Best electric meat grinders of 2018 for home use! [Tests] & [Reviews]

Best Meat GrinderToday meat grinders are not only used for making ground meat. Market offer devices that can slice, tender, squeeze juice. So they can replace several gadgets at one.

During the comparison of electric meat grinders from different brands, we used many characteristics. We hope that you will read our guide while choosing a decent equipment for meat grinding.

Let’s start. The best meat grinders of 2018 are listed in our rating.

Comparison Table of Best Meat Grinders

Device NameMeat per minuteHull materialМotor 
LEM Products W780A
11 poundsplastic550 wattsbutton
Panasonic MK-G20NR
(Editor’s Choice)
2 poundsplastic180 wattsbutton
25 poundsplastic1470 wattsbutton
Magic Mill
25 poundsmetal1800 wattsbutton
Smokehouse Products
7 poundsmetal550 wattsbutton
Gourmia GMG7500
9 poundsplastic800 wattsbutton
Avan-Pacific UMG-3010
6 poundsplastic725 wattsbutton
Weston No. 22
18 poundsmetal725 wattsbutton
STX-4000-TB2 Turboforce II
25 poundsplastic2000 wattsbutton
Avan-Pacific UMG-1801 ETL
3 poundsplastic400 wattsbutton

Table of contents

What to look for first:


Manufacturers often specify this parameter on two options: nominal power (usually it varies between 130 and 850 watts) and maximum power (some models can reach up to 3000 watts with locked shaft). Models with the nominal power below 200 watts usually can handle only the softest and cleanest meat, compact meat grinders of medium power (300-600 watts) are not so picky with veins, and the most powerful devices (650-850 watts) grind almost everything.


This term is used to describe the amount of meat, that a device can process per unit of time. Performance of household electric meat grinders can vary from 0.5 to 4.5 kg per minute and depends on the peak engine power, material and quality of knives and the design and screw rotation speed. The most productive models are more suitable for large families.


Some models can additionally include:

Ground meat is needed to make a plenty of very different dishes. Lots of people do not trust shops enough to use premade ground meat, since a good housekeeper can do it himself. In order to grind meat at home, you will need an electric meat grinder. There are lots of them on the market – what model should you get? Expensive or budget? We have tested the most powerful meat grinders from famous brands, and also took equipment of domestic production. We chose devices from different price categories and studied, how easy and convenient it is to use them, what are they capable (besides grinding meat) and whether they create a lot of noise during the work.


LEM Products W780A – Stainless Steel Big Bite Electric Meat Grinder

LEM Products W780AThe LEM Products W780A Stainless Steel Big Bite Electric Meat Grinder is an amazing counter top meat grinder for professionals. It is a perfect choice both for commercial and home use. It is very effective: within an hour you can process more than 150 kilograms of meat!

The size of the meat tray is more than enough for even strong grinding. It handles large amount of meat at once in the shortest periods of time. Do not forget, that the unit is completely made of stainless steel – it is very easy to clean and it can not be spoiled by rust. Fully lubricated motor means that the process of grinding with this device will be super smooth and easy.

With this grinder you can prepare pretty much anything you want. Steaks, meat sausages, jerky… even the muscle meat and chicken bones will be teared with great convenience. At the end of the process you will get perfectly consistent and well-grinded ground meat that will be ready to use in any recipe. You can easily manage chunks of meat of different sizes. It has a cool feature called “Big Bite” which helps it to grind all meat you toss into it. You will not need to pre-freeze or tamper the product – simply turn on the grinder and let it do all the work for you!

The LEM Products W780A Stainless Steel Big Bite Electric Meat Grinder is pretty heavy. It has a weight of 21 kilograms – I can easily handle it, but my wife does not… so I have to help her to install the grinder every time she wants to use it. I guess you can solve this problem by choosing a constant place for it.

The device has 2-year warranty from LEM, although with its solid stainless still housing I doubt that it will ever break down. It looks like it is going to outlive me and all members of my family!

The package includes lots of interesting accessories, such as Big Bite auger, a knife, a meat stomper, three stuffing tubes and three plates. That is a lot of stuff!

Overall, this is a high quality professional meat grinder that provides you with a great performance and will not cause you any troubles. It can be used for commercial use anywhere where meat grinding is carried out on a regular basis.
Solid and lasting construction;
Very rich complectation;
Full 2-year warranty from the manufacturer;
Lots of cool features.
It is very heavy.

Panasonic MK-G20NR – Meat Grinder

Panasonic MK-G20NRThe Panasonic MK-G20NR Meat Grinder is a middle-priced grinder, that would suit for most of the needs of an average customer. It is perfect for home use and thanks to its small size this is a great choice for kitchens that are limited in free space.

The grinder uses 180 Watts motor. It is powerful enough to provide you with a grinding speed of about 1 kilogram of meat per minute. That is pretty good functionality for this price tag and size! Even busy people now will find some time grind meat themselves. I myself grind all the meat I bought at once and freeze it for later use. This is very convenient and requires small amounts of time.

The Panasonic MK-G20NR Meat Grinder is very safe. It has a built-In circuit breaker which prevents motor burnouts. It will last for quite a long time, since all parts of it are made of strong thick metal (the plastic meet feeder is the only exception).

This device is not suitable for grinding large amounts of meat with big bones. The motor is not the most powerful among the models of the same price level. I personally didn’t like the design. And, by the way, the meet feeder is made of plastic and looks awful. Was it so hard and expensive to use metal instead?

The package includes three cutting plates of different size, that can be used to grind meat of any structure and size. You will be able to quickly create a bunch of recipes with a bunch of meat types. In the box with The Panasonic MK-G20NR Meat Grinder you will also find a sausage attachment, beautiful book with recipes and detachable meat feeder.

The process of cleaning the device couldn’t be any simpler. You can easily disassemble the grinder cap and wash it under the water flow.

The Panasonic MK-G20NR Meat Grinder is a very compact, convenient and affordable grinder for the use at home. Though it can not be used to grind bone and it can not provide you with all the functions that professional grinders have, it is still a great deal from a well-known and trustworthy manufacturer.

Editor’s Choice

Summing all facts in this article. I think that Panasonic MK-G20NR is the best for most of users. Of course, some features may concede counterparts, but in total it is number one.


Quality construction;
Affordable price;
Comes with a variety of attachments;
Grinds meat quickly.
It is not suitable for grinding bone;
Meet feeder is made of cheap and ugly plastic.

STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-TF – Turboforce 3-Speed Electric Meat Grinder

Turboforce 3-Speed Electric Meat GrinderThe STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-TF Turboforce 3-Speed Electric Meat Grinder is a powerful and good-looking device for a very nice price. It has three cutting blades, convenient tubes, made for sausage stuffing, and a powerful three-speed 3000 Watt engine. This is really good deal for the amount of many that you will have to use on it. This is definitely the best choice for every user.

The housing of the grinder is made from cast aluminum – it will never break or crack and it is lighter, than stainless steel. You will have to purposely slam it with a hammer if you want to break it!

The STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000 is suitable for beginners and professionals alike. It can be easily used right out of the box and it comes with a rich complectation. You will find extra cutting blades, steel grinding plates and stuffing tubes for sausages. Moreover, there is a convenient Kubbe attachment.

Just like many other electric grinders, parts of the STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-TF can not be washed in the dishwasher. You will have to manually and carefully wash it after every use.

The unit will never clog up like some other small budget grinders, since it has a big grinding head which gives you plenty of room. The STX INTERNATIONAL company has taken care about the durability of the device. It uses hardened carbon steel gears – they will never wear out, but manufacturer still offers you a one-year replace and repair warranty. I have to repeat myself: this is hilariously good for its price.

The grinder is very compact and it weights only five and a half kilograms. Everyone should be able to carry it around and it is easy to store in pretty much every house. Other grinders with this kind of power usually weight five times more! If you are looking for universal, powerful, quick and durable grinder – this is a perfect choice for you.

This is simply the best device that you can get for this money. Just buy it – you will never regret it. I have been using it for three years already and it still works as fine as new.
The device provides 3000 Watts of power;
Rich complectation;
It is very light;
Hilariously low price.
Can’t be washed using dishwasher.

Magic Mill – Heavy Duty Electric Meat Grinder

Magic MillThe Magic Mill Heavy Duty Electric Meat Grinder is a good-looking budget grinder with stylish compact design.

The grinder has a powerful 1800 Watt motor and a big grinding head. It means that it suits for grinding large amounts of meat in the shortest periods of time. At the same time, the device is very compact and light (it weight less than 7 kilograms), so it is convenient to use even in small apartments and can be easily stored after the use.

I certainly got more than I hoped when I bought this grinder. This device has a much higher grade that you would expect from a device with such a low price. Its stainless steal housing makes it feel durable and luxurious, and the buttons are also nice and sturdy.

I tried to use it on chicken and it did a great job tearing it. I was afraid that it will not grind bones, but it did, and did well. I am mostly using the device to make food for my pets. I have a dog and a cat. Both of them enjoy this easily-made paste made from a whole untreated chicken.

It is not dishwasher safe and it can not be bleached due to discoloration and eventual deterioration from continuous use of bleach. My wife is obsessed with kitchen sanitation, so that is a bummer for us. It is easy to clean, but the fact that we can’t use bleach is disturbing, so now we use it for pet food only.

The Magic Mill Heavy Duty Electric Meat Grinder is also capable of grinding huge portions of venison. You do not have to carefully remove gristly fibers – the grinder is powerful enough to take care of them itself.

The package includes aluminum tubes and tray. Of course, the stainless steel would be better, but for this price tag using aluminum is understandable.

This is a really nice offer. “Magic Mill” provides you with a powerful good-looking device and a one-year warranty. Considering its low price, I would recommend it for everyone who is in need for an affordable, yet stylish meat grinder.
Affordable price;
Nice design;
Stainless steal housing;
One-year warranty.
It can’t be bleached and it isn’t safe to wash using dishwasher.

Smokehouse Products Meat Grinder

Smokehouse Products Meat GrinderThe Smokehouse Products Meat Grinder is a middle-priced stainless steal meat grinder for an average customer. This is pretty powerful and beautiful device, thought it is not so durable as I would like it to be.

It has a lot of plastic parts inside. I had a similar meat grinder before and it worked only for a year (although I used it not really often – maybe, once or twice in a month).

This device is light weighted, so you can store and clean it with ease. It does great job making ground meat from treated meat. I am afraid that it is not capable of grinding bones, so you shouldn’t buy this if you do not have time to carefully treat every piece of meat you are going to throw in there.

The Smokehouse Products Meat Grinder is heavily overpriced. It has lots of plastic parts, the assemblage quality is not that great and after a month of use it becomes to look awful. At first it looks shiny and beautiful, but its surface is exposed to scratches and has minor defects that you won’t notice at the first sight.

The package includes lots of tubes of different types, but all of them are made from plastic. That is a huge disadvantage.

There are some positive side in having plastic parts, though. It is safe to wash using a dishwasher – considering the fact that it can be disassembled in one minute, this is a very convenient grinder. Use it and throw in a dishwasher – that is all that is needed from you! I really like the level of ease with what you can use this meat grinder. It has only a several buttons on its control panel – you can choose the speed and turn the device on or off using them. We use it to create simple meat recipes – it works fine with the meat of average hardness.

I wouldn’t recommend this device. You can find a much better options for this amount of money. One of the few positive thing that I can say about it is that it can be washed using a dishwasher.
Can be easily washed in a dishwasher;
Has lots of tubes;
Works fast.
It is too expensive for the level of quality that it provides;
Has lots of plastic parts.

Gourmia GMG7500 – Prime Plus Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder

Prime Plus Stainless Steel Electric Meat GrinderThe Gourmia GMG7500 Prime Plus Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder is a budget device for small apartments. Its housing is made from stainless steel, though it has big plastic parts in it. It uses a pretty weak 800-watt motor – but it is ETL approved and has the stainless steel blade, which provides proper grinding for small and average pieces of meat.

In the box you will find three various cutting plates – for fine, normal and coarse grinding, and a kibbeh attachment for three types of stuffing (small, medium and large).

The Gourmia GMG7500 can be easily assembled and it works right out of the box. There is a quick guide, that will teach you to clean and assemble it. Due to its compactness It is very convenient to clean! I respect manufacturers that try to minimize work I have to do with my bare hands.

It has lots of plastic spare parts, so I guess, that it will not last for a long time. Its parts are not dishwasher safe and only knife and plates are made of stainless steel – other parts are plastic.

We tried using it to grind some chicken with bones. It did a good job! I wouldn’t expect that from such a cheap meat grinder. It works pretty fast and can be used even for untreated meat – though don’t throw in very big parts. Use average portions and wait for the grinder to process it.

It is ideal for making small sausages and cutlets. There is a small book with recipes that comes with it. It has over 10 descriptions of delicious and interesting food, encouraging you to try all the cutting plates and attachments that come with the meat grinder.

It is very cheap – everyone can afford it. It has some nice attachments that make this budget thing feel a little bit more expensive, but… I still wouldn’t recommend this grinder. If you are not heavily limited on money, add fifty bucks and choose something more reliable.
Has a cute book with recipes;
It’s housing is partially made of stainless steel;
It is easy to clean;
It is compact and light;
It is very cheap;
It has a pretty powerful motor for such a cheap meat grinder.
There are too many plastic details.

Avan-Pacific UMG-3010 1 HP – ETL Electric Meat Grinder

Avan-Pacific UMG-3010 1 HPThe Avan-Pacific UMG-3010 1 HP ETL Electric Meat Grinder is a professional device, that can be used in commercial purposes despite its average price.

I have a friend, who loves to hunt. He occasionally gives me some venison and duck meat, so I needed a powerful device that would capable of grinding hard meat. And I found one. The Avan-Pacific UMG-3010 is a balanced device with a good price/quality ration. It is a reliable and powerful meat grinder that will serve you for a very long time.

This device grounds meat like butter! You can grind 2 kilograms in a minute with a great ease! We tried to process chicken breasts and pork through it – there were absolutely no issues. My wife also made a deer roast and sausage patties with the meat. She also used the sausage stuffer, what is included in the package, to make her own sausage links. It was so much easier than we thought it would since this is a very powerful and well-made device!

The package includes: plastic food pusher, a big die-cast aluminum tray, a couple of stainless steel knives, five stainless steel grinding plates of various sizes (including a sausage plate), a set of plastic sausage makers and a kibbeh attachment.

It grinds chicken bones, but turkey bones are too hard for it. Though it can be used for commercial use (in small restaurants), it is not fast enough for industrial use.

It can grind nuts, fruits and all types of meat. It has a large grinding head that ensures you that it will never be clogged.

Manufacturer provides a complete one-year warranty on this product. This is a fair deal for a fair money. Considering all the aforesaid, this is a fair deal for a fair money.

This is a universal, nice and durable meat grinder that will do all what you expect it to do. It grinds all types of meat and can be used for making tomato juice, to grind nuts and fruits and many more. It also has a full one-year warranty, so you do not have to be afraid of breakage.
Stainless steel housing;
Very rich complectation;
Fast and simple disassemble and assemble for cleaning purposes;
Stylish and shiny looks.
Can’t grind big turkey bones.

Weston No. 22 – Commercial Meat Grinder and Sausage Stuffer

Commercial Meat Grinder and Sausage StufferThe Weston No. 22 Commercial Meat Grinder and Sausage Stuffer is a powerful high-end device for professional use. I can process an extraordinary amount of 330 kilograms of meat per hour thanks to its one horsepower economic and permanently lubricated 750-watt motor. It is relatively quiet and very precise.

Every part of this meat grinder is made from stainless steal. It is very easy to clean – you can use all kinds of bleaches and cleaners you want. Nothing will spoil the surface of this glorious machine.

Buying this meat grinder, you will get:

You can easily create a wide variety of homemade sausages, such as snack sticks, breakfast links, Italian sausage and summer sausage with the help of all the included 10, 20, 30 and 40 mm sausage making funnels. The process is very easy and quick!

Besides the high price, this unit is very heavy. The base itself weights almost 15 kilograms, so be ready for some physical exercises if you have a small kitchen and if you are going to bring this device out of storage every time you need to use it.

After use of the grinder you can easily disassemble it for a wash and an easy storage.

I was skeptical at first about buying such an expensive meat grinder, but the cool looks of Weston No. 22 Commercial and its positive reviews convinced me to do it. I regret nothing! It grinds practically everything that you can place in its large tube. Chicken bones, turkey bones and even small venison bones do not cause any problems for this monster! It is wonderful not only for making cheap and quality dog food, but also helps you to process huge amounts of meat for your own food.

It is a top notch device for professional use. It is quiet, powerful and very efficient. And it just looks really good! Just take a look at this beauty!
A powerful and efficient motor;
Stainless steel parts;
Has lots of attachments;
Complete 2-year warranty from the trustworthy manufacturer.
It is heavy;
The device is pretty expensive.

STX-4000-TB2 Turboforce II “Quad Air Cooled” – Electric Meat Grinder & Sausage Stuffer

Electric Meat Grinder & Sausage StufferThe STX-4000-TB2 is a middle-priced meat grinder with lots of interesting features, which make a very good and balanced purchase out of it.

This was one of my first big electric meat grinders and I wasn’t sure what I had to expect from it. It has a pretty compact size and works really well. I grounded a kilogram of cubed meat in nearly five minutes using the low settings.

The cleaning procedure of this device is not so bad as I expected. I was pleasantly surprised how little of the meat was left in the grinder. Washing it with bleach and water right after the grinding was super easy.

The second time I tried to use it I just threw in a bunch of meat and pressed the button. Oh my god! It was a horrific show! Poor meat was destroyed in minutes! The machine looks cool and brutal itself, and the way it deals with the meat was fun to watch. It can easily grind chicken and turkey bones, so it is also can be used to quickly make pet food.

I understand, that the price is pretty high, but trust me – the old saying “You get what you pay for” is one hundred percent true in this case. The STX-4000-TB2 is an effective, beautiful and powerful piece of equipment.

This beast is very loud. I warn you: VERY loud. I didn’t expect that. Though I do not mind that, my neighbors do. I guess The STX-4000-TB2 is just too powerful to be quiet.

The complete package includes:

The device looks and feels very durable – and indeed, it has those qualities. It includes a three-year warranty – the best one I have ever seen among the meat grinders.

This monster of a meat grinders destroys meat just as hard as how the life destroys your dreams. Just kidding :). But this is indeed a great piece of equipment. I recommend it to everyone.
Rich complectation;
Housing is completely made of stainless steel;
Brutal and beautiful design;
Three-year warranty – the longest I have ever seen.
This meat grinder is very, VERY loud.

Avan-Pacific UMG-1801 Meat Grinder

Avan-Pacific UMG-1801 Meat GrinderThe Avan-Pacific UMG-1801 Meat Grinder is a very cheap, but well-made device for small apartments.

This stainless steel meat grinder by unknown to me company named “Avan-Pacific” is very light, but still stays decently stable and solidly sits on the counter every time I use it. Its motor operates on 400 watts. This is not that much, but it is enough to carefully grind a kilogram of meat per minute – this is much faster, than my stand mixer can manage. Yes, I am comparing it with my mixer, because this device is very cheap and small and should not be considered as an ordinary meat grinder.

The Avan-Pacific UMG-1801 is pretty fast to set up, easy to use, and comes with pretty much everything that you would expect from such a device. It is good for making homemade sausages, and It even includes a convenient attachment for Kibbeh! It is as easy to disassemble to clean the parts after the use, as it was to put them together. I simply washed it with my hands, rinse it and let it dry for a little bit. Afterwards I wipe down the grinding plates with a special vegetable oil in order to keep them in a good shape and prolong the lifespan.

As I already said, this isn’t a serious piece of equipment. It grinds only well-treated meat and can not even grind chicken bones. The housing is made of plastic – it will get dirty after a year of use.

It has only four large control buttons, which make the meat grinder extremely convenient. There are buttons to switch it on and off, to start and stop the process, and a reverse (that is a rarity among budget models) switch. The grinder is made of high quality stainless steel, food grade aluminum, and quality plastic. It meets all known safety standards. It is fire proof, includes built in circuit overload protection and anti-surge protection as well. Manufacturer provides users with one-year warranty.

Of course, this is not a professional meat grinder, but it has a nice pink-colored housing. This can be a great present for your mom or girlfriend!
It is cheap;
Looks cute;
Works well;
Easy to use and clean;
Has a one-year manufacturer warranty.
The housing is made of plastic;
The grinder is not very powerful and only deals with well-treated meat.


Performance: how much meat can this model grind for a period of time (kg/hour or g/minute)?

Trick, used by manufacturers: when the performance is not very good, they use kilograms and hours to describe it: 60 kg/hour. Impressive, isn’t it? But this is only 1 kg/minute – not the best result, since there are lot of models on the market with the performance of 1,5-2 kg/minute. Performance depends on power, but also huge role are playing the screw design, knife and attachments.

How to choose: divide by 60.


The more – the better. It is true, but only not when it is said about the maximum power consumption.

Trick, used by manufacturers: they write on the box and advertise the maximum power – the one, that can be developed if something like a bone gets stuck in it. It calls “shaft-locking power”. Numbers here can raise up to 3000 watts, but usually they stay at 1400-2000 watts.

How to chose: don’t be fooled by the extremely high numbers and always check the registration card of the device, where the working power should be written. It usually ranges around 500-600 watts, but it can be lower – 200 watts, which depends on the construction of the engine. For instance, Panasonic and Ousson models use energy saving motor construction. If the maximum power on paper is 3000 watts, but in real life it is the same 500, the first number does not mean much. It only shows, that the motor heats up more intensively at such power.

Motor overload protection.

Not all models have it. And it almost does not depend on the price – mainly it lies on the conscience of a manufacturer. Motor overload can occur by accident – for instance, if there would stuck a bone or a walnut shell. In this case, only the device with a fuse to protect the motor of the grinder from overheating and related damage would be able to survive. Fuse can be of two types. The first – is a plastic cap that bursts in case of contact with a foreign object or auger when the engine overheats.

Trick, used by manufacturers: you need to carefully listen to the statements, which claim that there are “only metal parts used” in the device. It means, that the protective cap is missing or useless.

How to choose: in these cases, the device has to have an automatic circuit breaker – another type of motor protection. The breaker is composed of two metal plates, which are usually closed. During the critical power increase (for example, when the shaft gets jammed) plates gets opened, and the device turns off. There is another way to protect the motor – the presence of a temperature sensor, which determines the rise in temperature greater than the critical value, and in this case, interrupts the interaction of the engine with a screw. Large manufacturers have the engine protection, that is individually written in the data sheet or instructions.


If blades are made of conventional steel, it is an outdated device of the last century: now a lot of models has stainless steel lattice.

Trick, used by manufacturers: they write – “lattice is made of metal.” This usually means that they rust. When they use stainless steel, they just write about it.

How to choose: stainless steel is preferred. Ordinary metal devices are very difficult to clean. It requires drying and constant lubrication with oil, and also the vitamin C is being destroyed during the contact with rusting metal. What if you need to grind blackcurrant from 20 bushes?


The function of the reverse motor motion was very rare only a couple of years ago, but now this is a standard. More and more models are coming with it by default. This is useful: if something is stuck, you can easily “free” this piece by pressing the Reverse button. And you are also getting less leftovers.

Trick, used by manufacturers: many manufacturers mention the reverse as a unique function and ask for additional money.

How to choose: do not believe them. Reverse is an ordinary, very common function.

Places to store attachments and cords.

Compactness – is one of the undoubted advantages of any kitchen appliance. Even though there are only discs among its attachments, it is still would be better to find a place for a meat grinder to hide. A compartment for attachments – the more, the better. But there are few models, that does really have the “right” compartment, which contains all the attachments, most often it is just a small storage space for cutting discs. Moulinex offers the optimal solution of the drum grater storage (for instance, in the model ME 4151): drums are inserting one into another and after that they are being fixed on the housing of the device.

Self sharpening knife.

This knife should be good enough for the entire life of the appliance, it will stay sharp and will not require sharpening in metal workshop.

Material of housing and tray.

The housing may be made of food grade plastic, but the parts inside (knives and grills) must necessarily be made of metal, since they use most of the power. In addition, the housing may be made of stainless steel and other light alloys. Case material must be resistant to food acids. In order to prolong the life span of the device, you need to care about it in terms of resistance to corrosion. If you do not want to buy a new device after a year, you need to have some kind of protection against corrosion.

Housing material affects not only the quality of hygiene, but also the weight and appearance of the meat grinder. The design and dimensions of the body affect the ease of use, security, storage conditions of the instrument.

It is desirable for the grinder body to have a form that will allow to closely put the dishes under “the flow” of the finished meat. If the body is convex or flat, pieces of ground meat can fall past the dishes.

Take a look at that the shape and height of the grinders’ throat. The height must be greater than the length of your fingers. Of course, the complete collection of modern meat grinders has special tappets for meat and other foods, but it’s better to be sure in case of any accidental circumstances. On most models, the height is 11 to 15 cm. In a folding housing, meat grinder dimensions are reduced to a minimum, so you will easily find a place for it in the kitchen. The presence of the storage adapters and compartment for the cord increases the convenience of storing the grinder.

I noticed during a domestic experiment, what happens if the tray is mounted on the neck of your grinder. You will put the products prepared for the grind in it. The trays are of different shapes and sizes; they can be plastic or metal. Well, if the tray is roomy and deep, of course, the metal trays are more hygienic and durable than plastic. Color changes on plastic over the time, there may appear some scratches. How to choose: ideally – choose plastic housing and a tray of stainless steel products.

Additional attachments

Additional attachments, which are equipped with modern grinder designed for the preparation of a vegetable slicing, mashed potatoes, sausages.

The attachment that is used to create hollow tubes and stuffed sausages called “kebbe”. Some of the meat grinders have juice squeezer for citrus, grater, shredder and a vegetable cutter. Such attachments will allow you to get plates of vegetables and chips of different sizes. Using a cookie attachment, you can make shaped sausages from dough. The complectation can also include attachments for pasta, spaghetti and homemade noodles.

Some manufacturers also include in the complectation molds for burgers, that lets you do burgers of the same size.

Think, whether you need the whole box of attachments. If you are purchasing a meat grinder only to grind the raw meat, I guess, there is no reasons to waster your time on attachments.

Meat Grinders Buying Guide

Very often multifunctional meat grinders are being equipped with various additional nozzles, there may be from two to seven or eight. In this case, the device essentially replaces a food processor.

Kebbe attachment

Almost every modern meat grinder includes such attachment – but it is used very rarely. Kebbe is a dish, that is made from meat tubes. You can stuff it with anything you want and then fry it. It is very tasty! The word “kebbe” itself is similar to Caucasus “kebab”.

Attachments for homemade sausages and snags

Scrupulous housewives are increasingly taking control of the situation and prepare sausages and snags from the natural meat instead of using sausages of the unknown mass from stores. You need to connect the natural casing to its neck and turn on the meat grinder. Holding the shell with one hand, you just have to wait until all of it is filled with ground meat – and control the uniformity of sausage filling. There might be several attachments of different diameters.

Meat grinders with juicer

There are several options: the set might include a juicer-attachment for citrus or auger juicer for any fruit, vegetables, berries and herbs.

Options with citrus press are not very popular. These are models “Axion M41”, Zelmer 986.80, 987.86, 987.87, 986.83 Expressive (as you can see, most of these models are exactly made my Poland), Moulinex HV4 ME 4111, Clatronic FW 2398, Scarlett SC-4248.

Screw juicer, that are built in grinders, are more common, they are very easy to use and versatile, and if you remember, how expensive the juicers themselves, then there is a very good economy. The so-called “cold pressed” juice, which is possible only in the auger juicer is considered as one of the more useful and economical, than spinning in a centrifugal device. Firstly, the fruits are squeezing rather than dissected, spin speed is much slower (in order to save them from the monster) overheat, and they retain more vitamins. In addition, in a screw juicer more juice is usually obtained than the same amount of fruit or vegetables in a centrifugal device. Another definite plus – the ability to process any fruit, including berries with small stones – such as raspberries, currants, gooseberries, as well as pomegranates and tomatoes.

Auger juicers are used in the most models of Axion М 11.02, 11.04, 21.02, 21.04, 31.04, 31.02, 25.02, 25.04 и 32.02, el’master, some of the Zelmer models (MM1000.83, MM1000.82, 987.80 и 987.83), Bosch MFW 68660, Smile KM 1160, Tefal ME7011, Elis ЭЛ-805, and some of the models of VES Electric, Belwar, Rotor-Diva and so on.

Graters and shredders

Attachment-grater helps quickly and easily grate vegetables and other foods. Generally, this is a circular cylinder with small holes. Such attachments are often of only two types: for coarse and fine grater, sometimes referred to as a large grater shredder. There are more than 100 models with grater and shredders on the market. Most of the new Axion models, Moulinex, Philips, Bosch, Kenwood, Zelmer, Scarlett, Polaris, Vitek, Gorenje, SUPRA, etc. There are attachments that shred circles, and have special nozzles for Korean carrots grating – for example, Bosch MFW 68660 model.

There are separate attachments for Tomatoes!

You can get a device with special attachments for tomato grate – let’s say, to make sauce. Such models are similar to meat grinders like DKA213E from Moulinex and Scarlet drC-4248.

Attachment for making sauces is made by Philips for its meat grinders of Viva and Avance series, this accessory also can be bought separately. The consistency of juice and the level of pulp pressing can be easily regulated. You can also conveniently use the el’master grinder-auger juicer to produce tomato juice.

Meat grinders with attachment for dicing

There are very few devices of this kind. Model MG517 from Kenwood, with a power of 1600 watts and 2 kg/min performance with reverse. The attachment for dicing is made of plastic, and the blade is from stainless steel. Using this, you get cubes 10x10mm, and it suits for any product (vegetables, cheese, meat and so on). A series of models with the ability to dice is created by the Moulinex brand – such as HV 4 ME41513E, HV8 ME665. All of these models are multifunctional and equipped with attachments for vegetable cutting.

Attachments for forming dough

Nice shortbread and cheese cookie dough after some cooling becomes perfectly amenable to molding, and this quality has inspired some manufacturers to equip their special grinder attachments for making cookies. The dough comes out of the device in the form of the finished cookie. You only need to put it on a baking sheet and bake. For now, this feature is only available in Philips HR2728, Moulinex HV8 ME 665, ME610 и МЕ 656, Gorenje MG 2500 TJW, Maxwell MW-1254 и LEPSE Gаmmа-7-01 (set 1). By the way, the last meat grinder I can use it as a coffee mill with an additional cap.

What do they can’t do?

Unfortunately, meat grinders can’t change blenders and mixers with themselves yet! This is, most likely, technically impossible. But you can add the grinder with a machine for making pasta – this is possible, but almost no one does it: such attachments considered as professional instruments and are used only in much more expensive kitchen machines. Such attachments are included in models of every brand: Electrolux, Ankarsrum, Russel Hobbs and others. We found only one model with an additional attachment for noodles.

So you won’t be able to click the products… I promise to not eat it. You can not use a 3-person movie. Every brand has similar heads.

What meat grinder is better to buy: budget or branded?

Budget meat grinder copes with its main function, but its capabilities are somewhat limited.

Before heading to the store and making your choice, consider the innovations that are embodied in modern electric meat grinder. If you only need a chopper to sometimes cook ground meat for meatballs, ravioli or Zrazy, choose budget domestic models. They will suit you also if your kitchen already has a place of honor for handsome combine, but it does not satisfy you with the quality of the meat, which is prepared with it.

If you got used to the good technique, choose an electric meat grinder from Moulinex. For example, the Moulinex DRA considered as one of the simplest, but the complectation includes lattice with large openings and “kebbe” attachment. For a small family, you can buy a meat grinder with a lower power – for instance, Moulinex Е12. If you need more powerful model, that will be able to process 1.5 kg of meat per minute, you should check the Moulinex DR7. It has an additional attachment for patterned cookies.

If you are a fan of German quality, choose a powerful, but simple meat grinder from Braun (the model Braun G1300K). It is equipped with unique high quality lattice, blades and “kebbe” attachment.

If you have already made your choice of lattices and attachments, you should go to the store for purchase. It is important to check the condition of the device and the quality of its parts before you make a payment.

Check, how compact the meat grinder is and as the organized storage of additional device accessories. There are models with a box for storage of accessories. See if the outlet is located conveniently. If the output is too low or very high, perhaps as soon as is necessary to get a special container for the finished meat. Of course, it is believed that the chopper is more convenient than the above is the outlet. But if you managed to find a model that has the features you need and suits you with design and price, there is no reason to abandon it because of the low position of the outlet. It is better to buy a special tray for finished meat.

Of course, before purchasing the device, you need to check if it is in a working condition. You can be scared by the noise of the engine, but most of the meat grinders works like this. Do not let the noise level to cancel the planned purchase. After all, you will have to turn the meat grinder on only for a couple of minutes.

Meat grinders are quite heavy. This is necessary in order to prevent a fall during the motor operation. Pay attention to its legs – they need to be rubberized, if you do not want to scratch the surface of your kitchen table.

What should you choose: meat grinder or food processor

There are arguments in favor of the food processor, as well as there are lots of advantages of buying a meat grinder. The main advantage of a food processor is the availability of a bowl, blender, graters and various accessories. In addition, the processors are easier to clean after use. But electric meat grinders provide more opportunities for the treatment of meat.

If you do not need a mixer, juicer and blender, and you only need to cut and grate vegetables and chop the meat, it is better to choose a meat grinder (by the way, if you wish, you can find a model of meat grinder with all additional functions – vegetable slicers, juicers, graters). Meat grinder will always handle some vegetables, but a food processor sometimes can’t handle meat. This was confirmed by many housewives, who were not satisfied with the quality of the ground meat, made in food processor.

You can purchase a food processor with an auger meat grinder as an attachment (for instance, Bosch MUM 4655EU), but it will cost as much as two or even three meat grinders.

While choosing between a food processor and an electric meat grinder, focus primarily on the needs of your family. If you enjoy a variety of meat dishes and a meat grinder will be used more often in your kitchen, you should definitely buy it. If you’re more into vegetable dishes: you often prepare smoothies, cakes and mashed potatoes, a food processor will suit you better. You want to get everything at once, and you’re not limited in cash? The ideal option in this case would be the food processor with a meat grinder attachment.

By the way, electric meat grinder manufacturers have taken care of your little family members – children of age from six months to four years. They came up with a mini-mill – a “younger sister” of a meat grinder. Mini-mill will be useful for the preparation of children’s meals. Check the Moulinex devices, if you are interested. There are models with grinding and mixing functions, there are also those, where also added the possibility of whipping. And the model D81 Minipro looks like a small food processor: a mini grinder rubs, mixes, crushes and whips.

Final Words – Conclusion

Most often the electric meat grinders reviews are about specific models. But there is a common opinion. For example, a lot of reviewers on forums think, that the cheapest models are very rarely of a good quality.

This rule applies not all kitchen appliances, but in the case of the electric meat grinders it does. Do not be tempted to buy an electric grinder for a very low price. Most likely, such devices produce companies with bad reputation. This device may have a very short life span and poor quality. I recommend you to choose only the products of famous brands.

The second most popular negative review about electric meat grinder – is its noisiness. If you have chosen a model, but there are no reviews on it – consult the seller about the level of noise. Usually these parameters are known.

by Steve Jackson | Last Updated March 1, 2019

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