are not some ordinary blends. My favorite flavor is the Harmony in the Awaken part. It’s a grounding blend yet uplifting at the same time. I use it at night. On the Inspire side the Ocean Breeze is the best one… In contains lemon, lime and eucalyptus – this one brings freshness and joy in our gray everyday life. I bet, that you will find a blend you like too! Try it out – it is not that expensive.

The Elements Premium by Organic Aromas is a nice and relatively cheap collection with a cool design and a bunch of healthy useful essential oils. Definitely a must-have for every lover of aromatherapy!
Interesting, unique design;
Healthy and natural blends;
You can basically buy half of the collection to try it out.
The box is inconvenient for long-term usage.

32 Synergy Blends Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Set by Edens Garden

32 Synergy Blends Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil SetThis is a large collection from a well-known and trustworthy company. Buying this, you will get a 32 interesting blends of high quality.

The box is simply awesome: it looks beautiful and lets you conveniently choose the right bottle of essential oil. Usually Edens Garden uses a special case (or portfolio) for their more expensive sets, but I do not like them. This box, though, is really good – yeah, it won’t be so beautiful after six months of regular use, but it will stay practical and compact. I liked it much better than Eden Garden’s usual cases.

The product is using a special glass bottles with euro style dropper caps. Each box includes a well-made brochure called “150 Ways to Use Essential Oils”. It contains useful advices and will be a great reading matter for beginners in aromatherapy.

I am still waiting for Edens Garden to finally make a good storage case for their essential oils. This set has an OK box, made of quality material. You can use it as a case, but I would like to have a better option.

I have been using electric diffusers for five years already, and “Edens Garden” was always my favorite brand. It offers a huge assortment of essential oils in great beautiful packages, that can be used not only with diffusers, but in traditional medicine in many other ways. This collection is as good, as always – it offers only natural and healthy essential oils for the whole family.

Each bottle of this set can be bought separately – but if you choose to buy the whole collection at once, you will save up to 50% of money! This is a great option for every owner of oil diffuser. This is also a great present for your girlfriend or mother – they will like this beautiful, colorful box for sure! Not to mention all of these various blends and convenient euro dropper caps.

As always, Edens Garden will provide you with best blends on the market. You can treat your whole body with it and there will enough essential oil for a whole year of using an electric diffuser. And the price if not that high, by the way.
Natural and healthy ingredients of essential oils;
Beautiful box;
Special bottles with convenient euro dropper caps;
Useful brochure.
There is no storage case.

Supreme Aromatherapy – Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils Set by Edens Garden

Supreme AromatherapyThis is a glorious, enormous set, which contains 64 bottles of high quality essential oils from the most known company of the industry. Yes, this collection is very expensive – but it will last for more than a whole year of regular use, providing the air of your house with beautiful healthy aromas.

All of included 64 essential oils use only natural and quality ingredients and are 100% pure therapeutic grade. These are, hands down, the purest essential oils in the market.

Your psychological balance and physical health strongly affects your heart and mood. Essential oils from Edens Garden Supreme Aromatherapy s fully restore this balance by treating every aspect of your life. From bronchitis to stress, various oils will treat your body and make every day of your life a little bit happier.

As always, this Edens Garden’s collection includes a useful insert for essential oils. It will help you to carefully count the number of droplets, no matter what essential oil you are applying.

It does not include a storage case – despite its enormous price tag. C’mon, Edens Garden, what is this? Even some of their budget and smaller sets include it.

All bottles are very convenient. They have useful differently colored labels, so you will easily find the flavor you need in a second.

As I have already mentioned, I am in love with Edens Garden production. It never fails to make me satisfied – whether I use it wit my electric diffuser or put essential oil right on the parts of my body. I have been studying aromatherapy for 5 years already, and yet sometimes I find new, unique scents I have never ever heard about – all of them brought by Edens Garden.

This collection, considering its beautiful box, will be a great gift for anyone.

I can’t say anything bad about this collection, besides the absence of a storage case and the high cost. Essential oils themselves are very good – they are totally natural and healthy. I recommend this set for every user of an electric diffuser.
Large variety of essential oils of the high quality;
Beautiful box;
Nice brochure;
Convenient insert.
This is really expensive;
Doesn’t include a storage case.

Mega Aromatherapy Set in Carrying Case-64/10 ml 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil

MegaThis mega aromatherapy set by “Fabulous Frannie” company (it is famous for making very cheap aromatherapy stuff) provides you with 64 bottles of essential oils and a convenient carrying case for a very affordable price.

At first I didn’t want to buy it – I was sure, that this set would be bad – the price is too low. But it turned out to be OK. Yeah, it does not provide the same level of quality as more expensive collection do, but you will be able to save up to 40% of your money! Isn’t that great?

It also includes a little book about basics of aromatherapy. It has lots of quality pictures and uses good paper. I guess, beginners will love it.

If you are going to use rare and exotic oils very often – you should definitely choose another collection.

The leather case turned out to be much better than I expected. I think it will last for a pretty long time – you will be able to use it with other essential oils later.

Essential oils are of average quality. I can feel that they are not one hundred percent pure – I need to apply 4-5 droplets of essential oils to my diffuser instead of usual 3. But this is a thing only for some of the oils. Lavender oil, for instance, is as powerful as always – I think, that at the end it is still would be cheaper to choose this set, if you want to save as much money as possible. Just remember, that some of the rarest oils are diluted.

What else can be said about it? This is a solid set for everyday use. I would not buy it as a gift, but will definitely buy another one for myself – it is cheap and good.
Comes with a great carrying case;
Includes a small beautiful guide for beginners;
Very cheap.
Some of the rarest and the most exotic essential oils are a little bit diluted.

Young Living Everyday Essential Oils Collection with JOY Included

Young Living Everyday Essential OilsThis is a unique collection of Young Livings’ most popular essential oils (including the sales hit – the “JOY” blend). It contains ten bottles, that are 5 milliliters in size. You will save up to 50% of your money if you buy this collection instead of each blend individually.

You can trust Young Living – this is a big company, that has been selling aromatherapy product for many years. Their blends are cheap, effective and made from natural ingredients only.

It comes with nice booklets, but the box itself is boring and colorless. If you are buying it as a present for someone, do not forget to wrap it up in a gift paper.

This kit is perfect for beginners. There is a similar set from “Young Living”, that includes a diffuser – a great purchase too, but if you already have this device and just want to get enough essential oils for the first months of use – this is a great deal. You will definitely enjoy this set. Most likely, you will continue your journey in the world of aromatherapy. How do you know that? Because many years ago the exact same collection was gifted to me on Christmas! Since then I regularly use essential oil diffuser. It changed my life! I genuinely recommend you to try put this product – you will be satisfied for sure. It will make your calm, strong and happy. I am not kidding and this is not self-deception – many people around the world would agree with me.

Essential oils are very pure – I need only three droplets for 8 hours of use with my electric diffuser.

One of the best offer in the industry. Young Living Everyday Essential Oils Collection is a very good purchase for beginners, since it includes the most popular and pleasant aromas and comes for an affordable price.
High quality essential oils, made of natural ingredients;
Very cheap;
Comes with a couple of beautiful booklets;
Perfect for beginners.
The design of the box is terrible.

Aromatherapy Gift Set 32-10ml 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil

Aromatherapy Gift Set 32-10ml 100% PureThis budget collection contains 32 different essential oils. I am going to tell you about my experience with it in details.

After a week of use I picked seven favorites essential oils and carefully tested them.

1. The Cedarwood is an earthy scent. Most other people do not like it, but I am enjoying it every time I smell it.

2. The Patchouli smells perfect. This is a plant, that grows mostly in China and India – definitely give this blend a try.

3. The Lavender – traditional blend. It always smells good.

4. The Sweet Orange – another traditional scent. I noticed, that it is very weak – I had to use 5-6 droplets for my diffuser instead of usual 3 drops. But this is a very cheap collection – what else did you expect? Some of the oils are very diluted, but some of them are as good as in expensive collections.

5. Ylang – remarkable scent. You either like it or not.

6 and 7. Cinnamon and Cassia (two different bottles). I talk about them as of a single one, because, in fact Cassia is part of the Cinnamon family and, according to the Internet, 80% of people around the world use Cassia as Cinnamon. I smelled both of them – they are almost identical. Just an interesting notice.

Some of the oils are definitely diluted (orange, cassia) – they are pretty weak, if you compare them with the same oils of different manufacturers. But I can understand it. I think, when you are purchasing something that almost three times cheaper than its counterparts, such a minor disadvantage is reasonable. Simply add more oil, if you feel, that your diffuser is not producing enough aroma.

Overall, I was very impressed with the quality of the Fabulous Frannie’s oils. This Is an amazing deal for this price.

This is a very budget… and yet decent collection. Seriously, what would you choose: one expensive set of 32 bottles or two sets of similar size from Fabulous Frannie’s? I think, that the last is better. Excellent choice for people, who use essential oils regularly!
Very, I repeat, very cheap price tag;
100% natural oils;
Large 10 mL bottles with euro dropper cap;
Nice labels.
The package is very simple: it has nothing but essential oils themselves;
Some of the oils are weak.

First of all, be sure to carefully look at the quality, especially of those essential oils that you are planning to buy for internal use (this is also possible). Unfortunately, I can definitely say, that you will not purchase a single essential oil in pharmacies – not only for internal use, but also for application to the skin – with the exception of (and not for every pharmacy) very expensive essential oils from famous European companies (from France and German). The point is that the price of essential oils is almost always one of its quality indicators. The extraction of essential oils is a very expensive and time-consuming process, so there is a certain price level, below which it does not make sense to buy a bottle of essential oil, in fact – it can be even dangerous to use, since the risk of getting allergic reactions is very high. Those essential oils, that can be bought in our pharmacies at a ridiculously low price, unfortunately, are not suitable to be used in medicinal and cosmetic purposes. Often those so-called “essential oils” in fact can not even be called like that. Purchasing essential oils during your vacations overseas in local aroma shops is even more unsafe.

What should you do then? Where to buy essential oils?

I can safely recommend the following: the best option is to book essential and base oils in known online stores, that operate for years. They are buying essential oils from European manufacturers wholesale, so if the online shop is working not for the first year and in compliance with all necessary requirements for the packaging of oils, then it is quite possible to trust it with everything you need in aromatherapy. You can also purchase there all that you need for making cosmetics at home.

So, the first requirement for the quality of an essential oil – is its price. It often makes women choose oils of poor quality, that can be dangerous. Yes, indeed, modern essential oils are not cheap. Prices usually start at the average level of 100 rubles (there are no ways for it to be any cheaper – “essential oils” that we often see displayed in pharmacies are 100% dummies), but it applies to citruses and some of the coniferous essential oils – the ones, that can be easily obtained from inexpensive raw material. Prices for the most expensive esters and absolutes, that also used in the production of luxurious perfumes (for instance, rose, neroli, sandalwood) can reach up to 5-6 thousands of rubles for a small bottle of 5 ml.

I can safely assure you, that these expenses will be more than compensated, and not only with solutions to your health issues, appearance and so on. Consumption of essential oils is minimum – about a couple of droplets, that are added into the base oil or water! So, from the one side, you are thinking sometimes if you should waste a certain amount of money for 10 ml of “essential contents”, and then it turns out that these 10 ml are enough for at least a year of active usage… Since esters are usually used in combinations with each other, it will last even longer, than a year. I, for example, still have some essential oils in refrigerator. I bought them about five years ago, when I was just starting to practice aromatherapy.

The second requirement is the packaging. Essential oils have to be stored in bottles, made from dark glass (usually retail oils comes in 10 ml bottles, but the rarest and expensive use 5 ml and 1 ml bottles). Essential oils are pretty picky to their environment: they interact with the plastic and rapidly decompose in the light (if they are placed into an ordinary transparent bottle), especially – citrus ones. You should better keep them in the refrigerator. You should not often shake them: try not to change the temperature storage mode, do not carry a bottle of essential oil around for weeks – or even months – in your purse.

The third requirement: the label on the bottle have to include its botanical name in Latin, for example: rosadamascena (Damascus rose), canangaodorata (ylang-ylang). This is one of the oil quality indicators and a confirmation of the reliable reputation of the manufacturer. If, however, there are no signs of botanical name on its bottle, then do not even look at this bottle and not simply pass by this weir “essential rose oil”, but generally avoid the place where you have spotted the bottle. Of course, fulfilling this requirement does not guarantee quality. But it is better to “overdo” in this kind of question, than neglect some aspects of it.

I think, that in the first place you should purchase an essential oil of a tea tree (Melaleucaalternifolia). This is almost ideal antiseptic. It is very effective! If you need to disinfect a wound, cure acne, treat, clean up all the inflammation on the skin, remove irritation and dandruff. Any bacterial and viral infections (up to tuberculosis), inflammation in the oral cavity, insect bites, eczema, dermatitis, periodontitis, cystitis, fungal infections, including genital (and in order to prevent their appearance in this area), – there is practically no such area, where a tea tree would be useless! It is also irreplaceable during epidemics of influenza – by inhalation, compresses, massage for colds, coughs. You can very effectively use this oil not only for your skin, but also as a disinfectant agent: an aroma lamp, for example, or mix of 3-4 droplets of essential oil with a tablespoon of salt and addition to the water for washing floors or rinsing the laundry after washing.

A tea tree gets strengthened by the medicinal lavender (Lavandulaangustifolia, Lavandulaofficinalis, Lavandulavera). Overall, if the scent of a tea tree is too powerful for you, too intensive, then you should use lavender – it has many of tea tree’s features and it has a more pleasant aroma, plus it is not as intensive. This essential oil will also help you to deal with burns, including the consequences of not a very good day at the beach. It will also help soothing your child and yourself – you only need to add a couple of droplets of oil in aroma lamp, make a light massage, using some mix of a natural oil and two or three droplets of lavender, take a bath with “lavender” salt or simply apply a several droplets on your pillow before going to sleep.

Great flavor of creams and oil mixtures for facial area with lavender (never add essential oils in fabric creams, despite that this recommendation is quite common in the literature!) soothes the sensitive skin, helps for the tired skin, heals all possible inflammations and sores after shaving for men, restores the dry skin, reduces swelling and peeling.

Lavender is also irreplaceable in hair care, specifically in hair masks. It is used for oil masks, it is added in neutral shampoos, and even a simple mixture of several droplets of lavender with some water and lemon juice is good for rinsing your head after a wash. I also very much like doing moisturizing oil mixes with lavender and some of the citrus essential oils (typically I take bergamot, you can also use a grapefruit, for example). The final smell is so unusual, so “southern”! You can enjoy the summer in the middle of winter!

By the way, citrus essential oils are another thing, that I would recommend you to include in your minimum set of oils. They are cheap and have very pleasant flavor. They can be used for anything! For instance, the essential oil of a lemon (Citruslimonium), besides antibacterial and antipyretic action, can be used to clear oily skin from inflammations, whiten teeth (just apply a few droplets of it on the toothpaste when brushing your teeth) to remove toxins from the body. It also helps to dissolute kidney stones and gallbladder, helps if you suffer from seasick in transport. Almost all of the citrus essential oils are irreplaceable in solving such perennial women’s problem, as cellulite. Start taking it internally (1-2 droplets of essential oil of any citrus dissolved in 1 teaspoon of honey) on an empty stomach – it will help to reduce appetite and improve the body. It is sufficient to simply inhale the fragrance from the bottle from time to time to temper the appetite.

In the evening take a bath with citrus oils – do not add more, than 5-6 droplets for a bath (dilute it in salt, milk, cacao and so on). Be careful – do not increase the dose! Citrus essential oils are very active! And don’t use them during the sunny days – citruses can be very phototoxic, and it is better to do all possible procedures with essential oil in the evening.

Wraps-up are very effective: add finely grounded coffee beans or steamed powder of Laminaria or focus – a few droplets (8-10 droplets, not more) of any essential citrus oils, apply it to problem areas, wrap them up with a film and cover with a warm blanket or an hour. It would be wonderful to simply mix them with any basic oils and use it instead of strengthening and moisturizing cream for the whole body. And if you need to get up early, get rid of tiredness or feel the cheerfulness and a burst of energy in the middle of the day, to concentrate and focus on the important task… Get up! Citrus essential oils are going to help you one more time! It is enough to apply a droplet on your palms and rub them against each other with energy.

Tea tree, lavender and lemon (or any other citrus essential oil) are universal… They will be irreplaceable for you. They will become your reliable helpers, that will recue you at home, at work, in the field and in the country.

Buying guide – 5 distinguishing features of quality essential oil

The first feature is its price and manufacturer

100% natural essential oils are considered as “premium” grade production and consist of 2 to 5% of the world market of aromatic means. Their cost depends on several factors:

The estimated retail price of 100% natural essential oils of the world’s leading manufacturers (for a bottle of 10 ml) are following:

At the first sight, these numbers look scary. But look on it from a different perspective: the yield of essential oil of a damask rose using the steam distillation ranges from 0.01 to 0.02 percent. It means, that you will need from 5 to 10 kg of fresh petals (about several hundreds of roses) in order to get 1 ml of essential oil. You have to agree, that the 50-dollars price tag looks quite appropriate in this case.

And now let’s check the closest pharmacy, where you will probably find essential oil of roses of a Russian production at the price of 15-20 dollars for 10 ml, which is ten times lower than its common cost. Do you still have any thoughts about its quality?

The second feature is the label

First of all, on the label of 100% natural essential oils should be written: “100% natural essential oil”. Other descriptions (100% essential oil, 100% pure, 100% flavor, 100% concentrated and so on) does not contain the full information concerning the class of aromatherapy means.

The label should not abound in advertising slogans such as “unique”, “exclusive”, “elite” and so on. The manufacturer and / or company-implementer must be specified. Sometimes the place of the origin for raw materials is shown. The name of the plant from which oil is produced, must be written in the language of country of the implementer, as well as in Latin. Latin (botanical) name is very important, because only using it you can strictly define, what plant exactly was used for this essential oil.

A good manufacturer writes the method of producing the essential oil on its label. The label must indicate the expiry date and batch number. If there is a secondary packaging (box), then this information should be duplicated on it.

Some absolutes oil (jasmine, rose), in order to reduce the cost of the product and improve the ease of use, can be sold diluted in a base oil or another cheaper essential oil. This is not a fake product, but its ingredients must be specified on the packaging (for example: 10% Jasmine, 90% jojoba).

You can also find mixtures of different essential oils in one bottle, united on the basis of the synergy principle (Greek “synergia” means cooperation), i.e. harmonious interaction, reinforcing the effect of each oil in the blend (for example: tea tree with manuka and kanuka). It is also not fake, if it is provided with the composition on the packaging.

The third feature – bottle

All essential oils are very sensitive to light. By international standards, the bottle should be made of dark glass (minimum 50% obscuration), and has to have a dispenser (dropper). In addition, all self-respecting manufacturers use sealed bottles (they have the first opening ring). Some also provide them with child protection (using the same methods with the medicines). Many essential oils quickly evaporate in the open air, therefore the bottle should be closed tightly.

Often at various fairs and markets you can find essential oils, packaged in tubes made of transparent glass of 1-1.5 ml capacity. Clear glass – a sure sign of a fake! It is most likely synthetic. Natural oils change their chemical composition when exposed to light, and thus may produce harmful substances. Therefore, manufacturers of natural oils unlikely will risk it.

You should also pay attention to a variety of packaging. Most of high-quality essential oils are packed in 10 ml bottles. It makes no sense to pour more oil than that for the reason, that 10 ml of high-quality oil with proper use lasts for 6-12 months, and the shelf life of some oils can also be restricted to a period of 1 year (citrus and pine essential oils). The most expensive oils may be packaged in 1 or 5 ml bottles (using the same dark glass). But if manufacturer offers a wide range of capacity – 2, 5, 10, 15, 50 ml – it is also a sure sign of fake. The thing is that the adjusting the equipment for essential oils bottling is an expensive procedure. It adds to the cost of essential oil additional 30-50%. Therefore, a variety of capacity says about the minimum raw material costs.

The fourth feature is the certificate

Every point of sell should have copies of certificates for essential oils. If seller doesn’t want to show you the certificate – this is already a bad sign. But if he does, you should read it thoroughly. All of essential oils have to be certified according to world standards ISO or GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). If manufacturer does not have a worldwide certificate, it means that his oil can be made for anything but aromatherapy. Certificates of cheap essential oils usually claim: «for cosmetic purposes», «for use in the food industry» and so on. If certificate says «for aromatherapy», but it does not refer to the specific international standard, this is fake. If certificate uses wording «restructured», this is synthetic product.

The fifth feature is the aroma

Sellers of quality essential oils have testing bottles, that you can smell. Try a scent, that is familiar to you. High-quality essential oil has a clear aroma: eucalyptus smells of eucalyptus (not of mint), and orange is indistinguishable from an orange (and definitely doesn’t remind a tangerine). Once sniffing a quality product, the next time you are unlikely to confuse it with a synthetic analogue.

So, if the essential oil received a positive grade considering all of five features, then with a very high probability this is a high quality aromatherapy product, that can be safely added to the home medicine chest. If at least one of the five features makes you worry, it is best to ask an advice from professional aroma therapist.


In order to flavor premises aroma lamps are primarily used (these are devices for smooth evaporation of the essential oils inside the room). In addition, you can use a rag or a sachet by simply applying few droplets of essential oil on it.

Flavors, released into the air of the room, depending on the oil you are using, improve mood, increase concentration or, on the contrary, soothe you. You can make mixture, that suits you, all by yourself, by simply following a chosen recipe from a list below.

The mixture of essential oils “Good morning”

This mixture will cheer you up and this is the best choice for a good start of the day.

The mixture of essential oils “Refreshing”

This mixture is invigorating and refreshing.

The mixture of essential oils “Warm”

This mixture moisturizing the indoor air and supports the work of the respiratory tract.

The mixture of essential oils “Relaxation”

This mixture is soothing and relaxing, it also relieves stress.

The mixture of essential oils “Sweet Dreams”

This mixture has a fragrant, harmonizing scent, that will help you to easily fall asleep.

The mixture of essential oils “Soothing”

A pleasant and slightly fruity composition.

The mixture of essential oils “The cloud”

This mixture smells of tart fruity flavor, in which the elegant scent of myrtle plays the major role.

The mixture of essential oils “The Red Moon”

Fragrant and slightly tart mixture.

Aromatic baths

In our stormy life you barely have enough time to shower. But sometimes you can afford to relax in a warm bath to relieve stress and recharge with new energy for future achievements. Sometimes it is just necessary!

The following oil compounds can be used in massaging oils too. As a basis you can take 100 ml of jojoba, sesame, almond and so on.

Base oil recipe for aromatic baths – 100 ml

  • 90 ml. vegetable oil (such as sunflower or soybean)
  • 10 ml. Fluid lecithin

Fluid lecithin and vegetable oils are mixed together, and then essential oils are added to them.

100 ml of base oil is enough for 5 baths!

Recipe “Eucalyptus”

Recipe “Revival”

Recipe “Relax and go to sleep”

Recipe “Relax”

Recipe “Just let it go”

Recipe “Anti-rheumatism”

Recipe “Anti-cellulite”

Recipe “Antitoxic”

Base oil recipe for aromatic baths “Treat yourself”

  • 70 ml. of sunflower oil
  • 20 ml. of liquid coconut oil (coconut oil must be slightly warmed)
  • 10 ml. Fluid lecithin

Fluid lecithin and vegetable oils are mixed together, and then essential oils are added to them.

Recipe “Aphrodite’s Bath”

Recipe “Relaxation”

Recipe “Peaceful sleep”

Recipe “Eroticism”

Recipe “Sensual pleasure”

Recipe “Bath for Improving mood and toning”

Recipe “Embrace”

Recipe “Honey Bath”

Recipe “Stress relieving bath”

Final Words – Conclusion

These are some of recommendations considering the usage of essential oils. You need to keep in mind, that the individual approach to each person has a great importance in aromatherapy. Pre-made and unchanged schemes are often useless. The main goal is to create a unique compositions of flavors, that will be the most suitable for a specific person. That is why the given tips is more as information for consideration, some kind of landmark, rather than the rigid rules, that can’t be changed.

Try it yourself to be sure, what suits better for you. And, of course, listen to your doctor and always consider the principles of use, distinctive features and possible side effects of essential oils.

by Steve Jackson | Last Updated March 1, 2019

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