10 Best rowing machines of 2018!
[Stamina air rowers under $500]

Best Rowing Machine 2018Rowing machine is one of the most efficient and universal fitness equipment. It can be used both by young and old people.

This fitness machine is very simple. It consists of handles, flywheel and a fan. Your training movements really imitate rowing. Fan imitates wind. It provides the most realistic rowing exercises.

I don’t want waste your time, so let’s see the comparison table and find the best rowing machine of 2018.

Comparison Table of Rowing Machines

Device NameDimensionsPulse sensorMonitor 
Concept 2 Model D24 x 96No5 performancebutton
Sunny SF-RW5515 (Editor’s Choice)19 x 82Yes5 performancebutton
Stamina Body Trac 105023.5 x 46No3 performancebutton
Stamina Air18.75 x 77No4 performancebutton
Sunny SF-RW550821.5 x 87Yes6 performancebutton
Stamina X Air18 x 77No4 performancebutton
Stamina 120527.75 x 32.5No3 performancebutton
Sunny SF-RW562319 x 86No5 performancebutton
Concept2 Model E24 x 96No5 performancebutton
WaterRower21 x 84No4 performancebutton

Table of contents

What muscles does a rowing machine target?

It pumps all groups of muscles equally. You can strengthen your abdominal muscles, lose weight and improve flexibility with this device.

Muscles of the upper body start to improve. Those are the shoulder girdle, the direct and the rhomboid muscles of the back, biceps and chest muscles. The gluteal muscles and leg muscles are working too but the load on them is much lower. With the direct grip (palms facing down) work the back muscles and triceps, and with the reverse grip (palms facing up) improves chest muscles, shoulders, and biceps.

With regular exercises on a rowing machine (3-4 times a week for 4-5 months) back muscles and shoulders are getting stronger, and the back becomes wider.

By training on a rowing machine, you can quickly and effectively improve the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, increase muscle tone and flexibility of the spine.

Top 4 best air rowers for home of 2018

  1. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5508 – Best magnetic air rower of 2018
  2. Stamina 1205 Precision Rower – Best low cost air rower of 2018
  3. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5623 – Best stamina air rower of 2018
  4. Stamina Body Trac 1050 Rowing Machine – Best seated air rower of 2018
A rowing machine is most «loved» by the groups of muscles, that require flexibility. Not a single fitness machine, apart from a rower, can provide stretch routine for your body. Thanks to it significantly improves the flexibility of the spine – it is suited for people suffering from osteochondrosis. If the main purpose of workouts – is to pump up the muscle mass, they should last no more than 20-25 minutes. At the start you need to slowly row at the maximum level of resistance, and then, on the contrary, quickly row at the minimum load.


Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine – Best Indoor Rowing Machine of 2018

Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rowing MachineConcept 2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 Monitor has everything you need to do effective and comfortable workout. The quality fanned flywheel, which uses air resistance, provides quiet work and its frame can be easily folded for easy storage. The design of Concept 2 Model D allow you to use it even in small apartments.

This rowing machine has many workout programs for athletes of any level. You can adjust the amount of air that enters the flywheel from a setting of 1 to 10. It is perfect for intense cardio training. I myself start from level 1 and increase the intensity to level 6 – it is really convenient and effective. The holder is highly ergonomic – my hands are usually very tired after using other budget machines, but with this one I felt zero discomfort even after long training sessions.

This is pretty expensive fitness device. If you are looking for your very first rowing machine, I recommend you to choose a cheaper one. Though, this isn’t the most expensive thing on market and might be very good for those people who can afford it.

The thing I mostly like about Concept 2 Model D is its so called PM5 Monitor. It tracks distance, speed, pace, calories burned, and even watts – on a nice and big display with on a rotating holder. It also can be connected to a wireless pulse monitors via Bluetooth and show your heartrate. Moreover, it supports USB flash drives, so you can save your entire data on workouts history.

The Concept 2 rower model D can be reassembled into two separate parts using a fast and convenient mechanism – you will not need any tools to do it. This is great for those people who have limited space, even though it is a pretty big rowing machine, it folds very well. You can easily hide it instead of letting it take up space. It also has useful caster wheels for comfortable transportation.

Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 Monitor is one of the best fitness machine on market. Its price is fully explained by its high quality. It will serve you for a very long time, providing with safe and effective workout. Its monitor is the perfection itself: it is the best monitor I ever saw on fitness machines.
Quiet flywheel has 10 levels of intensity;
Can be folded;
Very good build quality.
High price.

Sunny SF-RW5515 – Best Stamina Rowing Machine of 2018

Best Stamina Rowing MachineSunny SF-RW5515 – is a magnetic rowing machine with a good price price/quality ratio. It has eight levels of tension, so the device can be used by everyone: from beginners to professional athletes. You can use the convenient tension knob to simply increase or decrease pressure during a fitness session. Usually I start my workout routine from level 3, then I increase it every 5 minute until I reach level 8. After that I similarly descend to level 1. It allows me to keep my workout effective throughout the whole process. With this rowing machine you will improve all the major muscle groups: arms, legs, abdominals, back and glutes. It also gives low impact aerobic and cardiovascular exercise.

The main thing I do not like about this rowing machine is its console. It has no workout programs, doesn’t save your workouts history and there is no heartrate sensor. Of course, it can be explained by the cheapness of Sunny SF-RW5515, but you can find devices with this options in the same price range.

Rowing machine Sunny SF-RW5515 has big and comfortable pedals with safety straps and a nice seat. I really liked it – some of the cheap fitness machines have terrible seats, so I was pleasantly surprised with this one. Handlebars are also good – they provide non-slip grip and my hands have never got tired even after long training sessions. Also, Sunny SF-RW5515 has an LCD monitor display, that shows the data about your workout progress such as time, number of strokes and number of calories burned.

As I have already mentioned, this is a magnetic device, so it uses magnets near the flywheel to create tension. Such a type provides lower level of noise and smoother motions.

It is not the worst option that you can get for this price. An average user, who looks for not a very expensive rowing machine, will be fully satisfied with it. It is large enough and has eight levels of intensity, so it is suitable for people of different sizes.

Editor’s Choice

Summing all facts in this article. I think that Sunny SF-RW5515 is the best for most of users. Of course, some features may concede counterparts, but in total it is number one.


It has 8 intensity levels;
Has transport wheels;
Build quality is not bad;
It is foldable;
Easy to assemble.
Very short warranty period;
Poor functionality of the console.

Stamina Body Trac 1050 Rowing Machine – Best Seated Row Machine of 2018

Stamina Body Trac 1050Stamina Body Trac 1050 is a hydraulic rowing machine, which uses a piston underneath the main column in order to create the resistance. This is an outdated technology, but this rower is very cheap, so I would not complain. By the way, hydraulic type is quieter than air-resistant rowers. This is a pretty nice device for beginners, that will help to improve all major muscle groups: legs, arms, back, abs and more, though I recommend professional athletes to look for something different, because this device is not able to bear heavy use – the resistance will drop off after 20 minutes of use.

Construction is surprisingly good for such an inexpensive model – Stamina Body Trac 1050 has big and strong steel frame, which provide maximum user weight of 115 kg. It has a simple sensor, that shows, how far you have rowed in this session, how long it took for you and estimates how many calories you have burned during the exercise. It doesn’t have preset programs or history of workouts, but it is still OK for a budget model.

After 20 minutes of use (or even less, if your device isn’t new) the resistance suddenly drops and rowing becomes simply ineffective. Novice users won’t find a problem, but people like me, who train for a longer periods of time to lose weight, need to find another machine. Also, its foot straps are terrible! My foot constantly pops up!

The seat is decently convenient for a budget model – I used this model for quick workouts of twenty minutes or less. If you want to train for longer periods of time, you may find this model not very comfortable. Stamina Body Trac 1050 is strong enough for a compact machine and easily folds up for storage – it might be very useful, when you are lacking space.

The twelve resistance levels are enough for most of users – but keep in mind, that the resistance drops off during longer workouts (all cheap hydraulic devices suffer from it).

Stamina Body Trac 1050 is a budget machine so you wouldn’t expect to see features you’d find on more expensive models. It fits for light workouts a couple of times a week. But if you are serious about getting into shape, and going to regularly use the rower – this device is not for you.
Very cheap;
Pretty quiet.
Bad safety straps;
Isn’t able to bear heavy use.

Stamina Air Rower – Best Calories Burned Rowing Machine of 2018

Best Calories Burned Rowing MachineStamina Air Rower is a really nice device. It has an average price and decent quality. It has solid steel frame, the comfortable seat and a nice console with many functions.

The Stamina Air Rower is an air-resistance rowing machine. When you pull the handle of the device, its flywheel with fan blades start to spin and create wind. The faster you row, the more wind you will generate. With this wind the resistance increases and it becomes harder to row. There is no possibility to regulate the resistance level – It only depends on how hard you row, because the device doesn’t have any buttons or selectors.

Stamina Air Rower affects all main muscles: legs, arms, back, abs. Training sessions are very effective and comfortable.

This Stamina has a very sturdy construction. The seat is pretty comfortable – I used it for hours of training and never felt displeased. Big footpads fit any shoe size, and safety straps keep your feet safe for the whole period of a workout.

Seemed okay at first, but after use several problems popped up. First of all, there is no damper, so you can’t change resistance. It’s also angled downward, so the back of it is higher than the front, which is pretty strange a rowing machine. After a while of moderate use, the plastic insert around the fan became loose and it started to quietly rattling – this is very irritating.

The Stamina Air Rower’s console displays the speed, rowed distance, calories burned, and time of current training session. In terms of storage, the frame is easy to fold and has convenient rolling wheels attached to the bottom of the rowing machine for transporting.

The seat is good. It is comfortable for the price and the action is smooth and can even compete with more expensive models. Air rowing machines are usually noisy, but this one is quieter than its competitors, so this a good option if you do not want to annoy your family or live in an apartment and don’t plan to bother your neighbors.

It is not a luxury rowing machine, but you shouldn’t expect it to be for this price. It is, though, an adequate device with a good build quality for a democratic price. I think, that you’d get several years use out of it if you’re planning to use it every day.
Nice build quality;
Has transporting wheels.
Resistance is not adjustable;
Strange angled design.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5508 – Ultra Tension Magnetic Pro Rower 2018

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5508This device, as you could tell by it’s name, is a magnetic rowing machine.

Magnetic resistance rowing machines are becoming popular because vendors are getting better at providing a smooth and quality rowing stroke at a low price. In an addition, the resistance offered by this type can be adjusted for any level of user and they are very quiet.

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5508 Ultra Tension Magnetic Pro Rower has 10 levels of customizable resistance. Users can easily adjust it simply by switching the selector. Doing that will move a magnet closer to the flywheel inside the resistance housing.

Resistant system of Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5508 is not perfect for the high intensity interval workout sessions. This isn’t a serious drawback for novice users, but experienced athletes should choose another device. Moreover, it can’t be folded.

This rowing machine is a perfect choice for the big houses. The seat can be adjusted to any member of your family – it takes less than a minute and doesn’t require special tools.

This rowing machine also has control panel. Monitor tracks data such as: time, strokes, strokes per minute, distance, split time, calories burned and even pulse. Most of rowing machines in this price segment offer only half of these marks. The device also has built-in wireless plus receiver (which is a rarity in low-cost rowers) – it allows you to check your heartrate and recovery rate during training sessions. I personally checked it – it is pretty precise.

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5508 has a big and comfortable seat for better convenience. It is notably larger when compared to other models, so this model is comfortable even for athletes of big size.
Heavy resistance;
High quality;
Easy to assembly;
10 resistant levels
It can’t be folded;
Short period of warranty.

Stamina X Air Rowing Machine – Best Rowing Exercise Machine of 2018

Stamina X Air Rowing MachineStamina X is an Air Rowing Machine in the average price range. This is a pretty good rowing position for any user. The seat is OK – it doesn’t create any discomfort but is not super great. The quality is good – when I first pulled the handle I felt that this machine provides high level of resistance. I’ve been using it for half a year and every training session was very effective – so the device is durable and reliable. Though I used it for warm-ups only – unfortunately, the resistant level is not adjustable, so it wasn’t heavy enough for me to improve strength.

The seat and foot rests are nice. The rowing machine has a cool black and red design – I really liked it. It creates an impression of a more expensive device.

The resistance mechanism is noisy, as every other low-cost air rower. I placed my rowing machine in a garage so it wasn’t a problem for me, but if you like to watch TV or listen to music while working out, it might become problematic for you.

The fly wheel is slow to retract and makes loud grinding noise. The resistant is not customizable – when you get used to the rower it can be to easy (which is why I used it for warm-ups mostly. It fits only for this kind of workouts – light cardio exercises).

Attention! Though it is listed as a folding model, it can’t be stored vertically. So it takes pretty large amount of space. By the way, assembling the rowing machine is pretty hard. There are tons of parts!

Display of Stamina X seems ok. It shows number of strokes per minute, stroke count, distance passed, speed (mph), calories burned and total time. These results save and can be deleted by holding the ‘MODE’ button for 5 seconds. The display will automatically shut off after four minutes of inactivity to save the batteries.

It fits for light cardio workouts. I wouldn’t recommend it for professional athletes, since they might find it to easy to pull. If you’re an inexperienced rower and you liked the looks of it – why not buy it? It’s not that expensive and definitely can do some positive work.
It is very cheap;
Beautiful design;
Sturdy body.
The resistant is not adjustable;
Can’t be folded vertically.

Stamina 1205 Precision Rower – Best Concept Rowing Machine of 2018

Stamina 1205 Precision RowerThe Stamina 1205 Precision Rower is a hydraulic rowing machine. This is a balanced budget model with a good price/quality ratio. It has a strong frame, made of steel with an aluminum beam. Knowing that, I was surprised, how lightweight the machine is – less than 20 kg, which is very low for rowers. The device is also pretty small. All of this means, that Stamina 1205 can be easily moved from place to place without any problems. By the way, it is very easy to assemble – took me only ten minutes.

I must admit, that hydraulic mechanism is not the best for rowing machines (maybe, it is even the worst one) due to its noisiness, heat generation (shocks get very hot after fifteen minutes of use) and unrealistic motion (in comparison to other types of resistance, especially the electromagnetic). However, there are advantages, and the main of them is the price. It is very cheap – everyone can afford it! And the level of noise, usual for hydraulic devices, is relatively low in Stamina 1205. Moreover, each of its handle can be separately adjusted – this is very good for people after traumas or with unbalanced strength of hands.

It does heats up very fast! The first time I tried this machine, I placed it in my garage on an old carpet. I was satisfied with it – it provided enough resistance and kept the training efficient, but after 40 minutes, when I was about to finish the session, I smelled something. It turned out to be my carpet! The machine burned it! There were some ruined spaces on spots, where were the shocks of the machine. Never place this rowing machine on flammable surface!

The Stamina 1205 provides users with 5 different levels of resistance. Beware! Level 5 is the easiest and the level 1 is the hardest. I was confused at first, but quickly got used to it. Adjusters are conveniently placed on the sides of handles and it is easy to switch from one level to another during the training session.

This rower comes with a simple control panel (it only has one button), that tracks your speed, spent time, rowed distance, burned calories and counts the number of strokes. Pretty standard set of data for a budget monitor of a budget model.

Stamina 1205 Precision Rower is a cheap, effective and lightweight fitness machine with standard problems of hydraulic rowers. I can recommend it to beginners, who are low on money – this is one of the best options among machines of this type. But if you can afford purchasing a magnetic or electromagnetic device – better do it.
Good build quality;
Adjustable resistance for each handle.
No transportation wheels;
Heats too much.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5623 – Best Magnetic Air Rower of 2018

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5623The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5623 Air Magnetic rowing machine is an uncommon rower, that provides both air and magnetic resistance. Yes – it is pretty expensive for non-programmable rower, but the price is leveled by its quality. It is good in every aspect and suits for every type of user.

The main feature of the rowing machine is its type of resistance. It combines both air and magnetic tension, creating very good and customizable load, that is indistinguishable from rowing on a real boat. It has 8 levels – during my workouts I use every of it, except for the level 8, which is designed for professional athletes. I really enjoy to train on it!

SF-RW5623 provides the highest level of comfort I have ever seen on a rowing machine. It creates some noise, though – I watch TV during rowing and I have to increase the volume. The seat of the machine is fully padded, foot pedals (with convenient straps) and handles have non-slip surface and the digital computer has every function you need.

It is pretty hard to assemble. I needed almost an hour to do it. You will have to use tools and hand strength – keep that in mind.

Built-in console gives you literally everything that a console could give. It shows time, count, speed, calories burned. You can look through the history of training sessions – for me this is a great motivation to improve my results. Too bad, that the machine isn’t programmable – it would be perfect then.

The build quality is on top. The SF-RW5623 is sturdy and portable – it is pretty heavy (around 30 kg), but can be easily folded for easy storage.

This is a really nice offer among rowing machines of average cost. With a maximum user weight of 130 kg and variety of resistant levels, it suits for everyone – from a beginner to a professional athlete. Good, useful and reliable rower, that can be used for years.
Build quality is really good;
Combines magnetic and air types of resistance;
Provides smooth motion.
A bit noisy;
May not be very comfortable for taller users.

Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 – Best Portable Rowing Machine of 2018

Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing MachineThe Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 Monitor is a luxury product of a world famous American company, which creates, probably, the best rowers on Earth. Model E is designed to offer a full body training sessions for users of any fitness level, age and size (the maximum user weight is 230 kg). It is very expensive and very good.

The flywheel in combination with damper of this model are made perfectly. They do not create a sound – the only noise you will hear during a workout is your breathing and heartbeat. The rowing machine gives the maximum smoothness of each stroke and allows to customize the level of resistance for every individual – the perfect choice for a big family.

The Concept2 Model E is extremely portable. It has transporting casters and can be disassembled into two parts for storage. The rowing machine is very similar to the Model D, but on the this one the seat is placed on a half meter height – now it is much easier to get on and off the rower.

It is big. You will need a spacious room to properly install it.

The rowing machine uses air resistance, which provides the most effective workouts and closely imitates rowing a real boat. Many Olympic athletes prefer this type, specifically from a Concept2 models – and it means a lot! The machine has 10 damper settings. The lower levels (from 1 to 5) give you the feel of rowing a lighter and smaller boat, and levels 6 to 10 provides user with the feel of a slower, bigger boat. For me it feels like I am rowing alone on lower settings and rowing with passengers on higher settings.

The Concept2 Model E has the famous PM5 Monitor – the best rowing machine monitor in the world. It tracks distance, speed, pace, calories, and watts and has five preset workouts (you can also create and save your own training program). It can save history of more than a thousand of workouts, which you can transfer to your PC. It even has games! Simply perfect.

This is well-designed, comfortable and durable fitness machine with a great warranty. The best choice on the market.
Luxury build quality;
Solid warranty;
Easy to assemble;
Equipped with the best monitor for a rowing machine.
Requires a large space;

WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine with S4 Monitor – Best Water Rowing Machine of 2018

Best Water Rowing MachineThe WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine with S4 Monitor is a unique handcrafted rower, made of solid ash wood. This beautiful material not only looks very nice and elegant, but provides the increased absorption of sounds and vibrations. It also makes the rower very light – less than ten kg! Assembly is super simple – it took me only 20 minutes to connect the loose parts (there are not many of them). All needed tools and instructions are included in the set.

The WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine will last forever – even your grandchildren will be able to use it. At the same time, it delivers very effective workout for user of any age and fitness. Its flywheel will provide you with dynamic resistance and will let you quickly and easily choose the level of intensity, that suits you best. The resistance is created by the water in tank – needless to say, that it gives the indistinguishable feeling of rowing on a real boat. As soon as I started to row, I remembered my childhood, when I rowed for the first time with my father. Truly amazing feelings! Sounds of the water in the tank do add something to my sessions.

The S4 Performance Monitor has every data you need, except for the heartrate monitor – you will have to pay extra money for it. I think, that such an expensive model should have it by default.

The seat is comfortable and smooth – I often can’t even realize, how hard I have been working, until I get off the rower. Footrests and handles are nice too.

As you would expect, the monitor is also good. Besides the standard data about your workouts, it has cool PC features. If you connect it to a laptop, you can see a virtual moving boat. Moreover, you can race online with other users of WaterRower! It’s very fun and can be used to accustom children to sports.

Very beautiful and durable piece of equipment, that provides customers with effective and balanced total body workout. It is also the quietest and smoothest rowing machine on the market – if you are looking for a home rower and you can afford the WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine – just buy it. You will not regret.
Unique handmade design;
Solid and durable construction;
Very nice seat;
Monitor provides cool and unique features.
It’s expensive;
The monitor is not easy to reach.

How to choose a rowing machine for home use and not overpay?

Rowers for use at home are irreplaceable for people, who has a sedentary lifestyle. This category includes:

Due to lack of physical activity all of these people may have problems with spinal health. Rowing machine for home is exactly what you need to prevent such diseases.

It is important! The price of rowing machines is starting from $150. This money will be a good investment in your health.

By purchasing a rowing machine for home, you not only receive the chance to get rid of back problems, but also acquire a lot of the following benefits:

Exercises on a rowing machine at home will remove the stress. Exercises on a rowing machine at home will remove the stress. Every person is constantly being pursued by stresses and failures, and that could undermine his emotional background. Exercises on a rower at home will allow you to remove the psychological tension, redirecting it to the development of your body.

Exercises on a rower for home use will tighten your body. Starting a home workout, your body from will be getting better from day to day. What man would not want to have the powerful back of a rower? Rowing machine for home allows to do it in the shortest time possible.

Rowing machine workouts at home will raise your mood. Right after a month of exercises you will begin to notice changes in your body. It will be tightened, muscles will start to increase, and some time later muscle relief will become noticeable – and all this is possible thanks to the exercises on a rower.

Reviews of rowing machines are only positive, there is nothing complicated in exercises with them, so everyone can start doing it. The only drawback is the insufficient involvement of legs during the training process. However, this is easily compensated by jogging or complex explosive exercises for hips at home, which will bring variety to your training and make it more interesting and less boring.

Types of rowing machines for home

Let’s now review the types of home rowers that will provide powerful and strong back and help to improve the whole upper body. There are two types only:

Amateur rowing machines. Such machines are primarily used for cardio workouts. They lack many functions and it is not possible to choose the desirable fitness program. Such rowing machines for home are excellent to meet the needs of people who want to maintain their muscle tone, not trying to develop a body to the size of Lou Ferrigno.

A hint: if you work in office and currently choosing a home rowing machine, which will help to keep you in shape and prevent back problems, such models will fit you well. There is no need to overpay for the functions you are not planning to use.

Professional rowing machines.

Fans of fitness and bodybuilding need exactly such models for training. Advanced athletes write reviews about their rowing machines for home in the only positive notes. All of them are explained by its functionality. However, you have to understand, that these rowing machines are very expensive, so there is no need in buying them if you think that you won’t use them in full power.

A hint: before going to a store, decide, what type of rowing machine do you need. Doing that, you will be able to better calculate the budget to buy the right model.

Types of rowing machine

Just as the other cardio fitness machines, rowers can be:

Let us take a closer look to each type.


In the mechanical rowing machines, resistance can be regulated by changing of:

Mechanical rowing machine is notable for its accessibility. However, it is not really able to provide effective load to a wide variety of muscles groups. Levers and mechanisms are quite noisy, and the smoothness of motion is the lowest.

It suits for beginners. Mechanical machines are cheaper, than magnetic ones. Nevertheless, they have a lower functionality in comparison with more expensive units.

Depending on the type of the load mechanical machines can be divided into aerodynamic and hydraulic. Aerodynamic rowing machine has fans, where the air resistance is being created. Hydraulic one has spring shells. Working principle is based on the elasticity of the mechanical parts.


Magnetic rowing machine differs from the mechanical with the ability of adjusting in a wider range, what is very important for people, that like to train regularly, and also in case if several people with a different physical condition are going to use it.

The shell is almost noiseless, movements on it are smooth. It is more durable in comparison to mechanical. Training sessions on magnetic rowers are more comfortable due to its functionality. Magnetic system allows to set various levels of intensity. There are models with the ability to separately set loads on either hand.

Units of this type are more expensive, than mechanicals. They have bigger sizes. This is the reason why not everyone can use it at home. They have electronic system, which shows the level of load, heartrate, burned calories. Magnetic system creates good resistance for an athlete. It can be easily adjusted without a stop during the training process.


integrated solenoid creates the least noise during the training process, that is why such a unit is more durable and provides smoother movements.

How to choose a rowing machine for home?

It is easy to choose a rowing machine for home, but there are more important things to understand what you should pay attention to. It will allow to make the right choice for a rowing machine without overpaying for excessive functionality. Now let us look at what you should evaluate in the first place:

The heartrate monitor of a home rowing machine. If you are going to do cardio exercises with it, you need to be sure that it is equipped with a pulsometer. Thanks to it, training sessions will be more productive and excessive kilograms will be removed by the click of your fingers.

The software of a home rowing machine. The special software complex on the control panel will allow you to ease the training process. Thanks to it, the computer, depending on its task, will indicate, how fast should you do the exercises on a home rowing machine, and also will calculate the necessary distance for a certain amount of energy.

The quality of a home rowing machine. Test the strength of a model right in the store to avoid problems with it in the future.

The optimal weight for a home rowing machine. Always ask sellers about the maximal weight the model can withstand. It is best to choose a home rowing machine with a reserve. In this case, the whole family will be able to use it, without fear of breakage.

For fans of fitness and bodybuilding it is best to choose a professional model of home rowing machines with full functionality. Thanks to it even if you will not be able to hit the gym, you always can compensate it at home.

Features and benefits

Many women wonder: if rowing exercises are suitable for losing weight? During the training process mostly works the upper body, i.e. the arm muscles, shoulders, back and partly abdominals. That is why long sessions can provoke the uneven buildup of muscle tissue in the upper part. However, if the lower body does not cause censures, but there is flabbiness, weakness and obesity of the upper body, then exercises on a rowing machine will be very useful. Rowing exercises will be an excellent solution for people, who have been already “working” on themselves with a stepper, exercise bike, treadmill: in this case the muscle pumping will be harmonious for all major groups.

For men, these rules are quite the opposite: the intensity and duration of sessions may increase the desired muscle mass in arms, back, shoulders, make the abdominals more attractive, but it may not affect hips and legs.

Ease and simplicity in control and while doing the exercises;
Burning up to 750 calories during a full training session;
Developing the body flexibility and arm strength;
Excellent “lift” for the skin and muscles;
Exercises are suitable for rehabilitation after injuries;
Training complements yoga exercises on improving abdominals muscles and buttocks;
Helps to improve at least 82% of the muscles;
Doesn’t create a strong load on the leg joints;
In addition to power load, this machine provides cardio load. It helps to develop proper breathing, strengthen the heart and increase the lung capacity;
The small size of a fitness machine allows it to be used at home. There are many folding rowing machines with expansion joints to compensate the unevenness of floor. Transporting castors allow it to be easily moved;
Adjustable seat allows you to customize the machine for a specific person. Even children are able to use it;
Almost all of the rowing machines of this category are equipped with electronics, that gives a possibility to keep rhythm and time of a training, control the heartrate and calorie consumption.
There is a risk of worsen diseases of the spine and shoulder joints;
Training sessions are boring and monotonous;
Women are often quickly get tired, while making exercises;
Rowing machines often have large dimensions and doesn’t fold.

Recommendations about choosing a good rowing machine – Buying Guide

This machine will be an excellent assistant in case of a right choice only.

What rowing machine to choose?

Important moments while choosing are:

Eight tips on

Eight tips on what you should pay special attention to when choosing:

1. Rowers with a step change level are more suitable for beginners due to the ability to customize the gentle load.

2. There are models with built-in constant current generator that allows autonomous work. However, most devices must be connected to the mains;

3. Accessories for pulse measurement. While choosing the device, remember that chest sensors are more precise than wireless clip-on sensors;

4. Built-in control consoles are used to monitor the workout and customize the training modes. The required minimum, that has to be displayed, must contain this this data: the distance traveled, the number of heartbeats, the frequency and the total number of strokes and the total time spent;

5. Buying a rowing machine for home requires high attention to its size. In order to save the biggest amount of useful space, you should choose such fitness machines, that can be folded. Otherwise, you will need to take care of sufficient space, which it will occupy;

6. The maximum comfort. First of all, the device should be as convenient as it is possible, which is achieved by adjusting the seat, rowing levers and footrests according to your personal preferences.

7. Body Fat function. Without a doubt you won’t regret about buying rowing machine with Body Fat function. Fat analyzer will play the role of a perfect indicator of the load efficiency, which will allow to correct the program and the duration of the workout.

8. Individual programs. Electromagnetic rowing machines with a computer let you create individual programs of training and store them into memory of the device, from where they will be automatically loaded later. It is convenient if the machine is used by different people.

What is the price of a rowing machine cost and what does it depend on?

The cost of the rowing machines varies widely. This is not surprising. Not all devices have the same functionality and the material, used by the manufacturer to create parts and assemblies.

Mechanical rowing machines without additional accessories are most accessible. Their cost ranges from $150 and above. The computer console and additional functions are the reasons of increasing the value.

Nearly silent and more reliable electromagnetic simulators are in the highest price ranges from $400. But the money will not be wasted for nothing. They represent the maximum amount of information about the state of the athlete during training and are equipped with durable and lightweight frame, have developed software and additional accessories.

How to correctly exercise on a rowing machine to create a developed muscular back and hands? The detailed description of the rowing technique with illustrations.

Rowing and development of the back muscles

Anatomically the movement mechanics during rowing resembles deadlifts – one of the five basic exercises. It is Important, what many consider the deadlift strength exercises number one for muscle development. It is responsible for the formation of a powerful back and pumped hands.

This is why athletes, who are professionally engaged in rowing, have strong arms and broad shoulders with big muscles. Regular training on a rowing machine with the correct technique will definitely develop the shape in this direction.

What muscle groups improve during rowing?

Training on a rowing machine not only include the work of almost all the muscles of the body, but also improve the tone of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. In fact, no other machine is able to show comparable effect – especially in the segment of home treadmills.

Firstly, the rowing machine develops the upper half of the body – the shoulder girdle, pectoral muscles, back muscles and arms. Actively involved the muscles of the front and back of the thighs and glutes, create some load on the abdominal and other muscles of the body.

Rowing technique on a rowing machine

Rowing technique 1

1. Grip. Starting point of the movement reminds squats. The legs are compressed, shins are vertical. Fingers strongly hold the handle, strained the triceps, allowing to stretch out his hand. Housing slightly tilted forward, press tense back muscles relaxed.

Rowing technique 2

2. The movement begins with the repulsion of leg muscles and strain of shoulder girdle. It should include the biceps, pulling the handle to the stomach. The muscles of the back are open, pushing the chest forward. Simultaneously, the muscles of the thighs and buttocks straighten knee.

Rowing technique 3

3. Completion. The work includes the abdominal muscles, stabilizing the position of the body; buttocks and thigh muscles tense. Hands force biceps pull the handle closer to the belt – at the same time exhibiting the chest forward for the increased range of motion.

Rowing technique 4

4. Recovery. The handle, which is held by the force of the triceps, goes ahead. After that, slightly leaning forward the body (abdominal muscles tense), only then the legs bent at the knees. The movement finishes in the original position.

How to remember all of this?..

animated technique

It is important to bring the technique to the level of automatism, counting phases of movements. One – the legs are repelled, arms relaxed. Two (handle should be at the line with the knee) – hands are beginning to pull, the body leans back. Three – the back is disclosed, hands pull handle closer to the belt.

Return to the initial position is also made with the phases. One – arms go forward, keeping weight triceps, with back, slightly tilted back. Two – body leans forward, press tense. Three – the movement is transmitted to the legs, knees bent.

Training rules

Do not forget to make pauses – otherwise you will get a sore back. Every 15 minute of a workout on a rowing machine there must be 30-60 seconds brakes. During a pause, do squats with body weight, push-ups, as well as abdominal exercises (legs can be fixed in the fitness machine).

It is important to note that people, who doesn’t have any back or spine problems, can use this device only under the supervision of a trainer, who will correct the errors.

The rowing machine, repeating deadlift – is a great way to create a sports figure with a strong back and developed arms. Following the proper technology and the constant countdown movement phases when rowing – a key condition for an effective and safe workout.

A treadmill or a rowing machine – which is better?

Rowing machine and treadmill – are two popular devices for physical exercises. They, of course, are made for completely different groups of muscles and exercise, but it does not mean that something can’t seem to be better and more loved.

Jogging is always the best exercise, aimed at strengthening the cardiovascular system and the study of the major muscle groups. With the help of jogging trained people running your body, preparing himself to serious physical examination and heal many ailments. This discipline has always been the basis for a healthy and strong body. Most people on the planet, with periodic regularity is engaged in jogging.

Many people do not have enough time for regular exercises and use treadmills. These machines have a wide range of intensity and can be used by athletes with any level of fitness. But… The rapid development of the sports industry and medicine in recent decades led to the appearance of one more not lesser (something say that it’s even bigger) cardio fitness machine – of course, this is the rowing machine.

Nowadays anyone can buy a rowing machine. Its functionality and the operating principle somewhat differs from the treadmills, but the effect of exercise is almost comparable. Being faced with a choice between the gym, many are beginning to discuss the benefits and effectiveness of each of them. Often, these opinions do not bring any benefit in the selection and purchase of the simulator, because their real efficiency depends on the goals. So, try to determine which of these simulators to choose in any given situation.

Improving the cardiac system

Rowing machines and treadmills – one of the most effective cardio machines. Their skillful operation gets rid of many cardiovascular diseases, but the choice of a machine depends on the personal physical condition. So, if you are in excellent shape and acquire a fitness machine to improve your achievements – it is better to buy a rowing machine. Unlike the treadmill, orbitrack distributes the load over the body. This causes the heart to work more intensively. People with heart diseases should better train on a treadmill. It will allow to reduce the load to the minimum, while increasing endurance and activating the metabolic processes in the body.

Pumping muscles

If we are talking about fat burning through more muscle groups throughout the body, the clear leader is the rowing machine. During the training session on the rowing machine to activate not only external but also internal muscles. In addition, the unique trajectory movements of the feet minimizes the load on the spine and joints of the leg. Rowing machines are very effective in the period of rehabilitation after various injuries of extremities and back. By denying the special loads of the upper body, treadmills, in turn, better working on the leg muscles. These machine is more applicable for athletes training.

In short, there are many different factors based on which you can make a choice between a treadmill and rowing machine. It all depends on person and the objectives that he sets himelf.

Price and size

As a rule, the market value of rowing machines and treadmills depends on their quality and functionality. Today there is a wide range of both budget models with mechanical load system and several modes of operation, and expensive units equipped with a built-in computer and the electromagnetic drive.

Talking about the benefits of rowing machine or treadmill from a financial point of view is pointless. Price ranges from hundreds to several thousand dollars. Comparing the size of machines, we can note a slight advantage of treadmills. Besides its lesser length, almost all models have foldable construction.

When choosing between a rowing machine and a treadmill, always consult with all the family members and other potential users. In order to get the most effective training it is important to consider not only the functionality of the machine, but its specifications. For example, make sure that the length of the running belt and the step size of the rowing machine matches your height. Anyway, before buying a particular machine we always recommend you to test it and make sure that it does not bring any discomfort.

Final Words – Conclusion

Rowing machine – is, undoubtedly, one of the best means to maintain physical fitness, since rowing is a sport, that employs up to 95% of human muscles. Moreover, if a person is overweight or has joint problems, there is no shock loads, such as when running. Therefore, your whole family will be able to train on it.

The variety of models in stores, though not as large as that of ellipsoids, but there are still plenty to choose from. This machine is worth spending a sum of money on it.

In our opinion, the best choice will be the high quality machine with a large number of functions and programs. It will cost more, but it’s a one-time purchase that is made once and for a long time. In this case you will not be upset about any missing functionality, and you will just need to effectively complete the exercises.

by Steve Jackson | Last Updated March 1, 2019

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