10 Best hair clippers of 2018 for fades!
Pro [Cord] VS [Cordless]

Days when girl’s hearts were captivated by long-haired machos passed. Today in fashion are short haircuts for men.

I wanted to buy a hair clipper very long time ago when I was a student. I often short cut my hair by myself and I think that it’s foolish to pay so much money to the barber. Besides, hair cutting at home save travel time and finally I wasn’t always pleased the result of hastily done haircuts in barber shops.

Today’s market presents a lot of hair clippers. They differ by price, class (household and professional), technical characteristics, manufacturing companies. In this article, I tried to understand why some hair clippers better/worse than others. But let’s don’t waste your time and go to the TOP 3 of best hair clippers of 2018.

On this page, I’ll tell you why they are the best.

So, moving forward, I will try to answer the most burning questions and give information, that will help to make a quality choice, but now let’s look at the list of the top 10 trimmers, which I happened to use.

Comparison Table of Hair Clippers

Device NameBladesTypeMotor 
Philips Norelco QC5580/40
Stainless SteelHomeMagneticbutton
REMINGTON PG6025 (Editor’s Choice)
Advanced TitaniumHomeMagneticbutton
Panasonic ER-GP80 KStainless SteelHomeMagneticbutton
Panasonic ER-1611-K
Stainless SteelHomeMagneticbutton
Oster Classic 76
Stainless SteelProfessionalRotarybutton
Oster Model 10
Stainless SteelProfessionalRotarybutton
Oster C200
Stainless SteelProfessionalRotarybutton
Panasonic ER-CA35-K
Stainless SteelHomeMagneticbutton
Panasonic ER-1511s
Stainless SteelProfessionalMagneticbutton
Philips Norelco G370
Stainless SteelHomeMagneticbutton

Table of contents

Best Hair Clippers

Top 4 best home hair cutters of 2018

  1. Panasonic ER-GP80 K – Mens hair cutter of 2018
  2. Philips Norelco QC5580/40 – “Do it Yourself” hair cutter of 2018
  3. Panasonic ER-1611-K – Cordless hair cutter for home of 2018
  4. REMINGTON PG6025 – Home hair cutter of 2018
Some hair clippers have a sign “For pet grooming”, but don’t be scared – this is just means, that the hair cutter is very powerful and doesn’t get clogged with hair. Such hair clippers fit excellently to quickly and painlessly remove the main mass of hair from the head. Transitions and trimming can be made by the less powerful clippers. Such combination will give the best result.

Let’s now review each model separately.


Philips Norelco QC5580/40 – Do it Yourself hair clipper

Philips Norelco QC5580/40 – Do it Yourself hair clipperCut your own hair even in the most difficult spots, thanks to it’s 180° rotating head.

– Stainless steel blades;

– 13 built-in settings;

– 1 hour of charge gives 60 minutes of running time;

– The precision comb for short haircuts.

The head with 180-degree rotation for the hard-to-reach spots.

Rotating head allows to fully control the angle of clipper, tilting and rotating the comb so to reach even the most difficult spots.

13 built-in settings from 0.5 to 15 mm, that can be easily fixed.

Turn the wheel, which is placed under the head, to choose and fixate the needed length. Two combs provide length settings from 1 to 15 mm with the precise step of 2 mm.

Use the special precision comb for the short haircuts… or simply use the clipper without a comb to even the hair on the minimal length of 0.5 mm.

At first, a hair clipper has to do haircut, and I should say that it is horrible at it, because it is weak. I can even hear, how the motor slows down while haircutting. It clogs up after a moment, even so that I have to take off the comb.

The precision comb for short haircuts.

The special precision comb is made for very short haircuts (length sets from 0.5 to 3 mm with a stem of 0.5 mm).

Rounded edges and combs, that prevent irritation

For the additional convenience the design of the rounded edges of blades and combs prevents from scratches.
Uses power outlet and accumulator.

It can be used either autonomously and when connected to a power outlet.

Self sharpening blades

Self sharpening stainless steel blades stay sharp for a longer time and provide excellent haircut result.
Up to the 60 minutes of autonomous work after a 1 hour of charging.

The device can be used autonomously or when connected to a power outlet. The powerful Ni-Mh accumulator provides up to the 60 minutes of running time after a 1-hour charging. The fast 10-minutes charging provides 10 minutes of autonomous work, so the shaver can be used at any time.

The indicator of accumulator’s charge shows its condition

When the accumulator is totally empty, the indicator lights with a white color, and the flashing orange accumulator indicator informs, that there’s enough charge for 10 minutes of running time.
The ability to wash it under the stream of water allows to carefully clean it.

The rubberized grip provides the maximum accuracy of movements

The soft rubberized surfaces allow to strongly hold it in hand and to better control the movements.

A rather high quality of the assemblage. It’s convenient to set the desirable hair length using the moving head. No interfering cords. If accumulator is empty, you can stick the cord and continue haircutting. Removable blades, that can be washed with water.
The exclusive 180 rotating head;
Vibration is light;
It’s comfortable to trim your beard.
The blade width – it’s too narrow. You have to make unnecessary movements;
You have to move it over and over on the same spot;
The gap between the blade and the head’s surface is bigger, than it seemed, so, in order to get the desirable minimal length, you have to hold the hair clipper almost perpendicularly to it.

REMINGTON PG6025 – Best body hair trimmer of 2018

REMINGTON PG6025 – Best body hair trimmerRemington company considered as one of the best manufacturers of personal care equipment. REMINGTON PG6025 hair clipper has become popular due to its amazing convenience.

Particularly, the hair clipper provides up to 120 minutes of work with his battery, so you can use it without an access to electricity. Remington PG6025 Pioneer is a universal wireless device, that is able to satisfy your every need in the field of hair removing – both facial hair and body hair.

Thanks to its nine removing guide combs and special combs for hair temples, you can reach the optimal beauty of a haircut.

This indicator of charge is absolutely useless. It divides on three sectors and before you turn the clipper on, you expect it to work like an any other charging indicator: three sectors for the full charge, one sector for the low charge. That’s how it’s done on any other hair trimmer like Phillips or Panasonic. But on this model the indicator doesn’t work at all during the hair cutting, so you will have no idea, how many time is left for you, until the motor simply turns off.

Even the most difficult and creative haircuts will seam easy and elementary. By the way, Remington PG6025 hair cutter also achieved popularity due to its stylish and inimitable design and the light, but very durable housing.

The device is equipped with durable self sharpening blades made of advanced titanium. Five removable guide tombs will help you create any style at any time! The hair trimmer will let you to do the detailed moustache, beard and even eyebrows modelling.

The device is equipped with a special trimmer for body hair removal. And the suitable head will help you easy and painlessly remove hair from ears and the nose.

Editor’s Choice

Summing all facts in this article. I think that Panasonic ER-GP80 K is the best for most of users. Of course, some features may concede counterparts, but in total it is number one.


Remington PG6025 is able to work either from electricity socket or in the wireless mode, so it can be used even on a trip. The comfy rubberized handle excludes possibilities of slipping, and the indicator of charge shows you, when to charge the device.

This device doesn’t fit for a real, complete haircut. This is a personal grooming device (that’s why there’s a “PG” abbreviation in its name). Therefore, it fits for trimming moustaches and whiskers, evening the hair line on your neck, body hair removal (bikini trimmer), removing hair from the nose and ears.
It feels nice in hand;
Two types of charge – USB and a power socket;
Huge amount of heads. They are easy to change;
The assemblage quality is pretty good;
Equipped with a mini-trimmer.
When the battery is completely discharged, you will need to charge it for at least half an hour – five-minute charging won’t make any difference;
The blade gets really hot after hair cutting for a couple of minutes, and that even causes pain.

Most useful functions of a hair clipper

Panasonic ER-GP80 K – Mens hair cutter machine

Panasonic ER-GP80 K – mens hair clipperA functional professional hair clipper, made to make the stylist’s work as effective, as possible. It uses a new linear motor, which makes 10 000 revolutions per minute, no matter, what is the level of battery charge or thickness of hair. The model has a durable and environmentally-safe Li-ion battery.

The steel X-shaped blades reliably trap and qualitatively cut hair, and the coating, made of the diamond-like carbon and titanium nitride, guarantees to double the durability of blades and the much more prolonged sharpness of a cutter. Blades with the sharpening angle of 45°С raise and quickly cut the hair, that is often are missed by other devices during the cutting of short hair.

Thumbwheel is used to control the length of hair from 0.8 to 2 mm without using combs. Motor of the new model is lighter. Combined with a non-slip surface of a handle, it provides 50 minutes of stable, comfortable and autonomous work.

Consumer reviews on-line usually state that they’re extremely pleased with this item. Even though these clippers aren’t developed for self use, most clients report that cutting their very own hair is as simple as with other brands they’ve utilized previously.

These clippers are fairly heavy, so your arm can get sore if utilized for lengthy periods of time, but that wouldn’t be the case having a fast house hair reduce. These clippers provide you with a fresh cut, but its set doesn’t include clipper guard, so you’ll need to purchase them separately. It does nevertheless include probably the most basic haircut immediately as well as fade it with 000.

Ergonomic design for the ease of use

In addition to the light and sophisticated design, developers spent a lot of time on ergonomics, what is important for professionals of every level. Having this smooth transitions and curved forms, the hair clipper is comfortably lies in a hand, and such a detail as a rubberized handle prevents its slipping during the use.

The system of permanent power control

The system of permanent control, which uses tracking technology with advanced sensors, is able to define the hair density and automatically regulate the speed of blade, in order to deliver the smooth and even haircut. Thanks to the advanced power control technology, the new linear Panasonic motor gives softer haircut and requires less effort when using the clipper, although it is lighter.

It has very convenient heads in a comfortable diapason and the step of 1 mm (I haven’t seen that anywhere else, even in professional hair cutters). The length is carefully changes with a thumbwheel, so you don’t have to deal with removable guide combs, that often get lost. After the start, the position of blade gets fixed, so there is no opportunity to spoil your appearance. With the maximal length you can do haircutting, while still keeping pretty long hair. I often help myself after a visit to a barber.
Can be easily washed in water;
Battery holds charge for a long time. It’s enough to do 5 haircuts (5-10 minutes each);
It barely vibrates;
The quality of assemblage and materials is very high;
It’s very convenient to set the length from the 1 mm.
Cleaning brush can be immediately thrown away – it’s useless due to its high softness;
It gets clogged with hair fast enough, so you have to constantly turn it off and clean the blade.

Maximum length of haircut

Panasonic ER-1611-K – Cordless hair clipper

Panasonic ER-1611-K – Cordless hair clippersThis is a functional professional hair clipper, which is made for an active use, that has a durable motor (10 000 rpm). The model has an ecological Ni-Mh accumulator.

The highly accurate X-shaped blades X-Taper Blade trap hair and quickly cut it – the cutting speed is up to 50 000 hairs per second! This hair clipper is known among professionals as a reliable and highly effective tool, since it has the biggest power and the highest speed among the other professional hair cutters.

The model is very light, compact and has a comfortable grip – it feels good to use, hands aren’t getting tired for a long time. For the convenience of storage its stand has storage ports for comb attachment.

The quality of assemblage, power, sharpness, accumulator, comfortability, quality of materials, joy of the use – these are all “A”. I was a little bit frustrated, that it’s unusable for cutting beard to the grade zero – there will always be left the minimum – 5/16 inches. And the second bad moment: the hair clipper itself tells, that the length gradation is 5/16, 7/16, … , 25/32 inches, and to get more than that you should use plastic guide combs from 3 mm. So, there is a gap between 25/32 inches to 11/2. But I needed exactly something like 1-1.5 inches. If these two things don’t matter to you – the other aspects will be on top.
This is a great device!

Professional hair clipper, based on Constant Control, Linearmotor-Technologie and X-Taper Blade technologies. This newest hair trimmer replaced the legendary 1610 and is produced by the brand.

Panasonic ER-1611-K is a powerful, reliable and high quality tool, that would be equally effective independently from its Ni-Mh accumulator’s level of charge or the stiffness or thickness of hairs of a client.

The unique X-shaped blades trap hair more carefully and qualitatively, providing the excellent cut. Titanium nitride and carbon spraying will prevent its seam, noticeably increasing the warranty time. The built-in cut regulator lets easily and quickly set parameters of a cut, without changing combs.

The hair clipper’s advantages: decent power level, wirelessness, excellent blades (one ceramic and the other is covered with titanium dioxide), blades can be regulated against each other, that allows do fade (a short hairstyle), that can’t be done in our barbershops yet.
It cuts just perfectly: smoothly, quickly, quietly;
Fits the hand well;
It’s all nice and gentle;
Its accumulator holds a good charge;
It has 3 guide combs, each with 6 levels of length + it can be regulated on the blade.
It’s impossible to set the length below 0.8 mm.

Oster Model 10 – Hair clipper machine

Oster Model 10 – Best hair clippers for menThe practical and effective Oster hair clippers include detachable and adjustable blades, lots of guide combs and extra long power cords. The ergonomic housing of devices is made of durable ABS-plastic with rubberized grips, that excludes their slipping from hands.

Advantages of Oster hair cutters

The powerful quiet motor and titanium-coated cutting elements, that are made from the high-strength alloy steel, provide the high-speed of cutting and the perfect quality of a cut with a length from 0.1 to 3 mm. Clipper blades are easy to regulate with a single touch, and they provide cutting with a closeness from 0.25 to 28 mm, using an appropriate attachment comb. Due to its reliability, increased durability and the comfort of use, Oster hair clipper is the optimal solution for professional use.

If you’re planning to buy a hair trimmer, you should check its brand first. This model is made by the company, that has been playing a leading role in the sales for 70 years in the United States.

Attachment combs are not fitting tight after a year of use, they wear down and are falling off now, if you’re not holding it with a finger. Otherwise, this is a great device.

Oster Model 10 hard clipper will meet the requirements of any category of buyers. Everyone will get what they need from this model – not only novice barbers, but the people, who will use it at home, and professional stylists. Rumors are flying about this device, and not for nothing, since buyers pay great attention to the quality of the blade and the specifications. Thanks to its famous and respected brand, you can be sure that these requirements are always met.

You can buy the hair clipper, referring to Its excellent production and warranty, stylish design, numbers of guide combs and other advantages.

I think, that it’s a good and not expensive professional hair clipper with a long, durable cord. You shouldn’t be worried, since It doesn’t have an accumulator and won’t discharge at the wrong time, so cut hair without a break. Occasionally it starts to make rattling noise – this may be due to the unstable voltage in the circuit, but may be due to itself.
It has good blades, that cut well. Noticeable difference, when compared to other brands;
Has a lever for the smooth movements;
Fits the hand well;
The cord is durable and flexible.
Doesn’t shave hair to grade zero, keeping about 0.1 mm;
A little bit heavy, the hand tires after the long using;
The hair clipper gets very hot;
It’s very noisy, just like a dentist’s drill.

Oster Classic 76 – Pet hair clipper

Oster Classic 76 – Best pet hair clipperThe hair clipper, that is also a hair trimmer New Oster Classic 76 Professional clipper is made especially for those, who want to draw attention and intrigue by an interesting purchase. Not for every day we can afford to make a costly acquisition, and we are not always ready to buy low-quality, but cheap stuff. Everyone of us is interested to keep the balance between an attractive price and a decent quality.

Usually, at the look on the truly huge assortment of hair clippers and hair trimmers there are more questions, than answers. What brand should you choose, which models are actual now, and which are outdated, what is the adequate price for these goods? If you know exactly what you want to buy, if on the matter of shopping you choose the proven brand, if an actual and a bright purchase is your answer to the gray everyday life, then do not doubt: New Oster Classic 76 Professional clipper is your choice!

At first, its housing shape seemed not very comfortable for me, but I got used to it. Unlike from everyday Phillips or Panasonic clippers, it does not bite thin hair even after an hour of work. With a regular care (cleaning and oiling), I think, that this device is everlasting.

This product is a universal and powerful device, that can quickly and effectively remove both dry and wet hairs. It gives the high speed of work, therefore it fits for thick and dense hair removal. Oster Classic 76 hair clipper is made of durable and high quality material, that provides the long-term use.

Thanks to its removable blades, the process of replacing the old blades with new ones is very quick and requires zero effort from you. Buying this device, you are getting the extra thirteen blades, a special cleaning brush, as well as the hair clipper oil. Hair cutter Oster Classic 76 is made in the United States of America. The hair clipper Oster Classic 76

This type of hair clipper is perfect for both home and professional use. It has a really long period of use – copies of this model are being resold even after 20 years of exploitation, and they are still able to work for another 20 years.
Durability, high quality, reliability;
Blades are very good and use an excellent alloy;
The cut, that the first blade does, is very precise;
It does the better edge hair cutting, than many trimmers.
Blades are heating up after a long use, but not for a critical amount;
It’s pretty loud.

Oster C200 – Barbers hair clipper

Oster C200 – Best hair clipper for barbersWhen something is the perfection itself, you want to admire and cherish it for the eternity. You can not only admire Oster C200 hair clipper, but also work with it. Such novelty from the barber tools can only be sensed by the special people, and the rest around are left to envy. This hair clipper from an American manufacturer with a worldwide reputation is made for hair cutting, but the included set of guide combs lets it to be used as a trimmer.

Oster C200 Ion – is the whole new hair clipper for the professional hair cutting from an American company! The new Oster C series from the American brand with a history close to 100 years combines the latest developments in the field of ergonomics and production technologies of the professional equipment for hairdressers and stylists. American design!

Hair cutter Oster C200 has a high-speed rotary DC-motor, which provides about 4200 rpm. The high speed and power level of 22 W with a straight blade driver gives allows the clipper to cut hair of any stiffness and density, both wet and dry. The minimal noise level of work is provided by Silent Protector technology.
The universal Oster #000-1 clipper blade, made from the high-quality alloy steel with precise treatment, will provide the long term of use and the good quality of a cut. The special blade regulating mechanism with a thumbwheel gives opportunity to choose the length of a cut from 0.25 to 2.4 mm. The blade regulating will also increase the number of choices when using additional combs.

Every man to his own taste, so to speak. Somebody doesn’t like vibration; somebody doesn’t like noise. This is great choice for my family. With the right exploitation of the battery it will serve you for a long time.

The highly effective Li-Ion battery of Oster C200 hair clipper doesn’t have the effect of so-called «chemical memory», which requires periodical «training» of battery. Moreover, the battery has a very high capacity and provides more than 2 hours of running time with only 1 hour of charging. Ability to use a power cord lets work practically without a stop.

The housing is developed to provide the maximum comfort and the ease of controlling the tool during a long work. Basically the whole surface of the hair clipper covered with soft rubber, which excludes its slipping during the use and provides the additional protection in a case of falling. Wherein, the weight of the device is only 350 gr.

In the special charging base for Oster C200 hair cutter there is a system of battery protection from overcharging, which allows to keep it on the stand that also has vacuum cups, letting you to safely fix it on the working space and do not worry about accidental falls of the device.

Oster C200 Ion professional hair clipper matches the highest requirements of professional exploitation. The crazy light and very comfortable Oster C200 Ion hair cutter is one of the newest cutting tools, which combines the very recent innovations of the American company with almost a century of history.

If you own Oster C200 hair clipper, that is a real victory! You can try its features during the very first haircut, that will go very fast, qualitative and easily!
Autonomous use. Holds the charge for a long time;
The quality of assemblage;
Fits hand well.
Noise level is up to 60 dB.

Panasonic ER-CA35-K – Home hair clipper

Panasonic ER-CA35-K – Home hair clipperPanasonic ER-CA35-K – is a universal hair clipper with beard trimming function. The device provides the perfect value for the money – it is a set of necessary features for an affordable price.

It is a pretty reliable device, made to be a loyal assistant for every man. With this hair trimmer you can maximally comfortable and quickly trim the beard, giving it the shape and type that you need. This device has a powerful motor, that gives the speed of hair cutting up to 30 0000 hairs per second. The tool has an ergonomic and stylish design. Blades, that are used by Panasonic ER 206, are made of high-quality stainless steel and provide the excellent speed and precision of shaving.

Blades aren’t self sharpening and are getting dull with time. The trimmer begins to cut worse, pulls out hair, misses spots – it’s a real torture!

This hair clipper is a good device, which combines universality, simplicity and functionality. Using it, you will be able to do various haircuts for your relatives and clients. Thanks to its comfortable shape, the clipper is easy to work with, and the original design adds individuality and oddity. The length of a haircut can vary from 2 to 18 mm.

It meets the challenge – beard and moustache care – excellently. This is a trimmer, not a hair clipper. It evens hair quickly, quietly and cuts out everything – if not from the first try, then after the second one for sure. A great device for the money.
Fits hand well;
Durable assemblage (though I did drop it not for a many times).
It is badly shaving hairs, that weren’t cut for a long time;
Heavily gets clogged with hair. During a single procedure, you need to turn it off and clean it for a couple of times.

Panasonic ER-1511s – Cordless hair clipper

Panasonic ER-1511s – Cordless hair clippersProfessional hair clipper for the hairs of any rigidity, that has a powerful motor (7000 rpm). This is a model with an ecological and durable Ni-Mh battery.

Precision sharpened X-shaped blades provide a strong and super-clean shear, quickly trapping and cutting hairs. The housing has ergonomic and stylish design – clipper fits hand well and doesn’t slip. Its stand has storage ports for combs.

Almost every man dreams about buying a hair clipper to cut hairs by himself. However, not everyone knows, what models are worth paying the special attention to. The perfect choice for many users is Panasonic ER-1511s hair clipper.

The hair trimmer has to be oiled regularly (I prefer to oil it once in a month right after a wash). At first, I was thinking that there won’t be enough oil, but after a year I realized, that there’s so much of it, that it will probably outlive the hair trimmer.

One of its general advantages is that it has a battery charging light indicator.

This model is characterized by its high-quality and professional work. Buying it, along with a hair clipper you’ll get two guide combs, that are designed for cutting hairs of different lengths. Moreover, the set includes the clipper blade oil and a cleaning brush to take care about blades after using them. Of course, manufacturers didn’t forget about charging device; so you will find a special stand, which is used to charge the hair clipper. The stylish design and the ease of exploitation are also added to the list of advantages.

To buy a hair clipper – means to take care about the loving man or a close friend. Believe me, not a single man would refuse to take this as a gift. You can order Panasonic ER-1511s hair clipper on our site at an affordable price.

Panasonic ER-1511s is a reliable and qualitative hair trimmer, and you will be always satisfied with its result. It has special X-shaped blades, that are unable to leave a single millimeter of skin without a treat.
It’s light and doesn’t vibrate much;
A really powerful motor instantly cuts hairs;
It’s really comfortable to work with.
Does not shave to grade zero, the minimum is 0.8 mm;
It’s bad with hair edging.

Philips Norelco G370 – Facial hair clipper with nose hair trimmer. Good hair clipper kit of 2018

Philips Norelco G370 – Best facial hair clipper with nose hair trimmerPhilips Norelco G370 hair trimmer will help you to save some time and money, since you will not need to visit a barbershop anymore. This model has a powerful accumulator, capacity of which provides 50 minutes of non-stop work, and yet it needs only one hour of charging. The special indicator of charge will notify you about the need to recharge.

You are able to vary the length of a haircut from 2 to 19 mm. There are 7 different guide combs in set, plus a cleaning brush for them. This model provides fast and painless removal of excessive hair. Guide comb for the beard and moustache has 9 different modes of a haircut’s length. This hair clipper will help you to create your own special style.

If you want to take care of your beard (with a length of more than 6 mm), there is a problem – the guide comb is made in a such way, that it doesn’t raise hairs during the trimming. Therefore, if the hair grows parallel to skin, the trimmer doesn’t shave it.

The ability to remove the excessive hair from the nose and ears

The special head-trimmer will help you to remove hair from the nose, ears and on eyebrows. And the big full-sized trimmer lets you shave the head or beard. With its help you can create the effect of a three-days stubble. Mini-trimmer will help you to make the final touch and to even the outlines.

Philips Norelco G370 hair clipper allows you to change the length of a haircut with a regulator or by replacing the guide comb. Keen self-sharpening blades provide you with a flawless quality of shaving. The rounded shape accurately slides over the skin and prevents scratches. All guide combs are washable with water, and there is a special stand, where you can store them.

All of the guide combs are working and you can use them, if you want. I bought it for hair cutting. It doesn’t pull out hair. My wife was cutting my hair for about 10-15 minutes, the only flaw is that she had to move the device over the long hair once again to remove the “arrows”. It wasn’t visible before I washed my head, so when it dried out, I helped myself and it started to look good.
A nice trimmer, but nothing more. It doesn’t have all the possible functions, but the quality is decent.
Good product for an adequate price, but it would be nice to get something more.
This hair trimmer is very loud! Be ready for the noise level as loud as a hairdryer’s one;
Vibration during the hair cutting is transferred to housing.

How to choose a hair clipper?

Device types

There are universal devices, hair cutters for cutting mustache and beards, trimmers (for the delicate work), “all-in-one” sets. This rating presents the first of the listed categories.

Most popular types of devices

If you choose beard and mustache clipper look at the opinions of Badger and Blade professionals. Many experienced barbers communicate with each other here.

Blades material

professional hair clippers setIn general, the quality stainless steel is used, sometimes with coating (of carbon or titanium).

Power limit and the blades speed

The higher these parameters are, the faster, better and more comfortable haircut will be, without slip-ups and hairs pulling.

The number of guide combs (or the positions of the only comb)

The maximal “scope” of possibilities of different hair clippers varies from 0.5 to 41 mm, and the number of positions ranges from 2 to 41, though 5-6 setups are usually enough to do haircuts for men and boys.

Charging types

There are three types of hair clippers: that works only using outlets, that works only autonomously (recharging from outlets) and that combines these two types.
Additional features, which worth mentioning, are abilities to do the wet hair cutting and the wet cleaning.
Now, let us consider in details each of the criteria.

Buying guide

Hair clipper – is a device, used in the barber shops to cut hair. Not everyone likes to visit hairdressers, so many people think about buying this device, since it can be easily used at home.

In order to buy a really quality device, before doing it you need to pay attention to some of the most important moments. The quality of a device firstly depends on them. This article will tell you, how to choose the right hair clipper for shaving your head.

What hair cutters are there?

Depending on the principle of work, hair clipper can be divided on:

Blades in the rotary device, that are cutting hair, uses the motor in order to work. The power of motor can vary from 20 to 45 W. This device can work without a stop for a long time. Thanks to the forced cooling, rotary hair clippers are practically doesn’t heat. They are also good because of their minimal level of vibration and noise. Blades are removable in such a device, so, if necessary, you’ll be able to easily clean them.

Such devices are durable, practical and reliable. With their help you will be able to do cutting of hair of different density and thickness. Rotary devices are more expensive, but they are also more functional and comfortable.

The vibratory hair clippers use a vibrational coil, that is the basis of the motor operating. Such devices are lighter, than rotary ones, but they are notably less powerful. The power of vibratory motors ranges from 9 to 15 W.

Such device can work only for 10-20 minutes without a pause. During the process, a vibratory motor creates a lot of noise and vibration. Some of these clippers are made in such a way, that minimizes the level of noise and vibration, but you will have to spend a lot more money on them.

If you will be choosing an exactly vibrational hair clipper, then know, that their blades are non-removable. That is why the process of care and cleaning becomes much more complicated. This is the main drawback of such devices.

hair clipper brandsRechargeable hair clippers are used for hair edging. Their weight is very low and they have a rather small power level (up to 12 W). During the process such a device basically creates no noise and vibration. The advantage of this type of hair clippers is the ability to work using both outlets and battery.

The huge drawback of rechargeable hair cutters is quality of their work in case of low charge. And it does not matter, is the device connected to an outlet – if the level of charge is low, then you will not be able to make full use of it.

Blades in a hair clipper

The type of material

While choosing a hair clipper, It’s very important to pay close attention to the type of material, that Is used in blades. The most often materials are:

Stainless steel is the mostly used option. Such blades are used in the majority of hair clippers. Stainless steel blades might be covered with a special spraying, that can be:

The main advantage of ceramic blades is that they don’t heat up during the work process. Thanks to that, they provide more comfortable conditions during the hair cutting.

What is the speed of blades should be?

The time spent on a haircut mostly depends on the speed of blades. If you never ever used hair clippers before, you should better choose a device with the average speed of blades. Usually, this are devices with the power level from 9 to 12 W. Less powerful products can cause troubles during the cutting of rigid or thick hair.

But if you have an experience with such devices, you can choose a clipper with the level of power up to 15 W. In this case, the hair cutting process takes a little less time.

What hair clipper is better

We recommend to choose a hair clipper, that allows to change the speed of blades (usually there’s two speeds). Then you will be able to cut the problematic spots on a lesser speed, which is very convenient on practice.

In order to quickly and efficiently cut the back of the hair, we recommend to take a look at products with a “TURBO” feature. Using this option, you’ll increase the speed of blades by 20%.

What types of guide combs are there

As for the combs, they can be:

Furthermore, combs divide on:

The first option is surely better.

In the process of choosing a hair cutter, there’s no need to go after the number of guide combs. It’s quite possibly, that only two or three of them, or maybe even a single one, will be enough for you. Choose the combs, that you really need.

What hair clipper is worth choosing

As for the length of a haircut. Take note, what is the maximal and the minimal length of a haircut, that a guide comb can provide. The minimal length can start from 0.1 mm, and the maximum is 70 mm. It depends on the minimal length, how short haircuts can be done with a specific clipper, and the maximal length defines, how long they can be.

Additional features and what else you have to consider before making a purchase

clippers to cut hairWhile choosing a hair cutter, pay attention to how well it fits the hand. The device in no way shouldn’t slip. It is for the best, if there are variety of rubber components on the housing.

Take note, if buttons are comfortably placed. It is possible that you won’t like some models due to uncomfortable placement of control buttons. The weight of a device should be as low, as possible, since your hand will get tired from working with a heavy instrument.

Some hair clippers have a special vacuum attachment, which works a bit like a vacuum cleaner. With this addition, all hair you cut will be absorbed in a special container. These containers are very easy to clean. The drawback of a vacuum attachment is the higher weight of a device.

Sometimes the cleaning of a hair clipper takes a decent amount of time. Some models can be washed under a water stream. Products with the ability of wet cleaning are very comfortable to use.

What kind of Hair Clippers are there for dog’s clipping?

Dog’s owners can’t treat without dog hair clippers. It right for ones who have dogs which need constant wool’s care.

Even if your pet regularly visit Grooming Salon for wool’s fashion display species, some dogs (for example Yorkshire terriers, Malteses, Pomeranians) need everyday’s clipping of certain areas for dog will be tidy and feel good. But you can’t clip wool of most dogs by the “human” Hair Clipper and therefore you have to buy special one.

Variety of pet hair clippers

There are amateur and professional dog hair clippers. They differ by uptime without overheating, durability and of course by the price. If you need to do tens or hundreds clippings during the year you must buy professional clipper with electric reduction motor.

Top 5 best dog hair clippers of 2018

  1. Oster Classic 76 – Pet hair clipper of 2018
  2. Oster Model 10 – Hair clipper for dogs
  3. Panasonic ER-GP80 K – Accumulator dog hair clipper of 2018
  4. Oster C200 – Hair clipper for dog barbers of 2018
  5. Panasonic ER-1511s – Cordless hair clipper for dog of 2018

Moser pet hair clipper

Home-test, if required to clip only one dog, it will fit amateur clipper. As a rule, it has oscillating drive and rigid blades.

There are clippers with device which allows to adjust wool’s length – it stay between 0,5-3 mm. But this range can be expanded by the plastic attachments which allows to 15 mm.

Also there are mechanical cutters i.e. hand cutters which perform small amount of works more frequent, for example they cut legs, snout, ears.

In contrast to electric dog hair clipper it is quiet and allows to remove tangle, strongly dirty wool. Likewise they used on benches where there aren’t power supplies and a dog requires quick correction of visual look.

Best known companies produces cutters for dog’s cuttings are: Moser, Oster, Rex, Wahl, Andis, Thrive.

There are tools for dogs’ grooming produced by german company Moser worldwide. They differ by high reliability and quality of wool’s care. There are two types Moser dog hair clippers: more powerful rotor-type and vibro-magnetic (oscillating).

Professional rotor ones have an air-cooling system while vibro-magnetic ones get warm for 20-30 minutes of work and they need a break.

One of most popular models of Moser pet hair clippers have 45 watt power and can clip dogs with different wool. For dog with soft and thin wool it will be enough using of Moser 1400 for 10 watt.

How to oil hair clippers?

Everybody, who uses hair clippers (the same applies to the beard trimmer users), needs to know, how to take care about their mechanisms. The correct care guarantees long and quality device service.

The care process will depend on how often you use the trimmer.

Top 4 best hair trimmers of 2018

  1. Oster C200 – Hair trimmer for barbers of 2018
  2. Philips Norelco G370 – Facial hair clipper with nose hair trimmer of 2018
  3. REMINGTON PG6025 – Body hair trimmer of 2018
  4. Philips Norelco QC5580/40 – Home hair trimmer of 2018

If you rarely use it and then set aside for a long time, then It should be cleaned after every procedure. But if you use it daily, then cleaning – is a mandatory ritual at the end of every day.

To make all parts of the mechanism work smooth and quality, it is necessarily to wash the blades. You can learn more about it from the article “How to clean a hair clipper” (same tips can be applied for beard trimmer users). Only after a wash it can be oiled.

What are the characteristics of this procedure?

Hair clipper oil has to be special. You can only spoil the mechanism with ordinary oils, and the hair clipper will just stop to do quality work, or will simply break down. It happens, because non-special oil leaves the film.

Oil is applied only on the rubbing parts, but neither on blades nor combs.

You need only a little of oil.

It has to not leak.

If you happened to drip more oil, than needed, it’s better to remove the excess.

Remember! Blade inserts only on a working clipper, which is turned on. Otherwise you can simply break it.

If you do not intend to use the hair clipper for more than three weeks, then take off the blades and wipe them dry. Doing that will prevent them from sticking together and nothing will interfere with their movement, when you need to use the trimmer again.

Take a good care of a beard trimmer, and then the device will work flawlessly for a long time.

How to use a hair clipper?

Just like an every electric device, hair clipper requires careful handling and at least the minimum skill of using it. After only 2 or 3 sessions of independent hair cutting the process will no longer create any difficulties.

Some tips will help you to not spoil a hair cut during the first tries of hair cutting at home.

Look for an place in the house which is well suited for shaving your head. A bathroom are often the best option. Make sure that you will find a mirror fixed inside your bathroom. You need require 2 mirrors – 1 fixed the other portable – for the exact purpose.

Check the purity of blades before the start of work. If hair clipper has been already used, there might be some of the cut hairs, that will disturb the quality hair cutting. Using a special cleaning brush, that are usually comes in set with a device, clean the blades.

How to Cut Your Own Hair: Self-Styling Tips For Self Cut Hair With Clipper

You can oil the blades. Put a brush in oil and grease the blades. After that, turn on the clipper for a couple of seconds to let the oil go through between the blades. Professionals think that it makes hair clippers work better and serve longer.

Choose the length of a haircut and regulate it with a special lever or use a special guide comb. Guide combs limit the minimal distance between the head skin and blades. If you don’t have the comb of a needed length, use an ordinary comb – it will serve as a limiter. During the hair cutting comb the spots you are working on to check, if procedure is done right and evenly.

Carefully treat the temporal spots and spots behind your ears. Use a minimum limiter for these sports, since the hair are short and thin. In addition to Remington hc363c there is special guides for the detailed hair cutting of these areas, which will allow you to accurately finish the haircut.

After finishing a haircut work on whiskers – it’s an important part of a haircut, that is hugely affects on the visual perception of a face. The set of hair care should include different heads, needed to do hair cutting, whiskers and moustache.

After work the hail clipper should be cleaned and oiled again. This will prolong the life of a device and increase its functionality.

Thanks to a hair clipper, you can use the help or do the hair cutting all by yourself. Of course, if somebody helps you during the first tries, then hair cutting will go faster and better.

6 effective ways to hair cut a man: an easy technique

Stores provide a huge assortment of hair cutting equipment, which are designed to do various haircuts with your own hands. To do quality hair cutting for men, you will need to follow some of the rules.

Hair cutting – the easiest way for a home hairdresser

The new and stylish haircut gives an opportunity to change your looks and improve mood. Using a hair clipper is the best and cheapest way to make an accurate short haircut.

Features of hair cutting for beginners

A simple technique of male hairstyle is as followed next: all strands are cut with a single specific guide comb. A neck spot and the temporal spots are proceeded without additional attachments. The clipper is set in the direction of hair.

Technology of making a complicated haircut is:

Setup of a guiding comb №1 or №2. The clipper is hold with the blades upwards. The process starts with the neck area and the hairline. Hair strands are being clipped to the back of head.

Then the guide comb changes to №3 or №4 and curls are being cut to the top of head. After that, combs change again, and temple hair strands are being cut. Afterwards, head №4 or №3 is used again to cut hair from the temples to the top of head.

The hair clipper is moved to the crown of head. You can’t cut hair along the strands growth, because it’ll cause hair strands of different length.

Comb is used during the process, and hair strands are being laid on it.

The hair cutting with a clipper always start from the back of a head. At last, hair strands are being trimmed on the temples and neck.

Tips and tricks for using hair clippers

Before starting to cut hair with a clipper, moisten them with water and thoroughly comb. Divide hair strands on different zones. At the same time make hair parting from top of the forehead to the back of head. Thus, the parietal section and the temples are being divided.

We got the following zones now:

  • Parietal;
  • Two zones in temples;
  • Three zones in the back of head.

The quality hair edging does matter. It can have trapezoidal or rounded shape.

In order to do haircuts for men with a hail clipper at home, you don’t need to be a professional. Making a haircut with your own hands will not only save you some money, but will allow you to do stylish and accurate haircuts.

Scheme of a haircut helps to make it correctly. However, you should consider the head shape and facial features.

A simple option is a grade zero haircut. This hairstyle suits for a standard form of the head.

Sport type haircuts like butch cut or brush cut are lengthier and are harder to make, but they are still doable with a set of primary skills.

Using a special device, you can do short haircuts, like a crew cut. It has a rounded shape and fits for rigid hair.

The brush cut is made with a hair clipper. It fits practically for every man, except for the people with long faces.

The traditional version is made with a hair clipper with a short head.

Hair strands can start closer to the top of head or much lower. Haircuts are made with bangs or without them. Such type does not fit for curly strands. You shouldn’t shave head with the uneven crown to the grade zero.

How to do fade haircut with a clipper?

To make a smooth model haircut, you need to create the right fading effect. The process of trimming must be accurate and quality. You need to hold a comb in the left hand.

Hair strands are being cut on strips. Hair cuts from the forehead area to the head crown. The guide comb of a lesser size is used for the head crown.

Haircut is being done from the bottom, while the hair clipper moves upwards. At first hair clipper is pressed to the head surface and gets off from top of the head. At first hair clipper is pressed to the surface of head and gets off from the head crown. The difference between hair strands is equalizing during that. Afterwards, the same comb is used to trim temples.

Now we need to make a smooth fade from the head crown. From the short hair strands of edging. Edging is made without a guide comb near to the neck and behind the ears. Afterwards, the length of head strands is checked all over the head.

All flaws of a haircut can be fixed by the thinning scissors.

How to cut hair around the temples?

Edging of temporal region is considered as an important step. Sideburns can be straight, angled, rectangular, to ear lobe or to the middle of ear.

You should start to style head from sideburns, wherein the hair strand divides with a diagonal part. After that comb hair to face and cut an angle of sideburn. Finally, comb down the hair strands and do the edging of temporal area.

All movements with a device should be done easily and without the physical effort.

Final Words – The conclusion

The hair clipper instruction will not help you to learn to do beautiful, elegant and fashionable haircuts. But how to do it then? Is it really necessary to go to the courses of hairdressers? Not at all. You can get the primary knowledge from video lessons.

Watch this videos: https://www.youtube.com/cutting-hair/

You need to pay attention to the fact, that wet hair can not be cut with a hair clipper, since it will cause the haircut damage and reduce the sharpness of blades.

The first few times don’t do very short haircuts. It is necessary in order to fix haircut without cutting too much of your hair, in case if you made a mistake. You can make some of them a couple of times during making your first haircuts, until you will learn.

Soon you will be able to cut your hair yourself and avoid frequent appointments with hairdresser or stylist. Thus, you will be able to cut your hair yourself and postpone visits to hairdresser to those cases, when you will need an elaborate hairstyle.

You can put on an old shirt or other shabby clothes before the start of a hair cutting. If you’re cutting hair over the sink, then close it to prevent hair from falling into the gutter.

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