10 Best exercise bikes of 2018 to lose weight [Upright] VS [Spinning]

Best Exercise bikeIf you need quickly work off your’s excess weight try to combining a diet with physical exercises on the exercise bike.

Benefits of training with the exercise bike:

How to choose the best stationary bike for weight loss?

There are several types of exercise bikes, and everyone has advantages and disadvantages. Let’s review some models and find the best exercise bike of 2018.

Comparison Table of Exercise Bikes

Device NameUser weight DimensionsResistance 
Marcy XJ-3220300lbs 32 x 41.5Manualbutton
Schwinn 130 (Editor’s Choice)300lbs 22 x 4120 levelsbutton
Schwinn A10275lbs 16.5 x 47.58 levelsbutton
Gold's Gym Trainer 110250lbs 23 x 41.58 levelsbutton
XTERRA Bike300lbs 24.1 x 49.824 levelsbutton
Sunny SF-B1001220lbs 32 x 42Manualbutton
Fitleader Upright290lbs 20 x 418 levelsbutton
IRONMAN H-Class 210275lbs 22 x 3324 levelsbutton
Schwinn 170300lbs 21.4 x 41.325 levelsbutton
FitDesk v2.0250lbs 28 x 458 levelsbutton

Table of contents

Top 3 best stationary bikes for home of 2018

  1. Schwinn 130 Upright – Best stationary upright bike of 2018
  2. Gold’s Gym Trainer 110 – Best mini stationary bike of 2018
  3. Fitleader Upright – Best stamina stationary bike of 2018
I just want to remind you, that you need to train for 30 minutes a day to achieve the proper result. So, even the best exercise bike is not a street bicycle. Since this is the training sessions will quickly turn into routine. If you are not sure in yourself, you should not buy a stationary bike.

You also need to take into consideration the size of your apartment, the goals of using the portable exercise bike and the amount of cash that you are willing to spend on it. Probably, the better solution would be choosing a gym.


Marcy XJ-3220 – Best Portable Exercise Bike of 2018

Marcy XJ-3220 – Best Portable Exercise BikeMarcy XJ-3220 – is a professional spin bike for training in medium commercial clubs. All the units and details are checked by many years of operating experience in a variety of settings around the world. Undoubtedly, the reliability is one of the most important characteristics of any equipment, but Marcy XJ-3220 is known not only for that. First of all, it is worth mentioning its excellent biomechanics. It consists of the belt drive with a pretensioner and the magnetic loading system. The system is the most progressive creation of biomechanics of spin bikes, which provides the highest level of efficiency and comfort. There are 8 magnets, that are functioning as pads and uses the non-contact concept. That allows to pedal at any speed with any level of load absolutely evenly.

Here are generally no load failures during the torsion. The flywheel increases the wonderful biomechanical effect. It is made by the unique technology, using an aluminum rim. Its difference – the completely smooth diameter and the even distribution of weight (density) in its shape. This is another plus in the treasury of the even and smooth motion and the highest coefficient of inertia. Marcy XJ-3220 excellently passes so-called “6-hour test” (The test of the uniform distribution of load while pedaling, performed in a standing position; usually, the most of spin-bikes are “failing” (the speed gets higher, but the load is decreasing) while the connecting rod moves from the upper position to the lower).

Generally, we got everything we expected from it. I bought it for my wife with the height of 162 cm – she uses the seat at the highest position, but I, as a matter of principle, don’t feel uncomfortable: I don’t touch the handlebars with my knees.

Frame plays the most important role in biomechanics. The clever design of the alloyed steel profile with a product total weight of 52 kg considered as one of the best in the industry. Its reliable, stable, is not affected by deformation well protected against corrosion with a powder paint. The seatpost and the steerer tube, that are made of high-durability steel profile with quality chrome coating, can be regulated in any possible positions and are suitable for users of basically any height and weight. They won’t be scratched by changing the seat or the handlebars positions. They are non-deformable and are totally resistant to sweat. The seat itself is big and comfortable, it is filled with helium fillers and especially fits for those, who find the sport seat too rigid.

In addition to other advantages of Marcy XJ-3220 should be mentioned rapidly customizable compensators of floor level, wear-resistant polyurethane transport rollers and adjustable bottle holder. Multi-position handlebars with armrests, which is absolutely protected from humidity by a polyurethane rubber protection, allows to use the athletic “road” position. Among other things, there are the pedals, that are made by “Toe clip” technology (the system of frames and straps on the pedal for feet fastening).

This is a very good exercise bike! It’s very compact, takes up little space and does not clutter the room – it was one of the main criteria of a choice for me, I was planning to buy an even more compact model, but it was not available, so the store manager advised me this one.
It is very stable;
It is quiet;
It has no unnecessary features;
Moves very smoothly;
Normal weight for a flywheel in this price range;
Materials are pretty good, especially the material of the seat.
Controversial design (toxic yellow inserts could be colored with a more neutral paint).

Schwinn 130 Upright – Best stationary Upright Bike of 2018

Schwinn 130 Upright – Stationary Upright BikeSuperior bicycle ergometer, made of high-quality components, using modern technologies. It has every needed specification of quality and safety. It is compact enough – a practical option for an urban apartment.

Thanks to the use of high strength materials, the device maintains loading up to 300lbs. The ability to make vertical and horizontal adjustments of the seat allows to adapt the exercise bike for the individual anatomy of every user. In the presence of electromagnetic loading system and the three-pedal assembly, which are responsible for a smooth pedaling. The best exercise bike provides the most efficient training of the muscles and, at the same time, gives comfort and wellness. With the ability to fix the load you can pre-set the best parameters, that will stay unchanged during the whole training session.

Smooth motion, silent transmission of torque from the pedals to the flywheel is provided by the patented drive system of the top class (EMS) with a technological block, with the technological unit, consisting of a weighted balanced flywheel, the three-pedal assembly (similar to mountain bikes), stranded Kevlar belt and a pretensioner, and an internal high-quality pressed-in bearings. Pedals with adjustable strands can be customized for any feet size. The chrome seat with a helium pad of increased comfort can be easily regulated in vertical and horizontal projections with the maximum effectiveness and comfort.

Took a ride with the whole family. First impressions are only positive – it is a very solid device. All the bolts and screws are in place – we didn’t have to look for them.

The training computer is a multifunctional black-and-blue LCD-display of high definition. There are 13 pre installed programs in the program set, aimed at the training speed, stamina, strengthening the cardiovascular system and slimming. Besides pre installed programs, you can use the independent adjustable manual mode, as well as create your own program. For training sessions with a pulse control there are heart rate programs with the predefined values from the target maximum heart rate. The ergometer allows to fix the needed level of load – it will stay constant regardless of the pedaling rate. At the end of the training the Recovery feature will rate the ability of the cardiovascular system to recovery. The Body Fat Analyzer will provide the additional informational about the body condition.

For those, who once again gave themselves a promise to start to care about their health and make sport an essential part of life, we offer Schwinn 130 Upright. This is the best exercise bike for home. It will help to successfully implement plans to maintain a good physical shape.

Schwinn 130 Upright Exercise Bike will become a great solution for both individual and family use. Making a decision to buy this model, the consumer makes the choice in favor of safety and convenience.

This is the best inexpensive semi-professional exercise bike.

Editor’s Choice

Summing all facts in this article. I think that Schwinn 130 Upright is the best for most of users. Of course, some features may concede counterparts, but in total it is number one.


Nice looks;
Smooth pedal motion;
Many programs and levels of load.
Now the device creaks like an ungreased wagon. But there’s neither will or time to call a specialist. When it breaks down completely. I will buy something more decent.

Schwinn A10 – Best Exercise Bike of 2018 for Home

Schwinn A10 – Upright Cycling BikeThis very compact and easy to use Stationary Bike – is a great choice for both home or a country house. It improves the overall physical performance, strengthens muscles and builds endurance. Thanks to its small size, the exercise bike takes up little space.


There is available an auto-scan mode for the training parameters.


The height varies between 130 – 175 cm.


Transport rollers for easy movement.


Do not need a mains connection.

I have tried to seat on it at the store. For a man with a height of 175 cm it is quite small! The seat is too low for my height, so legs are getting crooked, it is needed to be lifted for 5-7 cm, but the seat mounting tube is too short (you would have to order a new tube).

Schwinn A10 Upright Bike – is an improved model, which has the 8-leveled magnetic loading system with a mechanical change of load. User can vertically adjust the seat, as well as the angle of the handlebars. It is possible to trace data about time of a training session, passed distance, speed, calories burned, and the heart rate, using the computer screen, which is built-in into this exercise bike.

The straps on the pedals ensure the safe use.

If you need the best budgetary exercise bike, this one will fit you. When selling, they will try to impose you the special rug for the cycling bike at the price of about 30% of the cost of the exercise bike itself, which is too expensive… I used an ordinary rug – everything was OK, and the stationary bike does not move all over the floor while in use.
Easy to assemble;
Good load settings;
Materials are quite pleasant to touch – I expected worse;
Small volume and weight of in the assembled state;
It is pretty quiet.
It is small;
Measurements are not accurate – both on the first level of load and on the last – there is no difference in counting calories;
There are doubts about the accuracy of the pulse counting.

Gold’s Gym Trainer 110 – Best Mini Stationary Bike of 2018

Gold’s Gym Trainer 110 – Mini Stationary BikeGold’s Gym Trainer 110 is the best exercise bike with a flywheel. It has a magnetic load system. The black-and-white LCD display, which is easy to use, and 8 levels of load make it especially attractive to beginners. The ergonomic seat and precise heart rate sensors help to achieve the maximum effect from a training session.

Gold’s Gym Trainer 110 – is a comfortable magnetic stationary bike for novice users. The flywheel of a weight of 6 kg, and high quality hardware of the load system allow to get a quite good course quality for this level of equipment. In spite of its small size, 8 positions of the vertical seat adjustment provide a comfortable training session for a user 185 cm tall and with the weight up to 110 kg. The easy to read computer display shows every main parameter of a training session. The pulse sensors on the rails, 8 levels of the step-by-step load control system and pedal straps with the hook and loop fasteners will help to do exercises comfortably and efficiently.

Every model of OXYGEN FITNESS uses only the most quality materials. Electronic and electrical components are manufactured at the famous factories. The metallic profile passes through the sandblasting and the 4-step chemical treatment, and then gets colored in two layers with an addition of “metallic” paints of an American company DuPoint and gets varnished.

For the people taller than 175 cm it is rather small. Though, they say, that it is possible to increase the height of the seat by ordering the other one.

For the production of plastic only the clean “fresh” plastic is used (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene – ABS, polyvinyl chloride RAU-PVC 1202), while the overwhelming majority of other manufacturers apply the much cheaper recycled plastic, which is injurious to health due to the increased allocation of substances such as phosgene and various dioxins (the group of carcinogens).

Quality, safety and compliance with the most stringent environmental production standards of OXYGEN FITNESS products is verified by the following certificates: an international standard for production management ISO 9001, European consumer safety and environmental standards CE, German quality and safety standard GS TUV, Japanese safety standard SG. Buying this equipment, you are not only getting the high quality product, but also show concern for your own health and environment.

It looks good and does not cause complaints about quality. This is a pretty nice purchase for these money. Suitable for workout routine for beginners. It most likely will not be fit for heavyweights and athletes. I bought it, because I really liked its looks.
Cheap, quality, looks nice;
Is not bulky, there is enough load for everyone;
Quite comfortable seat as compared to the seats on ordinary bikes.
Sometimes you need to tighten the bolts, but I suppose, that it is granted;
Either I don’t feel the increase on 1 segment, or two segments count as a single one;
It shakes a little bit.

XTERRA Recumbent Bike – Best Recumbent Exercise Bike of 2018

XTERRA Recumbent Bike – Best Recumbent Exercise BikeWe offer to your attention the best horizontal exercise bike XTERRA Recumbent Bike for comfortable and successful workouts. The main difference of this stationary bike is that it corresponds to the level of the professional model, while having a low price. At the same time, it emphasizes the usability thanks to the comfortable adjustable seat with a backrest.

Exercise bike XTERRA Recumbent Bike – is a quality fitness machine for home use, which is characterized by its dynamic design, convenience and comfort during the use, as well as the stability of the construction. Such cycle trainer suits for the intense use. It has a comfortable seat with a backrest, that could be regulated in the horizontal direction. The model has 32 levels of resistance and a solid frame, which is made of reinforced oval profile, that withstands large loads. This best exercise bike is equipped with wide pedals, that allow to provide a comfortable position of the foot during the training sessions. It has a Russified rotary console. The panel has a small number of buttons, which are used to easily control the process of training. The best exercise bike supports telemetry and can carry out the work with the cardio belt. This is a convenient and reliable stationary bike for the whole family.

It is nice, that developers of this best exercise bike provided it with straps on the pedals. The display is very useful: it shows the current speed, the passed distance, the rotation frequency and the amount of energy spent.

In search of a good exercise bike, of course, we have set ourselves the target to find a reliable and comfortable fitness machine with a hard resistance and the set of useful options. The Hasttings company has the same priorities to offer our clients the good assortment of XTERRA exercise bikes, that will make them happy with their choice and will let them benefit from it.

The model of horizontal exercise bike XTERRA Recumbent Bike has a rotary control console with a colored display. The computer of this model is equipped with a wide range of the most and the only popular programs, among which there are heart rate, cardio, user modes, etc.

The computer of this model features a wide range of the most and the only popular programs.

I have been planning to improve my health and start jogging for a long time, but due to my laziness I haven’t ran even once. I decided to fight it somehow, since the health is above all, and you should always take care about it. In order to have no need to leave the house to do jogging, I bought an exercise bike. I got the detailed information about the characteristics of this cycling bike from the store consultant through the internet. This model drew my attention with its comfortable seat, large screen and the quietness during the training process. Moreover, pedals have straps, and you can fixate your feet thanks to it. Somebody would say, that this best exercise bike is overpriced, but I do not think so and I am very happy with this purchase. We use this fitness machine everyday with the whole family.
The comfortable seat;
Impressive technical specifications and quality of the exercise bike;
Very comfortable exercise programs, that can be programmed. Lots of load levels are good.
There are too many unnecessary options.

Sunny SF-B1001 – Best Compact Trainer Bike of 2018

Sunny SF-B1001 – Compact Trainer BikeSunny SF-B1001 spin bike is suitable for both commercial and home use. The whole imitation of a bicycle riding – sliding smoothness is achieved due to the unique super sliding chain and flywheel.

The Sunny SF-B1001 model differs from the most exercise bikes with its stylish original design. The appearance of this fitness machine reminds of a luxury sport bike.

The device has specific technical features, such as electromagnetic and inertial system instead of the belting one. It means, that the model is designed to provide the increased load. It is harder to pedal, thanks to the higher friction level of the brake pads. The people, who exercise regularly and keep themselves in shape, will like these devices. However, beginners should look for a something simpler.

It should be mentioned, that this is a pretty noisy exercise bike. It is up to you to decide, whether it is a flaw or not (as for me, it definitely is a drawback). Another weak spot is the lack of the heartbeat measurement feature, that turns the training into a stress to the body for unaccustomed people. And that ends the list of drawbacks of this best exercise bike.

As for me, this exercise bike is worthy of attention among the other ones. The price provides a good quality. It is very pleasant to train with and you will have no worries, that it will break.

Overall, users consider this cycling bike as a quite good. With constant use it can easily lasts for five years, and with the replacement of bearings, your best exercise bike will last for even a longer time.

P8000 model is vertical. The base of it is not massive, but in a due measure reliable. There are compensators for uneven floor and wheels for easy transport. The seat is simple enough, but it is very comfortable thanks to its curved shape. The seat and the handlebars can be tilted to the desired position. The handlebars are not some awful “horns”, sticking straight up, but have a cleverer design. Describing it on paper is a perversion, so we will not do it.

A good device for a reasonable price, that will work for many years! This models seemed to me very comfortable, exactly optimized for using by a whole family with different weight.
Quite comfortable;
Can be customized for anyone.
Silent work was replaced after a month of use by the squeaky noises and unpleasant sounds;
Sensors on the handlebars, as usual for every exercise bike, shows anything but heartbeat.

Fitleader Upright – Best Stamina Exercise Bike of 2018

Fitleader Upright – Best Stamina Exercise BikeAre you looking for an affordable exercise bike for home and don’t really care much about the number of programs? Fitleader Upright Stationary Exercise Bike is a great choice for you. This model of the bike does not require a mains connection and can be casually used anywhere.

Buying this model, you are getting a simple, but very comfortable exercise bike for effective training sessions at home, which will help you to lose the excess weight, make your figure more attractive, improve health, strengthen the cardiovascular system and enhance immunity.

Fitleader Upright Stationary is a best exercise bike. It has a powerful and reliable magnetic load system, that guarantees the smooth movement without jerks and requires no maintenance. The strong frame, resistant to heavy loads and plastic details, painted in bulk, allows you right now to become the owner of one the best fitness machines on market.

I’m an experienced bicyclist and I can say, that the connecting rods work perfectly, and the course feels almost the same as in a mountain bike.

User of Fitleader Upright Stationary Exercise Bike model can adjust the resistance in the range of up to eight levels, which creates a powerful load.

Nice and clear LCD display shows all the necessary parameters, such as – time, speed, distance, calories burned, heart rate, speed, level of load in Watts, that allows to effectively control the whole training process.

I was choosing the best exercise bike taking into account the small size of my apartment and myself. I immediately liked its quality – it is obvious, that the device made soundly and wisely. It is pretty good for an ordinary training – it’s comfortable to seat and the computer shows the time, distance and pulse.
There is enough load;
A normal budgetary option for home use.
The handlebars and the seat could be placed higher;
Strap on one of the pedals holds too week;
The seat itself is too stiff.

IRONMAN H-Class 210 Magnetic – Best Magnetic Exercise Bike of 2018

IRONMAN H-Class 210 Magnetic – Best Magnetic Exercise BikeMagnetic exercise bike for home use. Completely meets the level of an amateur equipment. The pulse is measured by the metal sensors on the handles. It displays four parameters during the training process. The model has a relatively small size, which is a clear advantage when operating in buildings with a small area, as well as for saving space, if it is necessary.

The main load while using the exercise bice falls on the muscles of the legs, buttocks and back. Training on a stationary bike enriches the circulatory system with oxygen and is very useful for cardiac system. Body Sculpture BC-6790G is the best exercise bike that can help to choose an optimal level of training for anyone due to its electromagnetic load system and preinstalled programs. The excellent option for a home use is made from high quality materials and has reinforced structure, which allows people with the big weight to be engaged in the process.

Best magnetic exercise bikes are characterized by the reduced noise and more gradual motion of pedals, unlike mechanical bikes. Stationary bikes are suitable for the people, who have never been engaged in sports at any age, because of its absolute safe. The delivery of this fitness machine is free around St-Petersburg and Moscow. Clarify the information about other regions before making an order.

The frame is strong, plastic is beautiful and doesn’t stink, the computer is big and intuitive and the seat is wide and comfortable. Pedals are not bad, but the soft rubber straps are stretching. I didn’t really like that.

The small IRONMAN H-Class 210 Magnetic Upright Bike is a sensation on the market of the exercise bikes! This is a really nice cycling bike with for a great price! The computer has all the needed features for successful training. The frame made from steel profile can maintain the exerciser with a weight up to 275 lbs.

The handlebars have pulse sensor, that allows to control the heartbeat and its change during the training sessions.

The best exercise bike is a reliable stable construction. The comfortable seat, that can be easily vertically customized, the adjustable handlebars and the big non-slippery adjustable pedal platforms allow the maximum comfort during a training.

Transport castors and the size of the bike provides the ease of storage, handling and transportation.

Comfortable and quality, it also looks good. Considering my height, I approve, that there are no problems with trainings with this height. I still have a segment on the vertical regulating tube of the seat. There is enough load. The training computer is simple, just as a Chinese calculator, but for its price I have no claims to it.
Magnetic load system;
Production quality;
The stands are too narrow – the device shakes a little bit during the active pedaling;
The seat is shaking despite the completely screwed bolts.

Schwinn 170 Upright – Best Indoor Exercise Bike of 2018

Schwinn 170 Upright – Best Indoor Exercise BikePhysical activity – it is the best method of modeling your own body, which is not only tightens muscles and allows to lose excess weight, but will also strengthen the overall health. You don’t have to go to the special clubs and gyms in order to do sports. Schwinn 170 Upright Bike, which is designed for users with the weight below 300 lbs., allows you to get in shape at home.

Schwinn 170 Upright Bike – is an oversized veloergometer, designed for users with a weight of up to 300 lbs. The patented drive system of the electromagnetic type is built on the weighted balanced flywheel, Swedish high-precision bearings of the SKF production and the ternary connection rod of a bicycle type. Bundle of these components provides a very smooth pedaling in a wide load range.

The seat will most likely seem too soft for people like me and too stiff for beginners, so it is averaged.

Among the significant biomechanical advantages are the ability to adjust the seat both vertically and horizontally, comfy ergonomic seat of the anatomy shape and grooved anti-slip pedals with rubberized multipositional straps.

The training computer uses the multifunctional colored LCD-display. The program set includes 29 pre installed programs, aimed at training speed, stamina, strengthening the cardiovascular system and slimming.

Among the other features of the exercise bike are such features as transport rollers and compensators for uneven floors. Thus, moving the device from one spot to another won’t be hard even for a fragile girl, and compensators will allow to regulate the holders position on the uneven floor.

Perhaps, this is the most successfully constructed and comfortable exercise bike. Since I can ride a bike at the amateur level, there is a need to maintain the shape during the winter.

This cycling bike has the right landing and correct biomechanics. The position customizes quickly, there is not too much difficulty.

Glorious design and very beautiful color of plastic;
It is noiseless, pedals are moving smoothly and softly, and the most important detail for me is that the fat loss program brings results (of course, on the condition of regular trainings).
Sometimes the pulsometer lags.

FitDesk v2.0 – Best Foldable Exercise Bike of 2018

FitDesk v2.0 – Best Foldable Exercise BikeWhile choosing an exercise bike for home, you need to pay attention to many criteria. Besides the number of load levels, safety, the possibilities of the built-in computer, dimensions of the device are very important. Precisely because of the small size of folding exercise bikes they often can be found in private houses and apartments. They have a small weight (from 12 to 16 kg) and take up little space when assembled.

Training sessions on a folding exercise bike strengthen the heart muscle, respiratory system and muscles of the lower body. The ability to customize angles of the seat and the handlebars make the cycling bike useful for every family member, whose weight is below 100 kg. Training sessions themselves can be combined with watching TV, since the silent work of the flywheel won’t mute it.

In the catalog of the online store Trenmarter.ru, which is specialized on selling sports equipment, presented folding models of exercise bikes of the main manufacturers. All of them have quality certificates and warranty, which gives free repair within one year. Moreover, the goods, purchased at our site, can be returned within 14 days.

A very modern-looking exercise bike. I was told that this model came out very recently, when I was buying it. In real life the model did not disappoint me, quite the contrary: it looks even better, than on the images.

When planning to buy a mobile exercise bike, you will always get an advice of the seller in order to clarify pricing, model characteristics, its presence in a warehouse, payment and delivery options to your city.

The reverse side of compactness

A thoughtful buyer is most likely concerned with a reasonable question: excuse me, but where is the rub? If folding exercise bikes had nothing inferior to usual stationary devices, they would have filled the entire market for sure…

So, the typical drawbacks are:

A potentially larger number of breakages. The mechanism, which provides the size reduction, is often vulnerable, and you have to be careful with it;

By default, a humble range of loads. The smaller the total weight of a device – the smaller the flywheel, that limits the resistance of pedals. Increasing the weight of a flywheel, and, accordingly, increasing the number of load levels is complicated, and therefore, it significantly affects the price.

The small weight of a user (theoretically, of course, it is possible to make a folding exercise bike, that will withstand 300 kg of human weight, but how much such a perfect marvel of engineering would cost?).

The exercise bike has a pretty small size and weight. It won’t be hard for a woman to roll it using the transport rollers.
The pedaling is smooth, quiet and doesn’t cause vibrations;
There is enough load.
Eventually pedals had fallen off;
The seat was slipping down;
Straps were constantly falling off;
In short, there was a whole set of problems, though, maybe, I was just unlucky with this specific device.


Vertical stationary bikes

These are the most popular and demanded exercise bikes in the world. A fitness machine of this type, as DFC YT-106, allows to feel the full resistance of a track bicycle. The name of a vertical exercise bike is explained by the positioning of its pedals right under the seat. With such a seating position your legs are placed in vertical surface, and you can train all the main muscle groups.


Intends for:

Top 3 best trainer bikes of 2018

  1. Schwinn 170 Upright – Best Indoor Trainer Bike of 2018
  2. Sunny SF-B1001 – Best Compact Trainer Bike of 2018
  3. FitDesk v2.0 – Best Foldable Trainer Bike of 2018

Horizontal stationary bikes

The safest and the most comfortable exercise bikes among all the existing (for example, HouseFit DYNAMIC PR3.0). Widely used in rehabilitation centers and medical facilities. The principal difference is that the seat is moved back and placed at the same horizontal surface with the pedals. During the training sessions only the leg muscles are involved, so the back stays in a relaxed position.


Intends for:

Best recumbent exercise bike of 2018

  1. XTERRA Recumbent Bike – Best Recumbent Trainer Bike of 2018

Portable stationary bikes

Best exercise bikes for amateurs. Design feature – is the lack of seats, making devices of this type very compact. During a workout, it can be difficult to distribute the load evenly on both feet.


Intends for:

Hybrid exercise bikes

Such an exercise bike is a great combination of bikes with vertical and horizontal sitting positions. The unique construction of an aggregate allows to change the sitting position on the different surfaces. Despite the obvious advantages of hybrid exercise bikes, they are not very popular, so not the all manufacturers produce them. ТМ Matrix – is the leading brand, specializing in the production of simulators of this type.


Intends for:

Top 3 best stamina exercise bikes of 2018

  1. Marcy XJ-3220 – Best Portable Stamina Exercise Bike of 2018
  2. XTERRA Recumbent Bike – Best Stamina Exercise Bike of 2018
  3. Schwinn 170 Upright – Best Indoor Stamina Exercise Bike of 2018

Belt exercise bikes

These are the simplest and the most budgetary stationary bikes on the market. The drive system is a belt, which is held on a flywheel. The level of resistance can be regulated by changing the belt tension. The chain drive system can be used instead of a belt one, that connects pedals to the flywheel.



Exercise bikes with brake pads

These devices are identical to the ordinary track bicycles. Their distinctive construction feature is a heavy flywheel with brake pads. Such a resistance system allows to do good training sessions and to effectively work out all the muscles. Best exercise bikes with brake pads are very popular among professional athletes.



Magnetic exercise bikes

The resistance system in such exercise bikes consists of a heavy flywheel, which moves in a magnetic field, created by two magnets. The level of intensity is regulated by bringing closer or distancing magnets against the flywheel. Best magnetic exercise bikes give more intensity levels, than models with belt drive or brake pads.



Top 3 best magnetic exercise bikes of 2018

  1. Schwinn 170 Upright – Best Indoor Magnetic Exercise Bike of 2018
  2. IRONMAN H-Class 210 Magnetic – Best Magnetic Exercise Bike of 2018
  3. Fitleader Upright – Best Low Cost Magnetic Exercise Bike of 2018

Electromagnetic exercise bikes

Only magnetic and electromagnetic exercise bikes can provide the needed functionality for the people, who set themselves high goals. The principle of the electromagnetic device is similar to the magnetic one. The difference is that resistance for a flywheel is being created not by magnetic, but by electromagnetic field. The built-in current generator makes an exercise bike of this type independent from the electric mains.


Bicycle ergometers

A special kind of exercise bikes are ergometers (spin bikes, speed bikes). Bicycle ergometer – is a fitness machine of the new generation, using which is totally different, when compared to devices of other types. Bicycle ergometer allows to identify the physical condition of the major muscle groups, choose an appropriate training program for them, precisely dose the resistance and constantly control various parameters (pulse, moving speed, etc.). Spin bikes are widely used in rehabilitation and medical facilities, because they do not create too much load on the knee joints and spine.



Training program

Losing weight with an exercise bike is only possible with the right choice of workout plan. It should be noted, that the minimum length of exercises is 40 minutes – it will be enough to burn calories. Sometimes there is no possibility to workout for the whole period of time, so you can do several sets – the only thing that matters is to fulfill the norm of a day. For a simple cardio machine without computers the intensity is chosen freely – just keep pedaling at the comfortable speed.

It is quite enough for novice athletes or girls during the process of losing weight. Check your heart rate before the start of the training – the number of beats will tell you about your normal condition. After the first ten minutes of exercise check it the second time – this is the stress pulse. On the basis of these values, you can consider increasing or decreasing intensity of the training. It is also important to control the weight loss exercise on a stationary bike with tonometers.

Read more about the training here.

How to count your pulse:

Let’s assume, that your normal heart rate is 65 beats per minute;

Depending on the age and the physical fitness of the body, during a stressful situation it can be at 120, 130 or 150 beats per minute and so on;

If after 10 minutes of training your pulse stays within the normal range, i.e. does not exceed the allowable rate – then you can safely increase the load, but if the number of heart beats is bigger than 70% of the beats during your normal condition (in our case it’s 65 = 110), then you need to decrease the intensity of training.

How to calculate your heart rate: heart beats during the normal condition * allowable percent (70% – for novice athletes, 75% – for advanced athletes, 80% – for professional athletes), and then add the result to the number of heart beats during the calm position.

In total: 65 * 0,7 = 45, 65 + 45 = 110.

It should be noted, that at the start of workouts at home the program must also include jogging – it will help to prepare the body for long and heavy loads. The system is as follows: 10 minutes on treadmill or step platform, 5 minutes of break and repeat the circle. This technique is especially designed for girls on a diet, for whom excessive loads are contraindicated.

Such physical exercises are very useful for body after the pregnancy or in case of losing shape. Treadmill can be replaced with jumps on the spot or race walking. The system can also include squatting or lunges with dumbbells.

How to do exercises on a stationary bike:

You should take the seat with relaxed back, just as you would do with a chair.

This fact differs the device from an ordinary bicycle, where back is always in an intense position;

The load has to go on feet, not on hands. Otherwise, you will only contribute to the growth of the biceps muscle;

It is correctly to workout in a special outfit. If you want to lose weight – buy shorts or do body wraps before training sessions. Slimming leggings and belt, that will create the sauna effect, are irreplaceable.

Consumer choice criteria in the best exercise bike selection.

To make a decision, one should take a comprehensive approach while considering the types of best exercise bikes and studying their characteristics. If the first place is taken by such consumer characteristics of device, as compactness and weight, it is better to choose a mini device for home (a folding one).

If the minimum level of energy consumption is important, you should choose a simple mechanical stationary bike. However, you will have to accept its noisiness, since mechanical devices are much noisier, than magnetic and electromagnetic, and their noise can even drown out the TV and phone call, so sometimes workouts are not really comfortable – therefore, you should try to pedal and hear the noise of a device before buying it.

Choosing durable and safe exercise bike for home

if the workout process stays on the first place and you want to choose not a very expensive exercise bike for home and use it for a long time, you should pay attention to special characteristics. First of all, the frame strength is important – no matter, what is it made from (steel or aluminum), but it should be strong enough to be capable of supporting the one who will go in for sports. Keep in mind, that exercise bikes for home are usually designed for people with the weight below 100 kg, semi-professional bikes are designed for 130 kg, and professional exercise bikes are able to hold more than 150 kg.

The second important factor when choosing is the configuration of backrest. Classic vertical stationary bikes are still more popular. They take smaller space, and workouts on them are very similar with rides on a real bicycle. During the use of a horizontal exercise bike for home, user reviews tell about the safety of workout, since there is no load on the spine. It is provided by the construction with a back of the seat and handed down pedals. Such a stationary bike gives aerobic exercise for the heart, lungs and muscles even for people who have problems with the spine.

Methods of creating intensity in exercise bikes

And, finally, the main difference between exercise bikes for home, with price that can vary from time to time, is the method of making load.

The simplest system for providing intensity is belt – the higher tension gives higher load. Main drawbacks of this system is uneven load, the complexity of customization and a lot of noise during the training.

Inertial exercise bike can provide a higher level of load. It works by increasing the friction force of brake pads, but the noise level is still too high.

If such a high load is not needed, and the noise level and fluency of adjustments is more important, then choosing the best exercise bike for home users reviews tend to magnetic and electromagnetic models. But if the magnetic exercise bike is simple enough, the electromagnetic bike (ergometer) is among the most high-tech devices.

The load is regulated, using electromagnets and embedded computer control systems, that can precisely control the level of intensity, judging only by heart rate. The user of ergometer will only need to choose a correct program, and the rest will be taken care of by the exercise bike itself.

The control computer and additional functions of exercise bike.

Exactly the control computer with a monitor greatly affects the price of a home exercise bike, because it is not only the brain of it, but also – the most expensive unit. On the monitor you can track a huge number of different parameters. From subsidiary, like clock and outside temperature sensor to such important as the display size of the load and the data pulse. Moreover, the pulse can be read by both photoelectric distance sensors, and contact sensors, that are built into its handles.

Computerized system of measuring and control not only allows to provide a wide variety of trainings (recovery and rehabilitation, building muscle mass, decrease body fat and so on), but the ability to synchronize with computer or smartphone for keeping the diary exercises and saving information about your health condition.

Of course, the best choice of a home exercise bike is very individual, since the seat is more important for one person, the other person seeks heavy load and acoustic comfort, someone looks for the better price and someone can’t even imagine workouts on stationary bikes without music or video system. However, it is important not only to understand, how to choose the best home exercise bike, but also tune yourself for constant and regular training sessions, because no matter how good the exercise bike is, only the properly designed and scrupulously executed training sessions will allow you to achieve the desired result.

Final Words – The conclusion

Since loads, acting on the body during a workout, are pretty intensive, endurance increases rapidly. At the same time, the heart and blood vessels are getting stronger, decreases the blood pressure, normalizes fat and glucose metabolism, decreases the risk of cardiac ischemia.

Best exercise bike is an excellent tool for losing weight. Aerobic exercises accelerate metabolism, so the fat tissue is disappearing even within a few hours after the workout. During an hour-long workout on a stationary bike, you can spend 500 or more calories. After tightening and leveling thigh muscles, calves, buttocks, they become “freed” from the area of cellulite patches. Skin looks firmer, acquires a tone, and the muscles become strong, resilient, acquire beautiful shape.

Exercise bikes with the horizontal seat has a slight advantage over the vertical ones: they can be used by the people with spinal osteochondrosis. Also, during the training on a horizontal exercise bike, the load on the knees is reduced, which is important for those suffering arthritis, arthrosis or undergoing rehabilitation after injury. There is another significant plus of such devices: abdominal muscles are also developing during the process of workout, which is rarely possible when working with vertical stationary bikes.

by Steve Jackson | Last Updated March 1, 2019

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